Modern technologies have broadened the horizons for different businesses. More and more people tend to launch a digital business or expand their online presence. Nowadays it is fair to say that, if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. New startups appear almost every day trying to make the modern living more comfortable. All this leads to high competition in the digital world, with every company trying to put their best foot forward and conquer the armies of devoted fans.

A mobile app is one of the most popular ways of reaching out to customers and connecting with them in any business. Have you ever thought about how much time, money and efforts people spend on developing applications? If you plan to develop an Android app and feel curious about the answers to the question, keep reading. We are going to tell you how the things are done.

Android Market Overview

The Android market is developing with enormous speed. The number of available apps on Google Play is continuously growing. And the predictions say that it will keep expanding in the next years. Let’s take a step back to give you an idea of how quickly this market is developing. According to Statista, in May 2012, there were 500,000 apps in the store. In February 2016 the number hit  2 million. If the market is so large, why not occupy the niche and develop an Android app? 

Another interesting fact is that a typical user spends about 2.8 hours per day on a mobile application. It means that people are open to innovative and easy-to-use solutions. For example, they prefer to manage their food orders and deliveries via the app and no longer want to call the restaurant.The same works for many other cases, like shopping, purchasing tickets, ordering services, etc. Having a mobile app for business gives you huge benefits and a substantial advantage over those competitors who have not gone mobile yet. Just think of that and how you can use modern trends for your own benefit.

The Number of Available Apps on Google Play Market
The Number of Available Apps on Google Play Market

Must-Knows, Must-Dos, and Must-Haves of Android Application Development

So, if you want to know how to develop Android apps you have to choose the best way you’d like to go first. There are three possible options: to make applications yourself, to find a development company or to apply online app makers. 

The first option is good if you are experienced enough to cope with the task. This is not a piece of cake for people who haven’t coded before. If you have sufficient knowledge and skills to make applications, that’s absolutely great. But if you are only a beginner and this app is not a part of your training you will definitely need a more professional approach to your product. 

App makers will do no good to your app in terms of quality. They are just a quick solution but nothing more. As any automatic service, these tools have no individual approach and provide a limited range of opportunities to their users. So, custom features and highly-developed functionality are out of the question in this case. If you develop an app for Android this way, expect it to be quite primitive and contain the service branding. 

The most efficient way is, of course, to rely on real professionals. Every man to his trade. A skillful team will learn as much as possible about your idea and will work hard to best implement it. They will take into consideration all your requirements advising at the same time better and more effective solutions to meet your expectations and exceed them. 

App Development
App Development

Even if you work with experts, there are some basic things you would probably be interested to learn about the technical background of the topic. And the first one is related to the programming languages used to develop Android applications. The official one is called Java. It is actively supported and promoted by Google. Native Android apps are all made with it. Being not the only option available, it is the best choice if you want to make your product work smoothly and seamlessly. There are also a lot of cross-platform opportunities like Phonegap, Xamarin, ReactNative (for mobile applications) or Corona and Unity (for games). This kind of development is not advisable especially if you plan to improve your app in terms of its performance and complexity. So, the bottom line here is: look for companies that build native Android applications with Java. 

Developing an Android app any team should stick to Android developer guidelines. This is the main source of information with all necessary tutorials and explanations. Any Android developer begins their learning to code with this official website and always consults with it first when they have questions. You could also read some basic information there to have a general idea about what your future application will have to go through.  

One more important thing we haven’t mentioned yet is app design. It is a very creative and, at the same time, highly technical process. Designers have to take care not only about the aesthetic part but also about how it will be implemented by developers later. It is not enough to create nice-looking graphic elements, choose colors and fonts. All this beauty has to comply with Android design guidelines. You are most likely to have high expectations for your app design but check these guides to make sure you won’t ask for too much. This will save you from getting disappointed when your team tells you that something is impossible to create. 

Additional information about Mobile and Web design services can be reviewed on our website.

Factors Which Influence the Cost of App Development

Let’s analyze the key points that influence the cost of Android application development.

  • Custom or ready-made solutions

There are a lot of ready-made solutions which help to develop an app for Android faster and more cost-effectively. There is no need to reinvent the wheel if someone has already done it for you. If you are open to third-party solutions and in case there are available ones that may suit your project needs, the cost of your Android app development will be lower. If the project concept is innovative and presupposes unique mechanics, you’ll definitely need a custom solution. In that case, don’t be surprised to get an invoice with a substantial sum on it. Even if a feature seems simple and easy, its development can demand a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we recommend you to thoroughly think your project through and inform the development company about all the functionality of your future app before the creation process starts. Otherwise, additional costs and time may turn out to be rather motivation-sapping.

  • Design

The more user-friendly and appealing your app design is, the more chances there are that the users will like your product. But there is the other side of the coin. The more complex it is, the more money you will need to pay for its development. Complex doesn’t necessary mean good. Common sense should be present in everything. It’s not necessary to implement a hundred animations on one screen because of several reasons: it may turn out to be too expensive and users won’t like the challenge to understand such interfaces.

Android App Design
Android App Design

  • Complexity of features 

While developing an Android app, don’t forget that different features have different complexity. Besides, there may be various development approaches to the same function. For example, let’s analyze chats. There are a few ways of implementing them:

  • Simple text only chats
  • Text chats with the possibility to attach files
  • Text chats with status notifications like “the user is typing” or “read”
  • Text chats with emojis
  • Video chats

Depending on the chat type, developers will give you different time estimates varying from several weeks to several months. That’s just one of the examples of how one single feature may affect the costs.

  • Location 

Location plays one of the crucial roles when it comes to what they charge for the development. If you are looking for the lowest price, then probably you should consider India. As a comparison, hourly rates in the USA are above average on the market and the quality is up to the mark. In case you are looking for moderate prices without compromising the quality, consider development companies located in Europe. You can learn more about pricing in different countries from the chart below.

The Price Mobile App Development Companies Charge Per Hour
The Price Mobile App Development Companies Charge Per Hour

  • Specialization

If you already have some companies on your list whom you’d like to quote on your project, don’t hesitate to ask them about their specialization and the technologies they use. Narrow your choice down to developers with the skills required for your app and those with the corresponding specialization. If they are professionals in certain technologies, most likely they will develop relevant features faster and better.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Android App?

There are two ways of estimating the cost of your project development: to use some online app cost calculator or contact developers for a quote.

We don’t recommend you to rely on the first option too much, because the expenses for developing an app depend on a lot of factors that are not fixed. No machine can give you an exact price estimate. The best way is to double check to be sure.

Quote on Android App Development
Quote on Android App Development

So, we recommend you to contact a development company and inquire about their quotation. Ask about the implementation of all features, about possible challenges and approximate time and money evaluations for your project. It’s important to get estimates from different companies to compare them and choose what is best for you. Only this way you will have a real answer to the question “How much does it cost to develop an app?”, your Android app particularly.

Read also a detailed guide: How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

Let’s Draw Some Conclusions

If you think of developing an Android app, there is basic knowledge you should gain to understand how it is done. Pay some attention to the technical background and choose the best development method that will fully satisfy your needs. This will further influence the costs of the work. Don’t hesitate to contact as many companies as you can to get their estimates. The lowest estimate shouldn’t definitely be the winning argument because cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good and vice versa. Besides, you should keep in mind that design creation and app development is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more behind the scenes that has to be done to make your product successful. So, good luck!

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