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Get your business to AWS, Azure, or the Google Cloud and start saving your budget on IT infrastructure with our DevOps solutions and consulting.


How does DevOps service contribute to your business?

Our team sets up the infrastructure of your project to ensure its quick scalability, and capacity to handle high traffic loads and operate efficiently. DevOps outsourcing is beneficial in terms of saving time and money, risk mitigation, and the ability to concentrate on strategic activities within your firm.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Budget optimization Infrastructure Maintenance
Optimize your budget on project infrastructure, its maintenance, and other related expenses while avoiding security glitches. You pay only for the capacities that are actually used in your cloud solution. In addition, by outsourcing DevOps services, you can save up to 60% on the salary of a specialist and still attain the same outcome.

Improve your app’s reliability

CI/CD ZDT deployment Disaster recovery Versioning
The well-established Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) practices provide zero downtime on deployment and automate disaster recovery. Aside from those points, these DevOps services allow the development team to prevent issues with product versioning, optimize the software creation, prototype the environment, and accelerate the app’s release.

Enhance team collaboration

Developers Operations Collaboration
Projects with DevOps-integrated methodologies benefit from the compound work of development and operational teams. This alliance excludes system bottlenecks and implements software more quickly. The software development and support processes become predictable, fault-tolerant, and cost-effective via speedy implementation, prototyping, and environment management on an IaaS basis from Amazon, Google, or Microsoft.

Scale your app with the click of a finger

Architecture Vertical Horizontal Scaling
Our DevOps services perfectly fit your business needs and our team always designs the project’s architecture for exponential growth. We provide fast system scaling to handle several dozens of millions of users and stable infrastructure that will function during peak load periods.
DevOps solutions we offer
Project planning
DevOps consulting
Cloud infrastructure set-up and management
CI/CD process set-up and management
Infrastructure security provisioning
Continuous monitoring & support
On-demand vertical and horizontal scaling
System administration

Our DevOps service process

DevOps-as-a-Service brings a time-proven DevOps approach to start-ups, small, medium, and large enterprises. Integrate Continuous Delivery into your software development lifecycle - plan, develop, build, and deploy your digital product, and operate in secure, scalable, and stable environments.

Simplify the app development process for your team. By choosing DevOps outsourcing, you can guarantee a reliable project delivery flow and increase the release speed of a new app version to the end-user by up to 5 times.

devops service


We start providing the DevOps services once we conduct a comprehensive review of the current state of your business and its infrastructure. As well, we will analyze how to attain your business KPIs in the shortest length of time. Based on the information we collect, our team then creates failover project architecture for fast scaling in the even of app growth.



Our team collects a list of business requirements and offers a set of DevOps solutions specifically for your case. We optimize a budget and create a plan for the implementation and maintenance of CI/CD processes. In the event of significant changes in your business, we will return to the planning phase and make necessary updates within the infrastructure.


Develop, test, release

Our DevOps services are smoothly integrated into the development lifecycle and increase the productivity and efficiency of software engineers, QA engineers, and specialists in system administration. The methodology of the provided DevOps solutions is based on the support of the development processes and their maximum optimization.

DevOps as a Service aims to automate repetitive, routine, but important activities, as well as synchronize development & test production environments to align all the participants in the software development process. The service maintains the stability, security, scalability of your digital business.



Stay one step ahead by removing downtimes and preventing degradation of application performance on production. Our DevOps company tracks individual services and overall application health in regards to resource load, availability, and response time, and also monitors the system’s security.


Get the most out of our DevOps consulting experience

When you choose from among DevOps service providers, you would surely like to know whether or not the company has already provided DevOps solutions within a specific industry.

Over the years, our DevOps company has launched 200+ great projects and has gained expertise in the following domains:

On-Demand Economy
Social Networking
Finance E-commerce Hospitality & Food Entertainment & Media Real Estate Travel Human Resources Transportation

Clients say

“MLSDev uses the DevOps methodology and works in a transparent manner. They feel like an extension of our team. The team is transparent and focuses on continual improvement. The team also transitioned our database to a server-hosted platform. That change reduced costs and improved performance.”
Sree Kotay
Sree Kotay
former CTO at goPuff
Sree Kotay

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