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A dedicated software development team from MLSDev will strive to assist with resolving your business tasks, not just provide code-writing service. Get solid technical competence and the necessary domain expertise with a quick and in-depth recruiting processes, as well as attractive Eastern European rates.


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Along with MLSDev, Gopuff has grown from the initial idea in 2013 to over 225+ facilities in 550+ U.S. cities and 5,000 workers. Our close cooperation still continues.

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Rafael Ilishayev
Rafael Ilishayev
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"We love working with the MLSDev team - they are like family! We consider them valued business partners and appreciate their commitment to delivering an unmatched customer experience."

Rafael Ilishayev
Gopuff website and app

Your dedicated development team may include

Back-end programmers

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • Go

Does your application require new features? Then you are all set. You will receive remote back-end developers who can build systems of any complexity and have expertise ranging from simple products to complex healthcare apps and blockchain projects. We constantly conduct workshops, learn new technologies, and optimize the software development lifecycle.

Front-end developers

  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • ReactJS
  • Vue.js

Structural front-end technologies are among the areas of expertise provided by our dedicated developers specializing in Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js, etc. Hire a dedicated development team to implement the client side of your project from single-page apps or simple websites to fully-fledged web platforms. Our clients admire the optimization of our responsive web products with minimized size and maximized performance.

Full stack developers

  • Back-end
  • Front-end

Hire a dedicated development team specialized in full stack development and obtain expertise covering the system’s back-end and front-end simultaneously. These programmers can handle all project operations and implement the app’s functionality completely. This eases the app development process, all while saving time, money, and effort.

iOS/Android engineers

  • Swift
  • Kotlin

Our team has a great pool of developers specialized in both iPhone and Android OS that can form your dedicated development team. These programmers are knowledgeable and well-versed in all of the ins-and-outs of each platform’s specifics, experienced in Swift and Kotlin programming languages, and follow the latest trends in the development world. These professionals deliver innovative, high-quality, and user-centric mobile apps.

UX/UI designers

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Design
  • Branding

UX/UI designers will dive all the way into the business values and philosophy of your project. They can advise you on how to achieve your company’s goals through interaction with app users. As a result, the proposed solutions are often accepted with high enthusiasm by our customers, while their clients will enjoy using these services and the product conversion rate will increase significantly.

Software testers & QA engineers

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Manual
  • Automated

During the front-end and back-end development processes, our software testers carry out hundreds of tests, both automatic and manual. These specialists achieve ideal application stability and performance on a range of device types, screen resolutions, kinds of browsers, OS versions, as well as non-standard use conditions.

Management team

  • Project manager
  • Scrum master

For each dedicated development team, we assign a Project Manager or Scrum Master, who will manage your remote programmers. At the same time, you can communicate regularly with the dedicated developers as if they were within arm’s reach and stay up-to-date on all the details related to the project.

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Our advantages

MLSDev's dedicated development teams offer very reasonable pricing for the top-notch quality of the services, and you can be sure that your ideas are safe with us since we will sign an NDA. Our teams provide full transparency and communication while working under the dedicated development center model.

But what makes MLSDev stand out from other IT companies that build a dedicated development team for their clients?
Proven software development processes according to lots of complex projects completed over the years
Readiness to undergo technical assessment and complete tech tasks
Provision of fast dedicated development team scaling while still maintaining high-quality standards
Guaranteed stability of the dedicated development team member
Undertake all operational and administrative processes
MLSDev’s tech leads provide educational training and support for programmers
On-demand expert assistance from Software Architect or Development Lead
We always challenge our clients and provide consultations for continuous product improvement

We build dedicated development teams for

any project type and complexity. Depending on your company type, you will receive the maximum value from the offshore dedicated team, namely:

Large businesses
Medium businesses
Small businesses
Large businesses
  • Augment your IT department to speed up the development process
  • Obtain innovative technology & approaches from the selected developers to increase business KPIs
  • Select a capable set of engineers with a particular specialization for your dedicated development team
  • Cut costs on software development and IT infrastructure
  • Get a committed and scalable dedicated development team to match the project’s capacity
Medium businesses
  • Access to new approaches, innovative technologies, and practices from a dedicated development team to modernize business niche
  • Enlarge the IT department to set up a new business direction on time
  • Delegate control over the software development lifecycle to a dedicated partner
  • Obtain infinite possibilities in scaling the dedicated development team up and down without a headache
  • Streamline the business processes to increase revenue
  • Cut costs on software development and IT infrastructure by up to 60% by delegating tasks to a dedicated development team
Small businesses
  • Create a high-quality product at a fair price by assembling a dedicated development team with the necessary skills and seniority level
  • Get affordable rates for software development services with the same quality
  • Mitigate risks due to an experienced development partner from offshore
  • Obtain a reliable partner to cover the technical side of your app, represented by a dedicated development team
  • Obtain assistance with business launch from app project concept finalization to release, plus further support and maintenance
  • Save costs due to excluded tax rates and in-house labor expenses
  • Cut expenses on software development and IT infrastructure by up to 60% by delegating tasks to a dedicated development team
Dedicated development team services by MLSDev include
Boutique software agency approach to recruitment and retention
In-depth interviews with potential dedicated offshore developers
Ad hoc HR support and consulting
Included compensation fees for software developers and project manager
On-demand involvement of UI/UX designers, business analyst, software architect
Technical consultations
Biannual developer performance review according to industry standards
Sharing of technical knowledge and best practices

Cut expenses, keep operational flexibility, and deliver on time

MLSDev’s dedicated development team cooperation model is designed to free you from recruiting tasks and operational costs. You can remain focused on the company’s key activities while we take care of the technical part of your business or integrate with your engineering team completely.

You need a dedicated development team if
You need not just a programmer, but rather a highly-qualified team to achieve your business goals
You want to keep or share control over the business part of your project
You intend to expand the internal development team or form a separate IT department
You want to save up to 60% on software development when comparing the salaries of local engineers
You plan to augment the IT department dynamically and reduce operational expenses

How do we build a dedicated development team for you?


Get the details of your requirements

Technical requirements Soft skills Clarification

Our client relationship manager makes a detailed list of all your technical and business requirements for members within your remote dedicated development team. Then, together we can approve ideal candidate portraits and transfer them to our recruiting department.


Search for and interview specialists

Screening a market Initial interviews

If there are no suitable candidates for your project among our colleagues, we then launch the recruitment process. Our procedure for searching for and selecting perfect candidates has been in place since 2009 and continues to improve all the way along. You will receive a suitable professional from a pool of 150,000+ IT specialists.

The process of choosing just the right candidates for your dedicated development team is as follows:

Initial selection of candidates by CV


Personal interview with our recruiter


Determination of soft skills and assessment of English


Test on fundamental knowledge of software programming


Skill verification for a specific platform, requested technology


Technical test during the final interview


Communication with short-listed candidates

Second interview Verification Recommendations

The next step involved in the arrangement of a dedicated development team is a personal interview that we arrange for you with short-listed candidates. You can then verify the candidate’s compliance with your expectations and determine which of them will be most pleasant for you to work with. If necessary, we can help you make the right decision by detailing the pros and cons of each candidate.


Dedicated team set-up and integration

Organization Processes set up Integration

When you have decided on dedicated development team members, we then organize the work of the offshore development center further. We get engaged in the legal and administrative processes, integrate new programmers, and maintain the stability of remote team members working on your project.


Employee retention guarantee

Growth Payouts Taxes Vacations

The specialists on your dedicated development team work in our office in a dedicated workplace, in a healthy working environment, and alongside a close-knit team. We provide engineers with career opportunities, ensure professional growth, and execute regular payouts.

In addition, every employee receives a supervisor - a team leader who educates, gives detailed feedback, and inspires. Beyond that, once you hire a dedicated development team, we conduct payments for taxation, keep accounting, provide vacations, training, development plans, as well as a pleasant free time outside the office for your employees.


Scalability of the dedicated development team

Fast Selective Recruiting Scaling

With the project’s growth, you may need additional IT specialists on your remote dedicated development team. We have access to the top talents of 150,000+ developers, designers, and QA engineers in Ukraine. Our fast and thorough recruiting process will provide your team with new dedicated specialists for any requirements that may arise.

Frequently asked questions

What is a dedicated development team?
The dedicated development team model implies that you obtain the programmers you need on hand, with extra experts to optimize and improve your business operations. You have complete control over the software development process, while the dedicated development team acts as a remote IT department resolving your tech tasks. This dedicated development team can be adjusted and scaled according to project needs. All the responsibilities of the selection, hiring, and management process can be handed to your IT partner, like MLSDev, that provides this service. Once you start working with offshore teams and a dedicated development team, you won’t need to take care of the office, equipment, labor taxes, and other costs related to employment. This results in a considerable reduction in expenses while you receive tech expertise with total control and transparency over the processes. Furthermore, you access the wide pool of resources, technical expertise at an affordable price once you decide to search for a dedicated development team in Ukraine.
What is the dedicated development team structure?
The dedicated development team can consist of developers (specialized in mobile solutions, web front-end, back-end programmers, etc.), designers, quality assurance engineers, testers, business analytics, project manager, software architects, etc. A great aspect of any dedicated development team is that you can form it based on your requirements and can include different specialists. Such a team is a well-organized and knitted team of IT professionals responsible for all the project work and deliverables.
What is the flow for creating your first dedicated development team?
Once you want to hire a dedicated development team that fits your requirements, it is essential to undergo the following process consisting of steps like: designing a requirement document, studying company websites and portfolios, gathering information for the provided security, service quality, and most importantly, functioning as a partner rather than just developers. You can select an IT vendor offshore that has experience in allocating professionals for a dedicated development team. This vendor takes all your requirements and searches for the right candidates that fit the project. You can delegate such processes as personal interviews, technical testings, soft skills analysis, and specific tech knowledge. Furthermore, a provider like MLSDev integrates the selected professionals into your business environment and operations seamlessly and checks for dedicated development team scalability, effectiveness, motivation, and even employee retention.
How should you evaluate a potential software development vendor before hiring?
Before you decide on the specialist for your dedicated development team, you should ask questions related to the specialist pool and developer accessibility, developer retention, methods of team scalability without losing the high standards of software development activities, the process for dealing with different time zones, cultural differences and communication, and so on. You can evaluate your potential dedicated development team provider by searching the net or studying online platforms like Clutch, SoftwareWorld, ITFirms, etc. These resources provide extended information about IT firms worldwide, their specializations, tech stacks, etc. This way, you can check for client references, experience, compare hourly rates for the allocation of professionals for a dedicated development team.

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