Clutch Business Analyst Sara Philibotte:

These companies deserve praise for their ability to distinguish themselves in a saturated, rapidly growing global market.

Our clients are among our core values! At MLSDev we strive to maximize the potential of each our client's business idea with the help of innovations and technical expertise. At this time, we’re excited to be recognized on a global scale for the web and mobile app projects accomplished together with our clients.

On November 28, 2018, the independent B2B research company - Clutch, updated its annual report evaluating hundred thousands of companies. The firm announced MLSDev as one of IT leaders listed among 200+ development teams in the entire world specialized in the web and mobile app development services.

Being among the most competitive categories, development services included all the major technical specializations- mobile app development (iOS & Android), web and software technologies (Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, IoT, Blockchain, etc.). The research collected all the insights about each company starting from the technical expertise, delivered results, and most important - client feedback through live communication.

MLSDev Is Among Top B2B Companies 2018
MLSDev Is Among Top B2B Companies 2018

MLSDev team is honored to receive such a praise and aims to expand its expertise further. We focus on the latest industry trends, software platforms, new programming languages and means of communication and management. In this manner we want to firmly stand behind each client's idea and support it with novelty and competitive advantage.

You are welcome to check MLSDev profile on Clutch with detailed 20+ references from our clients.

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