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We guarantee the quick search and careful selection of your future employees. We provide staff augmentation services based on your project’s needs and the technical expertise required.

Ruby on Rails developers

The Ruby on Rails framework is widely used for solutions with the necessity to launch the product quickly, save time and money on the development, and ensure fast and easy product scalability. The resource augmentation with our remote RoR programmers may be especially useful for the creation of ambitious new products.

Python developers

Python is widely used in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software development. Benefit from staff augmentation services by hiring our highly-skilled Python developers, especially while implementing innovative and unique functionality.

NodeJS developers

The best application of Node.js, an open-source, cross-platform technology, is for developing projects quickly and cost-efficiently. Primarily, the technology is useful for product validation on the market among real users. We can help you by outstaffing skilled and tech-savvy Node.js developers for building fast and inexpensive apps.

Angular developers

Angular is one of the best among JavaScript frameworks. The technology is great when applied to single-page apps, simple and feature-rich websites, or web applications. This structural front-end technology is among our expertise and we can provide you with Angular staff augmentation services to create functional web-based apps of minimized size and maximized performance.

Vue.js developers

We can provide you Vue.JS technology experts as well. This tech stack is used to build great user interfaces and single-page apps strictly on the front-end. Extend your project with Vue.js staff augmentation service provided by our team.

ReactJS developers

ReactJS is an open-source technology for front-end development, which is supported and updated by Facebook and is a good option for projects of small or simple functionality. Our team maintains and can ensure your project with, competent ReactJS resource augmentation for creating a single-page or for web application development.

iOS developers

Our team has a great pool of professional iOS programmers specialized in native mobile application development. They are aware of all of the ins-and-outs of the platform’s specifics, experienced in Swift or Objective-C programming languages, and follow the latest updates and trends in the iOS world. Receive valuable expertise with the help of our IT staff augmentation service for creating innovative native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch device.

Android developers

Our Kotlin and Java developers have 5+ years of experience in developing distinct native mobile apps for devices operating on Android OS. Any sort of functionality, adaptation to business specifics, app localization, or application of animations or complex user interfaces - our developers are tech-savvy in these and more aspects, and you should consider our staff augmentation services with Android specialists.

UI/UX designers

We can also start our staff augmentation cooperation and outstaff highly experienced UI/UX designers. Interactive product prototypes, UX wireframes, UI mockups and animations, visual design (e.g. banners, illustrations, icons, diagrams, etc.), branding materials and logo creation, 3D modeling, and, so on are all deliverables that these professionals are able to provide based on your needs.

QA engineers

We can ensure the great performance, stability, and bug-free operation of your application with the help of Quality Assurance resource augmentation for your IT department. Provided QA engineers guarantee the smooth and quick workflow of your product by implementing functional, performance, regression, usability, unit, regression, and other tests.

Project managers

A great PM is a dedicated person, aligner of all the processes happening during the software development lifecycle. We are aware of the skill-set, personality traits, competencies, communication skills, and the level of English that are required from top PMs. Our team can assist you with outstaffing a highly capable specialist based on your project demands.

Business analysts

Receive idea validation derived from the comprehensive market and competitor analysis, selection of killer-features and core app functionality, defined business strategy, and the creation of a detailed product backlog by outstaffing our BA. Staff augmentation with an experienced BA increases your ROI and also limits the number of risks and potential pitfalls considerably.


IT outstaffing service by MLSDev includes

Approach of a boutique IT provider in employee recruitment and retention
Detailed interviews with potential candidates for outstaffing
All-in-one service of support and consulting in HR
Inclusion of software developer’s compensation fee
Biannual performance review of programmers based on industry benchmarks
Access to the top tech practises and technical knowledge

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IT staff augmentation is an option if
You have trouble with finding suitable engineers on-site
You see that rates to hire developers locally are way too high
You want to use outsourcing for the recruiting and retention processes of developers
You require full control over the software development process and its high flexibility
You have management organized on your side and simply need task execution

Expand your software development team

There are multiple benefits of staff augmentation that you may reap. First, you can reduce the company’s operating expenditures considerably by delegating processes like HR operations, hiring & onboarding, employee insurance, compensation packages, and so on.

Aside from this, if you decide to hire developers locally, there is a high probability that you could have to pay at least 2 times more compared with the staff augmentation service provided by our team for the same quality of tasks, performed on time.


Our IT staff augmentation process


Collection of requirements

Our client relationship manager will create a detailed list consisting of your business and technical requirements for future remote software engineers. Furthermore, an approved portrait of the ideal candidate is transferred to our recruiting department.


Specialist search and interview process

Our team has followed a well-established process of searching for and selecting perfect employees ever since 2009. With us, you have access to a pool of more than 170,000 IT professionals.

The flow of selecting a suitable candidate for you during the IT staff augmentation service is as follows:

  • Preliminary candidate selection based on their CVs
  • Individual interview with our recruiter
  • Detailed evaluation of soft skills as well as English
  • Substantial testing of software programming fundamentals
  • In-depth verification of skills and knowledge for a specific platform, technology
  • Thorough technical test during the final interview

Communication with short-listed candidates

Further phase involved in staffing augmentation is a personal interview that we arrange for you with 2-3 short-listed candidates. Then, you can verify the candidates’ compliance with your requirements and determine which of them will be most pleasant to work with. If necessary, we can help you make the final choice with the right resource augmentation.


Onboarding process of the selected candidate

Once you make a final choice and select a particular specialist, our staff augmentation company organizes the workflow of this candidate completely - from legal aspects and administration processes, to the smooth integration within your IT department.


Employee retention guarantee

The IT professionals you select will work in a dedicated workspace in our office, including a healthy working atmosphere together with a close-knit team. MLSDev will provide your programmers with career and professional growth options and carry out payouts on time.

As well, a supervisor is attached to every employee. This team leader guides, educates, advises, and gives detailed feedback and inspiration. The provided staff augmentation service includes payment for taxation, bookkeeping, vacations, training, development plans, and team-building activities outside the office.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between staff augmentation vs managed services?
The core difference between IT staff augmentation and managed services (also known as outsourcing) lies in the final project outcome. IT staff augmentation is the utilization of the professionals that augment your internal team and perform some specific assignments on a temporary basis outside your organization. With the service, you receive the required tech resources and expertise with their committed working hours. On the other hand, the whole management process is on your side. Basically, the service is used by those who are interested in outsourcing a specific tech task and/or functionality. The model of managed services is a provision of IT outsourcing services focused completely on the solution, problem, or project basis.
What are the benefits of IT staff augmentation from a trusted software development company?
Once you turn to IT staff augmentation, you will get value from time and costs saved, as well as business and legal support. The company will help you find a proper candidate based on your exact requirements and complete the entire employment process. This allows you to focus on the core business activities while the team takes care of the candidate (vacations, training, development plans) and pays taxes and bookkeeping. Simultaneously, the service provides you with the full control and management of the selected professionals. You receive the necessary tech capabilities to complete your tasks and projects successfully. Besides, it makes the development process quick and easy for you since you can scale or update the development team effortlessly compared with hiring personnel in-house. As well, you can receive a new, unbiased outlook on the project, as well as additional recommendations and potential improvement once you choose this service.
How do I choose the proper specialist for IT staff augmentation?
To hire the proper specialists (developer, designer, business analyst, etc.), it is necessary to check out the technical skills and capabilities, knowledge of software development tools, frameworks, etc. Check their number of years in the profession and what projects they have previously completed. It is necessary to check out the communication, soft skills, and level of English once you decide to search for IT staff augmentation. If you are thinking of applying for IT staff augmentation from a remote software company, you need to check into the company's website, presence online, references from their clients, their portfolio, as well as how they organize their SDLC, practices they use, their team size, and company structure.
Why is Eastern Europe the best destination for IT staff augmentation these days?
Eastern Europe, specifically Ukraine, is the primary destination to search for experienced technology outsourcing providers and IT staff augmentation services. Ukraine attracts clients with favorable rates (average rates - $30-$60/hour, which can save anywhere from 20% to 60% of your budget), taxation benefits, and access to a pool of 170,000 tech engineers with an annually growing number due to high-quality tech education. In contrast, you can compare the rates for the services in the US. The average rates to hire capable professionals range from $70 to $150 per hour. This means that the average total cost of building a very basic app is around $100,000+. Thus, if you go for IT staff augmentation from Ukraine, you can save up from 20% and up to 60%-70% of your budget while obtaining great tech expertise and high quality of services. All this makes Eastern Europe, and Ukraine in particular, a very appealing region.

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