It is vital for every business to keep up with the latest trends in the sphere it operates. And what is the quickest way to do it? News, of course. People tend to perceive visual information better than texts, so videos and infographics are great in this regard. Nevertheless, there are a lot of websites that provide immensely useful and interesting written content. Though it takes more time to read an article than to watch a video, the former shouldn’t be underestimated.

The question of staying in the loop is especially acute for tech startups. These young companies usually have to struggle with severe competition, staying up to date in the conditions of extreme uncertainty at the same time. Fortunately, there are a lot of technology news websites that can suggest what is going on in the tech world, update you on the question of startup funding and tell what is popular. Anyway, the quantity doesn’t mean quality, so it is important to filter what you read.

In our article we would like to review and give you references to the best websites for startups on the web that will help you learn about hot technology news. And here they go.


TechCrunch Logo
TechCrunch Logo

TechCrunch is a website that tells its readers everything about the technology industry. It was founded in 2005 and is now a very influential publisher with a lot of content updated hourly. They have a great number of in-house journalists and writers. Apart from that, TechCrunch can boast influential contributors who are thought leaders, well-known entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists.

By the way, the website has a section with videos only that are divided into further categories. Convenient, isn’t it? For those having a tight schedule this is quite the thing. If you don’t want to read everything through on the website there is also TechCrunch newsletter that will deliver hot tech news right to your email.

What is even more attractive about TechCrunch is that it also organizes events the tech community loves and attends, and maintains a startup database called CrunchBase.

The Next Web

The Next Web Logo
The Next Web Logo

The Next Web (TNW) is a tech media company that hosts an online publication, events for businesses in technology, and a few more products. The website updates its readers and followers with fresh tech news every day, shares useful information and receives valuable recognition of the audience for that. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the Next Web reaches out to people all around the world. It claims to have about 8 million visits per month which is a good rate.

The website provides an opportunity not only to be its reader but also to contribute in case you have relevant and good-quality content to share. Additionally, you can advertise too. This is not for free but could help to introduce a product or services to the community.


VentureBeat Logo
VentureBeat Logo

VentureBeat is another leading American news website that has an international audience interested in technology and everything related to it. The company can be named experienced since it is more than 10 years old already. It has a great team of journalists and editors with a strong professional background. Their recent technology news and reports are worth reading and every person involved in the industry should mind that.

Like most of its competitors, VentureBeat also organizes a bunch of events that are attended by the representatives of top startup companies and other leading professionals. The most important of them are MobileBeat, GamesBeat, and GrowthBeat.


Mashable Logo
Mashable Logo

Mashable is a media website that is not 100% devoted to technology. It is focused on digital generation, that is on people who are generally interested in the opportunities provided by the age of smart devices and the global network. Mashable published news about social media, tech, business, entertainment, lifestyle, and much more.

The publication reaches readers in lots of the world’s corners, so the company has regional divisions in the U.K., Asia, Australia and India. As the above representatives of the media industry, Mashable hosts a few events. One of them is called Mashable Awards (earlier known as Open Web Awards) that announces winners in a range of nominations based on the voting. The second event is Mashable Connect, that is a conference that can be attended by invited guests only.


Tech.Co Logo
Tech.Co Logo

Formerly known as Tech Cocktail, the website is called Tech.Co now. The company launched the website in 2006 to become a provider of online tech news to startups, entrepreneurs and all people interested in the sphere.

Together with its reporters and writers, the company encourages tech enthusiasts and people who have something to say about the industry to contribute to the content published on the website. So, if you want to learn what others think, get inspired and even express your own opinion to the public, Tech.Co could be the right place for you.

By the way, don’t miss its section about events. The company arranges various startup conferences, meetups, competitions and parties you should definitely check.


TechRepublic Logo
TechRepublic Logo

This website is focused on people heavily involved in IT. It tells about technologies and means every decision-maker and professional in the industry should use in their daily work. If you are looking for some advice or solutions, the team of TechRepublic writers and contributors has probably given their answer on the website already. The content they publish is updated daily and is divided into sections that cover all technology fields.

As any modern news website, TechRepublic gives you an opportunity to subscribe to their newsletter. In addition, it has a forum for its community and the library of resources that are possible to view or even download.


Inc. Logo
Inc. Logo

You have heard about Inc., haven’t you? This is a very popular magazine that is, as every modern publication, has an online version too. Since 1979, the team has been writing about companies and businesses that are growing and developing. They keep track of them to later prepare and issue their Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 lists of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. The latter roster is now edited in Europe too.

Though the website is not completely connected with technology it helps to follow trends in entrepreneurship and things related to leading a business. Moreover, Inc. holds an annual conference that is attended by influential businessmen and speakers.


Entrepreneur Logo
Entrepreneur Logo

Entrepreneur was originally a magazine that saw the world first in 1977. Ten years later, in 1987, it launched a website to be closer to a wider audience. Its name speaks for itself. The team writes news and stories about business, companies, and people who own and manage them.

The website has a lot of sections, such as leadership, growth strategies, marketing, technology, social media, finance, starting a business, entrepreneurs, franchises, so anyone can find information according to their taste. Entrepreneur looks like a one-stop place to satisfy all needs in information a businessman can have.

The company also established a few spin-outs. It publishes books and one more magazine called Entrepreneur Startups. Be sure to check them as well.


Forbes Logo
Forbes Logo

The Forbes website is a part of a very influential company we all know about. Their ratings are always discussed by the global community, their publications are considered extremely trustworthy and all business leaders follow them and read their news.

The information published on the website is provided by a huge number of contributors who are real professionals and thought leaders. It has editions for the U.S., Europe and Asia. Forbes covers a lot of topics including technology, small business and investing. This is exactly what a startup needs, isn’t it?

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal Logo
The Wall Street Journal Logo

Remember the film about the Wolf of Wall Street? The above name should speak authority to you. The Wall Street Journal website is owned by the similarly-named newspaper that is quite old. Its first issue is dated back to July 1889. It has the greatest number of copies distributed in the U.S. This statistics should be more or less convincing to make people think The Wall Street Journal provides high-quality information.

This website is generally for people who would like to know everything about everything. It will provide news about technology and business which is of startups’ greatest interest, of course, but it’s not a limit. Topics regarding politics, economy, arts, life and real estate are covered here too. The Wall Street Journal seems to be a perfect guide through current events in the world.

Additional Websites to Consider

Well, that is enough. Nevertheless, it is just a basic list of the websites you should choose from. Reading them daily is more a must than a recommendation. Below are the additional websites that write about trends, best practices, news for startups and even more. Have a look.

  • Social Media Examiner - a guide in social media marketing.
  • TED - wonderful and inspiring ideas about time management and life in general.
  • Hacker News by Y Combinator - a feed of news gathered from all around the Web.
  • Startups on Reddit - a forum for people with different experience and expertise who are interested in the sphere.
  • This Week in Startups - a collection of the best news and stories about entrepreneurship.
  • Mixergy - a website with interviews and courses provided by influential founders to those who are starting a new business and want to learn from them.
  • InfoWorld - updates and insights on technology from professional journalists and technologists.
  • Fast Company - latest news on technology, leadership and design.
  • - a platform that provides news, inspiration and education to startups.
  • ReadWrite - one of the top 100 websites for entrepreneurs according to Forbes that is focused on IoT and the Connected World.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the more you read the more you know, but choosing the right information is important by all means. Don’t overwhelm yourself with tons of articles and long rosters of tech blogs. It’s better to make small but effective steps rather than to set unreachable goals. Prioritize the things you need at the moment and keep up with what’s new in technology.

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