The power of optimization through innovation is an idea that our team at MLSDev stands firmly behind. Our approach to serving and supporting our clients entails creating awesome web and mobile apps for entrepreneurs, or providing quality solutions that unleash our partners’ business potential with our creativity and expertise. MLSDev takes great pride in helping clients grow, so we are happy to share recent recognition that features our service and work.

MLSDev is among Top 100 Mobile App Development Companies in 2018
MLSDev is among Top 100 Mobile App Development Companies in 2018

Business research films Clutch and The Manifest have named MLSDev no. 2 in Ukraine, out of nearly 500 firms, for the strength of our web development services and featured us among the top 100 mobile app developers in the entire world.

We are very appreciative of these acknowledgments of MLSDev as testaments to the quality of product, software, and relationship that we strive to create for and with our clients. Clutch and The Manifest consider nearly all aspects of companies in the review and ranking processes, such as market presence, experience, customer feedback and more, so MLSDev feels confident in how this acclaim verifies the excellence of our efforts.

Beyond the professional research and analysis from The Manifest and Clutch, MLSDev wants to highlight and thank our clients for their continued support of our team’s service and commitment. In more than two dozen reviews left on our profile, previous partners of ours particularly touted our communication style and professionalism as strengths that differentiated us as a provider.

They were great communicators in terms of their whole process … We had talked to some US-based companies that use MLSDev and one of them told us that the MLSDev team can run circles around their MIT team,” noted one client. “The development team designed and executed the startup idea in a lean, resourceful manner. Their interest was in the client's success from the onset and they patiently led the project accordingly… They were so professional, reliable, and creative, and I’m thrilled we made the choice we did.


“MLSDev was receptive to all requests and outlined the steps taken to achieve a successful project. They were communicative and professional from the proposal process through the development phase,” summarized another client. “The most notable aspect was their ability to make suggestions based on the user experience. They deeply understood what we were trying to accomplish and continually improved it as we moved along. They became, and will remain, valuable technology partners for my company.

We immensely value all of the coverage that our team and work are receiving, and MLSDev looks forward to continuing to build our legacy of innovation, optimization, and collaboration with our clients and their projects.

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