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An application that helps reduce misdiagnoses and make treatment more individual.

Tomes GmbH decided to improve doctor-patient communication by creating the Idana project. The app was developed to innovate the healthcare industry in Germany. The application stores all patient medical history so that doctors can get access to all relevant information before an appointment.

MLSDev healthcare app developers helped to create a mobile app and a web progressive application, both of which follow the IEC 62304 medical standard.

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Health & fitness personalization platform

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A healthcare platform that collects and interprets personal health data for users, doctors, and coaches.

Our client decided to give people the opportunity to unlock the full potential of their personal health data. The GDPR compliant platform tracks over 50 physical and mental health parameters, interprets them, and makes health and fitness programs much more personalized and productive. The end user can connect with certified healthcare providers, grant temporary access to their personal medical history, health data, healthcare programs, and get an individual treatment plan remotely.

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An application that helps patients choose a physician based on ratings and reviews from other users.

Our healthcare app developers were approached with a request to develop an application that would help address the uncertainties associated with choosing a physician. Users are able to rate doctors based on their personal experience and post reviews for others so that they could make an informed decision on the physician they wish to choose. As well, the platform allows users to communicate with doctors and book appointments online, while avoiding queues and helping doctors better manage their schedule.

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A reminder app for post-surgery patients to take medicines in a proper way and according to a specific schedule.

Claire decided to improve her homeopathic business by creating an app that would remind her customers to take her oral spray Healexir in time. The client’s main request was to make the interface as simple and user-friendly as possible, with an attractive design and animations.

As a result, MLSDev healthcare app developers created an app design that became the main brand identity of Healexir and a solution that positively influenced the sales of Claire’s spray.


Custom healthcare software solutions

Software created by MLSDev healthcare app developers is aimed at giving providers the solutions to their business problems and optimizing the existing processes in the healthcare sector

For end users

  • Optimization of hospital activity

    PHR access, symptom checkers, electronic chart review, review of laboratory test results, ePROs, CRM systems, interoffice communication, employee management, performance, and training

  • Assistance in diagnosis

    Telehealth services, remote health monitoring, ECG viewer

  • Reminders and alerts

    Prescription and appointment management, surgery scheduling

  • References and guides

    Reference guides on medical standards, specialized medical materials

  • Healthy living

    Pregnancy and child development, diet assistance, healthy eating, exercise and fitness, productivity, telemedicine

For business

  • Hospital management systems
  • Warehouse/supply chain management
  • Medical logistics
  • Recertification and training for doctors
  • Data analytics
  • Tender platforms
  • IoT software for medical companies
  • Information portals

Our solutions provide opportunities for


Advanced medical diagnosis

Monitoring of vital signs with quick access to patient’s records (EHR, EMR), lab test results, scans, and prescriptions for faster medical treatment or its adjustment


Improved monitoring and prevention of chronic diseases

Application of modern health tracking systems to provide regular updates, reminders for drug prescriptions, and statistics for the patient’s state of health, even remotely


Easier engagement with patients

The possibility of a preliminary consultation, prompt medical aid via emergency calls, and simple doctor appointment scheduling process with notifications


Better doctor-patient interaction

Ability to improve the connection and coordination between a patient and medical personnel by utilizing modern telehealth technologies - chats, video calls


Efficient time management

Reduction in paperwork and usage of shared healthcare documentation allows for productive management of the schedules of various healthcare professionals and departments in order to reduce internal costs


Elimination of human errors

Established electronic fault-tolerant systems in healthcare allow for prevention of errors in diagnosis, hospital documentation, patient records, etc.


Unified and secure electronic healthcare database

Set up a centralized and protected healthcare system for prompt access to medical records, legal documents, patient diagnoses, medical prescriptions, and more


Greater assistance in medical education

Receive and accumulate knowledge by using apps with structured medical content of drug references and comprehensive guides, as well as practice quizzes for iterative learning


Improvements in public and private healthcare sectors

Adoption of the most recent tech innovations like IoT, blockchain, cloud solutions, and telehealth service offers better patient and doctor experience


Evaluation of healthcare service providers

Research different doctors and hospitals based on reviews, photos, records, and more


Increased awareness in personal healthcare

mHealth apps engage patients in treatment programs and make them more conscious about their health condition


Growing healthcare community

Building healthcare networks to get information of interest about hospitals, their departments, healthcare modernization, and staying up to date with related events

Healthcare applications are delivered for:


Healthcare software development for the web platform is used to optimize the processes at hospitals, as well as to safely store, analyze, and utilize patient data. Our professional healthcare app developers are ready to provide web solutions to meet your most sophisticated business needs.


Healthcare software solutions for iOS and Android are the most convenient options for end users because they have all their data in hand. Our healthcare app developers always make sure that all completed iOS/Android apps have the highest level of data security.


Healthcare app development for smartwatches and fitness trackers is extremely popular because these apps allow for quick and easy data collection, timely reminders, and instant interaction with the user. Our healthcare app developers always take care of the user experience, as well as the look and feel.

We solve healthcare app development challenges

Patient privacy

We build healthcare software solutions that are compliant with GDPR, IEC 62304, and other regulations. As well, we actively research HIPAA compliance

Ease of use

Our designers follow best practices to provide flawless user experience and high-class user interfaces

Security issues

Our healthcare app developers never store potentially sensitive user information on mobile devices or in local web storages

Up-to-date technologies

Our healthcare app developers never use deprecated API, outdated libraries, or unstable code components

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Why hire MLSDev healthcare app developers?

Sure, we provide great quality at a competitive price, NDA, full transparency, and comprehensive communication. But what actually distinguishes MLSDev from other custom healthcare software development companies?

  • Solving end-users’ problems is our major focus
  • Optimized development costs that meet your budget
  • Test period by default (you pay only if satisfied with deliverables)
  • Frequent meetings with our clients in person
  • Free design samples, project scope and concept (mind map) provided
  • Business and tech consultations included
  • Local representatives in the US and EU
  • We explore and implement emerging technologies

Healthcare app development services

Custom full product

Custom Turnkey Web Mobile App

Custom full-fledged and feature-rich healthcare software solutions are a good fit for well-established businesses or healthcare facilities that know their niche and want to reach out to more customers or optimize their processes. A full healthcare product offers a great opportunity to take medical services to the next level and increase the efficiency of healthcare.

Our healthcare app developers know how to deal with a big scope of work. We plan the entire project first and then divide it into smaller versions and create a full product by sprints.

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Client testimonials

Jerome Meinke

Jerome Meinke

CTO, Tomes GmbH

"We made the right choice by working with them."
MLSDev delivered a high-quality product that consists of intricate functionalities. Internal feedback is positive as the platform’s interface facilitates user engagement. They communicate effectively and are open to accommodating established processes. Their developers come up with innovative ideas.
1-10 Employees | Freiburg, Germany
Sree Kotay

Sree Kotay

CTO at Gopuff

"They are professionals in every sense of the word."
Conversions are up 40% and costs are down. The team is transparent and focuses on continual improvement. However, they may need to adjust their methodology to balance further speed and quality in a changing environment. Nonetheless, they are committed to achieving long-term success.
201-500 Employees | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Laura Jasenaite

Laura Jasenaite

Ex-Marketing & Digital Director, McDonald's Baltics

"MLSDev was very professional and always accessible."
The app was rated #1 on local app stores, and did not receive any negative comments. The client was pleased with the product, and intends to keep working with MLSDev for future updates and new features.
10,000+ Employees | Latvia
Julien de Waal

Julien de Waal

Co-founder at Enamorados

"They were personally invested in the project, so we had a very good working relationship."
MLSDev successfully completed the project without going over their original time and budget estimates. The entire team was efficient, transparent, and collaborative throughout the engagement. The positive experience set the foundation for future collaboration.
1-10 Employees | Colombia
 Danielle Weinstock

Danielle Weinstock

Co-founder, GoGibbon App

"They were so professional, reliable, and creative, and I’m thrilled we made the choice we did."
The development team designed and executed the startup idea in a lean, resourceful manner. Their interest was in the client's success from the onset and they patiently led the project accordingly.
2-10 Employees | San Diego, California
Akram Rayes

Akram Rayes

CEO, Mela Ltd

"They did a fantastic job of both deciphering my requirements and also challenging me to make them better."
MLSDev’s team provided superior service throughout the review and development processes. They stayed on schedule and on budget while delivering a bug-free app that went through rigorous testing. Their passion for their work and willingness to offer advice resulted in a much-improved product.
1-10 Employees | Malta
Claire Dishman

Claire Dishman

Founder, Healexir, LLC

"They became, and will remain, valuable technology partners for my company."
MLSDev was receptive to all requests and outlined the steps taken to achieve a successful project. They were communicative and professional from the proposal process through the development phase.
1-10 Employees | New Mexico
What’s next

Take the first step

We begin every healthcare software development project with a stage called Discovery.

Discovery is a set of workshops for you and our experts. You will meet and work with all the future members of your project team - a project manager, business analyst, software architect, UI/UX designers, healthcare app developers, and QA specialists.

First of all, we become fully absorbed in your business and project goal. The team gathers and validates all of your requirements and offers the most cost-effective technical solution.

Our healthcare app developers provide the following deliverables in the Discovery stage:

  • Finalized project concept (mind map)
  • Product backlog
  • Project architecture plan
  • Interactive prototype and UI/UX design
  • Accurate development cost and delivery date

On-demand deliverables:

  • Business model canvas
  • Competitors analysis

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