Back-End Technologies

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • Go

Front-End Technologies

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Mobile Technologies

  • iOS. Swift
  • Android. Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • React Native


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Redis


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Docker
  • Ansible

Third-party services

  • Analytics

    Google Analytics, Flurry, Crashlytics, Fabric,Mixpanel

  • Augmented reality

    Vuforia, ArToolKit, BeyondAr

  • Mobile push notifications

    GCM, APN, Firebase

  • Payment systems

    Braintree, PayPal

  • E-commerce platforms

    Plexure, Adobe Marketing

  • Continuous deployment and beta testing

    Apple Testflight, Fastlane

  • Post services

    EasyPost, FedEx

  • Ads

    Google Mobile Ads

  • Social networks

    Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Sina Weibo


Quality-driven development approach

To launch an innovative and successful product that will work as effectively and be as stable as a Swiss watch, it is necessary to apply one particular approach within the software development process.

Our solid principles and key methodologies for developing your application are as follows

  • - Test-Driven Development
  • - Continuous Integration
  • - Continuous Delivery
  • - Coding Standards
  • - Refactoring
  • - Code Review
  • - Version Control

We develop software for most platforms

We will help your digital business reach 98% of web and mobile app users worldwide. You should not be limited to only one platform, but rather, should be able to provide an exceptional product to your clients on the majority of platforms. Our team uses specific software development technologies to build a unique feature-set for each device.














Certain technology to solve a specific task

Our team chooses application development technologies to meet your strategic objectives and reach your business KPIs precisely. The tech stack for your project is selected based on the following aspects - the technology’s maturity, time-validation, as well as its perfect fit with your business requirements.

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

Ruby and the RoR framework is widely used for solutions with the necessity to launch the product quickly, save time and money on application development, and ensure fast and easy product scalability. This software development technology is especially useful for start-ups and smaller projects with ambitions for quick project scalability.


This technology is open-source and bases its roots on JavaScript. Node.js is among the software development technologies that are greatly utilized for cross-platform apps with quick & inexpensive back-ends. These days, Node.js can be used for live-streaming apps, as well as in large enterprise project development where stability, scalability, and security are priority.


Angular is one of the best among JavaScript frameworks. This one is great to apply to single-page apps, simple websites, web apps, and large UI apps. This structural front-end software development technology is part of our expertise in creating functional web-based apps of minimized size and maximized performance.


Also among the top JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js is widespread within the world of web development. This open-source, strictly front-end software development technology is used to build lightweight user interfaces for single-page mobile apps or products with a complex and fast front-end.


Our team has a great pool of professional iOS programmers who are aware of all of the ins-and-outs of the platform specifics and who follow the latest trends. Swift has received more usage and updates, requires easier maintenance, and this programming language is faster, safer, and less error-prone compared to Objective-C. Our team uses Swift as the application development technology for creating innovative native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices.


Our team has a wealth of expertise in developing distinct native mobile apps for devices working on Android OS. Any sort of functionality, adaptation to business specifics, app localization, or application of animations or complex user interfaces can be created by utilizing the Kotlin application development technology. This technology is more concise compared to its predecessor, Java, and maintains a fail-fast system.

We explore emerging technologies eagerly

Established businesses can utilize the latest software development technologies to attract new users and cut down on internal expenses. Start-ups can increase their chances for successful fundraising by up to 300% if their key operations run on the best and most trendy tech stack.

Our team loves challenges and is always searching for new facilities with emerging technologies and their implementation within our clients’ digital products.


Security Decentralization Failover Transparency
Your service requires complete transparency, and you need accurate and consistent data, a simplified ecosystem, and control of information and its high level of security - these are just a few of the Blockchain technology’s benefits. Blockchain is one of the trendiest software development technologies that can be applied in a range of industries and business areas.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Trend Data Automation Algorithms
The usage of artificial neural networks is a growing trend that allows one to decrease the error rate, and improve the accuracy and speed of the provided service. AI software helps to process a massive amount of data, automate operations, as well as сut costs on internal resources and personnel. ML algorithms use the acquired knowledge from a large dataset and perform tasks like facial and speech recognition, etc. Integrating computer science into your software will bring your application to the next level.

Augmented reality

Innovation Interactivity 3D Wow factor
The interactivity and residence of extra objects in the real-world environment can be applied in the majority of industries. eCommerce can use AR for online catalogs, virtual fitting rooms, product demos, and other valuable visuals to engage clients and increase revenue. The healthcare industry can apply AR for advanced diagnostics and treatments, and have a visual tool for educating patients and future surgeons.

Internet of things

Security Data collection Monitoring Customer Communication
The benefits of writing IoT software for physical devices are numerous; starting from the improved customer experience, to enhanced productivity of the system, and information exchange. We are focused on developing IoT applications connected with a variety of devices so your end-users will favor the usability and effectiveness of your service during their everyday activities.

Our tech awards

Our team has received awards as the top software development company numerous times. Here are some of the awards that we are most proud of:

  • - Top Web Developers
  • - Top App Developers
  • - Top Ruby on Rails Developers
  • - Top Android App Developers
  • - Top Custom Software Developers
  • - Top AngularJS Development Companies
  • - Top iPhone App Development Companies
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