iOS and Android share the market of mobile applications, taking up over 99% of all mobile operating systems. If you decide to build a mobile app today, your choice will revolve around these two platforms.

You will need to hire an Android developer or find an iOS expert to do the work, specifically with proficiency in Swift, Xcode, and Kotlin, Android SDK accordingly.

This article explains how to not waste 100+ hours searching for a mobile developer that is freelance or a company providing IT staff augmentation services.

  • Everything to know about iOS and Android developers
  • 4-step process to hire iPhone app developer or iOS expert
  • Benefits you can get by working with staff augmentation companies
  • Hiring funnel for iOS and Android application programmers

If you’re interested in learning the best techniques for hiring an Android app developer or finding the best iPhone programmers, jump right in.

Everything You Need to Know about iOS and Android Developers

In this part of the article, you will explore everything you need to know to hire an Android app developer or hire an iPhone app developer.

For starters, an important question that probably interests you most is how much it would cost to hire a mobile app developer (Android/ iOS)? The price depends on a number of factors:

  • Outsourcing location
  • Technical proficiency and specialization
  • Seniority level and years in the profession
  • Seniority of iOS/ Android developers you choose for the job
  • Type of company you decide to work with
  • Cooperation model (fixed, time & material, etc.)

Map with Average Rates for Mobile App Developers (iOS & Android)
Map with Average Rates for Mobile App Developers (iOS & Android)

The average hourly development cost is around $50, while tech expertise and the quality of the services provided might be even better than in the USA and the rest of Europe.

Curious about the benefits of working with staff augmentation companies from Ukraine?

Explore our guide explaining how to make the right choice: Ukraine IT Outsourcing: Market Insights & How to Choose the Right Team for Yo. The guide lists details on market size, rates, state of Ukrainian technological development, and more.

Before you start frantically searching for developers, the first thing to do is to understand what requirements these developers should meet.

 Basics a Mobile App Developer Should Know
Basics a Mobile App Developer Should Know

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Hire an Android Developer: Roles & Responsibilities

The development of mobile applications requires a specific skill set, knowledge, and experience. Developers should be able to turn business requirements into innovative solutions.

Before you hire an Android app developer, make sure the candidate has the following technical skills:

1. High proficiency in Java or Kotlin

Java and Kotlin are two leading languages for Android app development. Android developers should have deep knowledge of one of the languages, know its syntax, and be familiar with frameworks and programming principles.

Pros & Cons of Java and Kotlin Programming Languages
Pros & Cons of Java and Kotlin Programming Languages

If you are unsure what programming language is better to use in your project, discover the differences, use cases, pros, and cons in the following guide: Kotlin vs. Java: Which Programming Language to Choose for Your Android App.

2. Android SDK

An SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a set of re-packed code that allows developers to build Android applications much faster by using reusable components. There are numerous instances when you might need to use these components. For example, if you decide to integrate your app with Facebook, you won’t need to create a connection from scratch - instead, include a Facebook SDK.

3. Android Studio

Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where you can build your application. You can divide the project into functional units thanks to structured code modules. This way, you can build, test, and debug these units separately, which significantly speeds up the development process.

4. APIs

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is used to connect applications with third-party services or apps. There are hundreds of APIs that you can use, for example, Google Pay API would allow users to make payments within your app or you could utilize Google Maps API for geolocation features.

5. UX & UI Design

Material Design is a set of design guidelines that serve as a foundation for UX and UI design. Developers working on Android apps should know the basic principles of the design necessary to create user-friendly applications.

6. Databases

Modern applications rely heavily on databases that handle large amounts of data. For the most part, developers work with cloud storage, such as Firebase and SQLite, if there is a need for offline functionality.

Skill-Set to Hire an Android App Developer
Skill-Set to Hire an Android App Developer

Hire an iPhone App Developer: Roles & Responsibilities

Now let’s overview the key requirements that will help you hire an iPhone app developer for your project.

The skillset of iOS developers includes the following requirements:

1. High proficiency in Objective-C or Swift

Objective-C and Swift are two of the main languages used for iOS app development. Naturally, developers need to be proficient in their knowledge to create the codebase of an app.

Pros & Cons of Swift & Objective-C Programming Languages
Pros & Cons of Swift & Objective-C Programming Languages

Check out the article explaining the difference between these two programming languages and how to choose the right one for your project: Swift vs Objective-C. Which iOS Language To Choose

2. Apple Human Interface Guidelines

Apple has strict rules when it comes to the UX and UI of iOS apps. The Human Interface Guidelines provide in-depth information on how to build applications that are intuitive and provide a great user experience all the while seamlessly integrating with all Apple platforms. Designers and developers need to be familiar with the guidelines in order to create apps that don’t interfere with Apple’s rules and requirements.

3. Xcode IDE

Xcode IDE is a productive environment for building applications for the whole ecosystem of Apple products, including iOS, macOS, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Naturally, developers should be familiar with all of the good stuff that Xcode IDE has to offer.

4. APIs

When you hire an iPhone developer, make sure they know how to work with APIs. Otherwise, you might run into problems in the middle of app development. Among the most popular iOS APIs, you can find Google Maps, PayPal, Braintree, Facebook, MailChimp, etc.

Key Requirements for Hiring an iPhone App Developer
Key Requirements for Hiring an iPhone App Developer

Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Android or iOS App Developer

Now that you know app developer roles and responsibilities, let’s move on to the next stage. During this stage, you’ll need to evaluate the hard and soft skills of the developers you are considering for the job.

The table below sheds light on some of the hard skills, which usually include proficiency, expertise level, knowledge, and technical skills.

Skill Details
Experience Experience is the most essential factor to consider when you hire developers. When searching for them, you will probably notice that there are Junior, Middle, and Senior developers. These levels are assigned to them based on the expertise gained over the years in the tech industry.
Junior – up to 2 years
Middle – from 2 to 5 years
Senior – over 5 years

Hands-on expertise Expertise defines a developer's experience working on certain apps or projects for a specific industry. For example, if you are going to build a food delivery app, it might be a good idea to look for developers with expertise in the area.
Portfolio The portfolio is not something that you can overlook when hiring developers. By checking the portfolio of a developer or a development company, you’ll be able to evaluate their expertise and experience and understand whether or not it matches your requirements.
Communication Communication is one of the key elements of successful cooperation, especially for remote developers. During the screening process, make sure that you’ll have an established communication channel with your remote team and won’t have problems reaching out to them when such a need arises.
Time management A failure to meet deadlines can cost your company a lot. This is why working with an outsourcing company is safer, as the company will usually take on project management and be responsible for their developers meeting all deadlines.
Problem-solving During app development, there will be unexpected issues. A proactive approach to finding a solution to every problem that arises will speed up the development process and team productivity.

5-Step Process to Hire an Android or iPhone App Developer

The process to hire an Android app developer or hire an iPhone app developer is challenging for any business. In this part of the article, we talk about the main steps involved in the process of finding the best developers.

1. Choose From Among Hiring Options

Outsourcing offers various options for cooperation between a client and developers. You can hire a freelance Android app developer or freelance iOS app developer, recruit an in-house development team or choose among IT staff augmentation companies.

Let’s review the key options and define their benefits and downsides.

 Mobile App Developer Hiring Options
Mobile App Developer Hiring Options

  • Freelance developers

The abundance of freelancers allows you to outsource almost every part of your business, including iOS or Android software development.

Freelancers are usually cheaper than hiring a full-time developer, but the lower price hides a lot of downsides, such as:

  • Lack of control
  • Difficulties with project management
  • Problems with deadlines
  • Absence of quality guarantee
  • Final product may not meet your requirements

While freelancers might be a good choice for a one-time job, they are not the best option for long-term cooperation.

If you are still ready to take the risk, there are a number of places where you can find a freelance Android developer, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Authentic jobs, etc.

  • In-house developers

Hiring in-house developers eliminates a lot of risks, as you get better control over deadlines, quality, and final results. If you hire an Android app developer to be a full-time member of your team, you will get full control over all operations, your employees can work together, and developers have higher involvement in your project as they work only on a single project.

At the same time, this option is not a silver bullet. Startups might find the option of working with staff augmentation companies to be more efficient, as they save time and money on the hiring process. Taxes, office rent, hardware, and software can take a toll on your company. An in-house team is on the payroll, so you must pay salaries even if there are no tasks for developers.

  • Outsource developers

Outsourcing might be the best option if you are looking to hire an iPhone app developer with relevant experience quickly and don’t want to deal with bureaucracies.

You can choose between two cooperation models:

1. Dedicated team of developers

This option allows you to hire a whole team of app developers quickly and with minimal upfront investment. The team will work from the vendor’s offices and solely on your project, and you will need to pay an hourly rate for every member. The team usually consists of developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers who control the work of the whole team. In some cases, a dedicated development team might not be a viable option, especially if you don’t have a lot of work for them.

2. Staff augmentation

Outstaffing allows you to hire a talent that your internal team lacks. For example, you can hire an Android app developer if you are working on an Android app or enhance your team with a senior UX designer. Based on this cooperation model, the new employee will work on your project full time but from the vendor’s office. This option offers a number of benefits, such as a faster hiring process, the ability to work with senior experts, and the opportunity to enhance your team with even the rarest talents.

Freelance vs. In-house Developers vs. Staff Augmentation Companies
Freelance vs. In-house Developers vs. Staff Augmentation Companies

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2. Finalize Your Goals and Developer Requirements

Before you make the final decision and hire an iPhone app developer, there are a few things that you need to take care of first:

  • Define the dominant platform for your target audience

All projects should start with market research and competitor analysis. Before you hire an Android developer, make sure you know who your target audience is. While creating a target audience portrait, aside from their needs, characteristics, and behavioral factors, explore what mobile platforms they are using.

If you find that your target audience uses iOS primarily, you may need to create an app for this operating system and hire an iPhone app developer for the task. If Android is the dominant platform among your target audience, you’ll need to find and hire an Android app developer.

  • Select a monetization model

How will your app bring you money?

This is probably the most important question you should ask before starting a project. There are a few options that you can choose from among, such as:

  • Freemium model
  • Advertising
  • Referrals
  • Subscription model
  • Sponsorship model

If you want to know more about the best app monetization models, check out our article covering key strategies: How Do Free Apps Make Money?

  • Identify project peculiarities

Before moving on, note project peculiarities. Start with describing the app’s functionality. You can start with the list of features you want to implement without diving deep into tech details.

Prioritize features so that developers can work first on the pillar features and then move on to additional ones. Project peculiarities will help you hire an Android app developer with the relevant experience and expertise.

  • Finalize budget and deadlines

These two factors are among the most important, as they will directly influence the course of action for your company.

For startups with limited budgets, outsourcing locations like the USA might not be the best option. Eastern Europe, and Ukraine in particular, offers far more financial benefits and higher levels of services provided.

As far as deadlines go, the more flexible they are, the easier it is to find a perfect match for your project. When you need to hire an Android app developer on a tight schedule, consider working with IT staff augmentation companies that have access to a vast talent pool.

3. Match with Developers & Carry out Technical Interviews

After you’ve successfully finalized your project requirements, start looking for developers. Get in touch with IT outsourcing companies and explain your requirements to get a list of potential developers.

To shortlist the best candidates, carry out technical interviews and check portfolios and overall company reviews. Customer reviews can shed light on the processes inside staff augmentation firms and their strong and weak sides.

1. Client-related questions

  • Can you provide a list of existing and past clients?
  • Can you relate to the clients from a similar business industry?
  • How did you add value to the project concept?
  • What level of involvement do you require from your clients?

2. Software development-related questions

  • What software development methodology and frameworks are used?
  • Which guidelines and programming standards do you follow? Explain.
  • What are the core features of the project?
  • What extra functionality do you recommend that I include?
  • What similar features and software have you implemented already?
  • How do you perform app testing?
  • How do you provide post-launch support?
  • How do you react to and fix issues on the project?
  • How about project’s security?
  • Do you help with app submission to the app store?
  • How do you provide post-launch support?

3. Communication-related questions

  • How will you communicate during the development process?
  • What level of English do you and your team have? Can you speak English fluently?
  • How will you keep me updated about progress and issues?
  • How will you communicate during the development process?
  • What communication tools do you use?

4. Start Working with a Trial Project or Small Task

Even after you know which of the developers you want to have on your team, you don’t have to sign a contract right away. It might be better to start the cooperation with a trial project or a small task and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement instead.

Based on the results delivered and their quality, you can decide to proceed to the next step and sign a long-term contract or continue searching for alternatives.

5. Finalize the Agreement and Sign a Contract

At the final stage, you will need to finalize the terms of agreement with the vendor you’ve chosen and sign an agreement. Based on the type of cooperation, the agreement might cover only the development of your app or cover all the steps, including app support after a successful launch to the market.

Benefits of Addressing Staff Augmentation Companies like MLSDev

So, when should you start looking to hire an Android app developer?

Working with a third-party iOS or Android app development company can bring a number of benefits to your business. Let’s review some of the most important benefits that IT staff augmentation companies have to offer.

1. Expand Your Business to New Areas

App development can be rewarding not only for startups, but for big companies too. For example, a restaurant chain might want to create a food delivery app and expand business into the on-demand delivery industry, which is on the rise right now.

2. Improve Your Product with an External Opinion

If you feel like your project is stuck or you are not sure where to move with it, having fresh eyes take a look at it might help. You can get in touch with such companies as MLSDev for a consultation to identify which direction to move in with your project and how to improve its functionality.

3. Reduce Your Risk of Project Failure

There are numerous reasons why projects may fail. Poor management, a lack of technical knowledge, or an inability to delegate tasks successfully can all undermine the success of your projects.

When you hire an Android app developer or work with a staff augmentation company, you don’t need to be a tech guru. You can rest assured that your project is in the hands of capable experts and concentrate on business tasks instead.

4. Get Specific Expertise

Knowing everything is impossible, especially if we’re talking about the ever-changing digital world. There are some instances where you might realize that your team lacks some specific expertise, for example, someone who knows how to turn an Android app into iOS.

Instead of figuring out the puzzle yourself, you can find and hire a company with relevant experience. In the long run, this could save you hundreds of wasted hours and a lot of expensive bumps and bruises.

5. Improve Employee Productivity

iOS and Android app development can significantly improve productivity within your company or organization. All you need to do is to take a step back, analyze employees' ordinary working day and you’ll see areas of improvement.

For example, for doctors’ offices, it might be that the creation of paperless software is necessary to elevate the practice, automate mundane tasks, and improve productivity.

6. Reduce Expenses

Every business looks for ways to save money and become more cost-efficient. The decision to hire an Android app developer or iOS expert can potentially reduce expenses, as you won’t need to pay salary, cover office expenses, deal with bureaucratic problems, and so on. Depending on the cooperation model you choose, you might need to pay only for the hours the developer spends working on your projects.

7. Speed Up Your App Development

When a deadline is approaching at lightning-fast speed, hiring an external developer could be a lifesaver. If you can find a company providing hourly-based development services, you won’t need to waste time looking for a suitable candidate. You can find someone who’ll jump into the battle with you in a matter of days, if not hours.

Hiring Funnel of iOS & Android Developers at MLSDev

At MLSDev, we guarantee that you will be able to find an expert that will become a valuable extension to your team. Aside from development we also provide business analysis services, UX/UI design, and DevOps services.

We carefully select candidates to avoid unexpected issues in the future. We take on all the challenges of recruitment so you don’t have to.

Our employee selection process includes the following steps:

  1. Collection of requirements – we create a list of your business and technical requirements and transfer an approved ideal candidate portrait to the recruiting department.
  2. Specialist search and interview process – we have an established process for selecting the perfect employees for specific projects. We conduct interviews, check soft skills and English knowledge, test programming skills, and verify the expertise required for your project. As a result, you don’t have to spend time interviewing dozens of prospects.
  3. Communication with short-listed candidates – we arrange interviews with 2-3 short-listed candidates for you to determine who you want to work with.
  4. Onboarding process – after you’ve made the final choice, we organize the onboarding process, including all legal aspects.
  5. Employee retention guarantee – we provide your outsourced employees with a healthy working environment and focus on employee retention.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I hire an Android or iOS developer for hourly or project-based tasks?
Some IT outsourcing companies work with big projects that require full-time dedicated developers while others provide services on a project basis. Of course, you can hire an Android app developer or iOS expert at an hourly rate.
How much does it cost to hire an Android or an iPhone app developer?
The average hourly cost of hiring an iPhone app developer is around $50 in Eastern Europe, and Ukraine in particular. If you look to the USA as your outsourcing location, you will need to pay around $150 per hour for developer work. This is why the final app development cost directly depends on the outsourcing location.
What are the benefits of hiring an iOS developer from MLSDev?
MLSDev is a professional offshore software development company that works with SMBs, startups, and big brands. We help our clients build software from scratch, provide solid expertise, take on all the hiring and retention tasks, and help improve the business concept. We can help you create a Minimum Desirable product in just 3 months to kick-start your idea and test the concept on the market.
How can we tell if an iOS developer is skilled enough for our project?
There are a number of steps that can help you evaluate developers’ expertise before hiring them. First of all, take a look at the portfolio of successfully delivered projects, specifically those similar to your idea. Second, check the seniority level and the years of experience. Third, don’t forget about communication skills, English level knowledge, and time management skills. You can do all of the above yourself or hire a company like MLSDev to speed up the process and avoid having to deal with these issues.