Early stages of project development can often bring severe difficulties, especially for those who are new to this sphere and have no reliable technical partner.

To help our clients overcome those problems, we always recommend starting every project from consulting. Even if you already have a great idea and some sketches/description you think could be useful, there is a very slight chance that any developer or designer will take that and create exactly what you need.

Simply having analytics stats and research results at hand isn’t enough to get straight to design and development. To bridge the gap between a raw idea and development process the best possible option is to create wireframes.

What are Wireframes?

Wireframes are a skeleton of your future project. They define how it will look like in terms of the page (for a website) or screen (for a mobile app) layout, navigation scheme, element, and content placement. Wireframe design is very simple in style and it is highly recommended to avoid colors too. Everything should be done in grayscale not to distract a client or a developer from the main purpose of wireframes which is to approve a basic structure of pages or screens.

UX Design of the erodr App
UX Design of the erodr App

The importance of wireframing for a website or a mobile app should not be underestimated. Can you imagine that auto manufacturers build a new car without preliminary engineering drawings? Probably not the best option to go with and, of course, not a safe one too. The same is for your project. If you want it to look the way you expected and work smoothly take care of that with the help of wireframes.

There are definite steps that should be followed to create good wireframes. If you wireframe a website there should be a list of all pages first not to miss something in its logic. It also matters whether a website is responsive or not. If it is, designers usually build wireframes for desktops, tablets, and phones separately. In the end, when all pages are ready, you receive a website workflow.

Website Workflow
Website Workflow

If you create wireframes for a mobile app the initial step is to think over all possible test cases with user stories. Each test case has to correspond to a separate screen. When all of them are done the work ends with a mapscreen of your project.

erodr Screen Flow Preview
erodr Screen Flow Preview

It is quite logical that there is no single opinion about and approach to wireframing. The number of special tools is so great one can hardly name all of them. They are competing in boasting their unique features but it is actually a matter of your personal preferences and requirements. Our designers use a definite set of tools such as Photo.io, InVision, Photoshop and follow our own methodology that has proven to be efficient and convenient.

What Are the Advantages of Wireframing?

The benefits of wireframing are obvious. Nevertheless, for those who still doubt the necessity of it, we have a number of reasons why it is vitally important to start development with wireframing.

  • It is time- and cost-effective to visualize a concept and even create a material prototype to get the initial feedback from potential users or attract investments. No matter, sketches, mockups or wireframes, such is always better than a text description.
  • Wireframing improves communication within the team and makes the process more transparent from the very beginning. The client takes an active part in discussions with the producer. That helps the team to get a better insight into the project and avoid misunderstanding at later stages.
  • It is teamwork. Wireframes are created by a designer with constant assistance from a producer and developers. Coders usually have an eye for details and can notice the issues that can be missed by a designer. Exactly as a producer can provide useful recommendations as for UI/UX. That makes wireframes complete and precise.
  • Wireframes can help to identify some problems in the early stages and cover all the bases to prepare a project for further design creation and coding. That will reduce the overall time and budget needed for the development and minimize the risks of falling short of the final product. Indeed, if you discover some navigation or layout issues after the graphic design is finished they are very difficult to correct on the spot. You will have to start almost from the drawing board.
  • Such an approach to prototyping requires minimum effort to be accomplished. Wireframes are easy and quick to produce.

Moreover, using expert help in creating wireframes allows you to get a reliable and well-informed development partner. You must admit, being involved in a project from the very beginning allows a person to understand every single detail of it and deliver exactly what is needed.

Well Planned, Well Done!

We hope that you are aimed at creating a high-quality product and won’t neglect the pros of wireframing. Initial steps are the most important in design and development and require great attention. Remember: a good beginning makes a good ending!

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