It is hard to believe it’s been 5 years since our company has been established. Such an anniversary is a great chance to reflect on what has been done and to plan for the future.

We are proud to look back and see a great number of successful projects and satisfied clients. And we are eager to move forward and scale new heights as we grow. 

Thanks to all our loyal customers for staying with us for such a long time. Last year has been a real challenge for all of us but life does not stand still and we look to the future with optimism and hope.

To celebrate this big day we have gathered some interesting statistics about our company. It is represented below.

MLSDev 5-Year of Work Infographics
MLSDev 5-Year of Work Infographics

And here is a clear picture of our evolution through the years.

MLSDev Logo 1

MLSDev Logo 2

MLSDev Logo 3

MLSDev Logo 4

MLSDev Logo 5

Stay tuned, much more awesome news and interesting posts are still to come!

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