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Get a web application that attracts new users and generates more revenue. Our business analysts, project managers, designers, web front-end, web back-end, full-stack developers, and quality assurance specialists are ready to assist you with your business goals.


We develop web applications for

Whether you are a start-upper or a large business, our web development services are intended to cover your exact requirements on time and according to the planned budget. Our team is more than tech-savvy enough to build web software to boost your existing business KPIs and/or establish a new custom web application successfully.

Large businesses
Medium businesses
Small businesses
Large businesses
  • Creation of custom web apps to support brand image
  • Possibility to launch new directions on time for business
  • Opportunity to increase market share or expand to new locations
  • Increase in customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction index, and consequently profit
  • Cost reduction in web software development and IT department
  • Optimization of internal corporate processes via custom web apps to cut down expenses
  • Assembly of a committed and scalable team to match the project’s capacity

Latest projects

Our web development company is very proud of the great clients that we’ve had a chance to cooperate with. We enjoy long-term partnerships and each step during the creation of the best custom products within different niches, which are as follows:


Our web development expertise

Our web development company provides expertise both in B2B and B2C sectors and for various industries from healthcare to finance. By evaluating your niche specifics, industry benchmarks, and market trends, we implement the required web solution for business.


Our web development company has gained great proficiency in implementing web apps and websites for the healthcare industry, as well as clinic digitalization. We have worked on a few complex projects following medical software quality standards, adopting innovative technologies, increasing operational efficiency, and removing bureaucracy. As well, we can provide EHR & EMR system software development and custom telemedicine solutions.



    Our company delivers web solutions to help digitize the finance sector. From trading web apps to highly secure and efficient web applications for banking institutions - this is our domain of technical competence within web development services.

    Hospitality & Food
    Entertainment & Media
    Real Estate
    Human Resources

    Have a project idea in mind?

    Our technical experts and business analysts will tell you how to transform your idea into a fully-fledged digital product

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    Your web application development process


    • We dive into your business environment completely
    • We recommend the necessary technologies
    • We optimize your budget
    • We showcase what your application will look like
    • We lay the foundation for future product growth

    First, our web development company analyzes the business specifics and determines your ultimate goals. During the discovery stage, the key task is to foresee all potential business and technical risks, and prevent possible issues and errors during the development process, as well as when scaling your web application.

    The core objective of this phase is to plan and implement a cost-effective technical solution. Once the discovery stage has been completed, you will receive an interactive prototype of your future web application and together we approve the final UX/UI design.

    “Everything has been going really well. The team has come up with a few solutions which we didn’t think about. They think with us about how to improve the system. That’s what we like.”
    Ahmad Naji
    Ahmad Naji
    Marketing Director at ETC Group
    “The designs were great. I was really happy with the designs. Product specifications were very detailed, clear, well-thought-out, and well-architected to build.”
    Mike Renoe
    Mike Renoe
    VP of Engineering at Takeout Central

    Web design & front-end development

    • We draw UI mockups and approve interfaces
    • We create high-quality wireframes and a clickable product prototype
    • We transfer the design into a clean and optimized code
    • We accompany the development with web application growth

    The main goal of our UX designers is to ensure proper navigation for your customers with actions to achieve the desired outcome quickly when using your web application. In their turn, UI designers create appealing web interfaces with great animations so that users receive aesthetic pleasure while interacting with them.

    Web front-end programmers create real magic - all designed animations work smoothly, interfaces work with an instant response, and your product is easy to use. Our web applications are responsive by default.

    “MLSDev gives us unparalleled speed and agility in Web, iOS, and Android app development. The company is responsive to our changing needs and a joy to collaborate with.”
    Kevin J. Scott
    Kevin J. Scott
    Sr. Director of Mobile Products at ESPN
    “MLSDev was instrumental in the development that took our conversion rate from 0.9% to 1.15%. While we used them, our revenue went up, and we did better as an e-commerce company overall.”
    Daniel LaBare
    Daniel LaBare
    CTO at FinditParts

    Web back-end development

    • We create a scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant infrastructure
    • We implement the required functionality
    • We integrate with the requested 3rd-party services
    • We scale up the web application for new business objectives

    Once our software architect has built a solid technical foundation, our web back-end developers start working on your web application. Their initial task is to create the web app’s core, which processes all the user requests. Once you hire these engineers, they are responsible for expanding functionality, code optimization, and acceleration of product delivery to the client.

    “You revamped our registration flow. As a result, registrations increased fivefold and conversions rose by 40%. The team also transitioned our database to a server-hosted platform. That change reduced costs and improved performance.”
    Sree Kotay
    Sree Kotay
    former CTO at goPuff

    Manual and automated QA

    • We prevent crashes in your web application
    • We find bugs and fix them in advance
    • We improve the product quickly once necessary
    • We increase application reliability and user satisfaction
    • We reduce customers’ churn rate

    Simultaneously with the custom web application development process, our software testing experts run hundreds of automated tests and perform manual testing. We carry out functional, performance, regression, usability, unit, and regression tests, as well as localization testing in case there are 2 or more languages used within the web app. We achieve maximum website stability and performance on all types of devices and various screen sizes.

    “Well, the guys were actually good. Never delayed, did their best always. The quality is excellent and the guys try to find solutions all the time. Always. They've been very helpful.”
    Rakan Reshwan
    Rakan Reshwan
    Business Owner at Doctore


    • We create cost-effective infrastructure and reduce TCO
    • We optimize the software development lifecycle
    • We speed up the web app delivery flow
    • We align infrastructure to changing business needs
    • We achieve 100% uptime

    Our web application development company speeds up and optimizes the development process due to DevOps service. We configure and apply continuous integration, as well as continuous delivery flow, provide infrastructure security, cost-effectiveness, and scalability for web products. Our web application developers constantly monitor the stability of the system and adapt it to new business requirements.

    “MLSDev uses the DevOps methodology and works in a transparent manner. The team transitioned our database to a server-hosted platform. That change reduced costs and improved performance.”
    Sree Kotay
    Sree Kotay
    former CTO at goPuff

    Have a project idea in mind?

    Our technical experts and business analysts will tell you how to transform your idea into a fully-fledged digital product

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    Why MLSDEV?

    Advantages of web development services by MLSDev

    We certainly provide reasonable pricing on our services for great quality, your ideas are safe with us due to a signed NDA, and we provide full transparency and comprehensive communication during all stages of web application development.

    But what actually differs between MLSDev and other custom web application development companies?

    Proven delivery processes due to dozens of implemented complex projects over the years
    Regular on-site meetings with our clients in order to understand your business environment and provide web development services according to the entrusted expectations
    Local representatives in the US and EU for easier communication
    Scrupulous development process breakdown into logical web application versions and an accurate estimation of each product version
    Careful optimization of development costs to match your budget expectations
    Comprehensive market research and target audience identification
    Detailed user interview process to create user-oriented interfaces and features
    Continuous support from our business analyst and software architect
    Ongoing product improvement due to continuous client challenging and consultation
    Better product development by the application of mature or emerging technologies
    ... and more

    Our web development manifesto

    We can act as a provider of full-cycle custom web development services. Our team not only evaluates your idea all around, chooses the best tech stack, and applies top quality standards, but also ensures quick web application scalability, website responsiveness on various devices, as well as stable and fast performance.

    Thoughtful architecture

    Initially, our software architect creates a well-planned IT infrastructure to suit the needs of your web application perfectly with potential growth, functionality extension, and an increase in user traffic.


    All of the created web projects match any device screen size and resolution by default. This allows you to target a greater pool of end-users since our websites are mobile-friendly.


    Our experienced web application developers ensure that your product performs at a high-level. By implementing lots of testing, and due to the involved quality assurance and DevOps services, the developed web projects are fault-tolerant.


    Our web development company creates light-weight web applications that load instantly, are SEO-friendly, and have passed high-performance testing to ensure top page speed.


    To guarantee that business runs smoothly, we cover strategy to scale your web product further. The delivered web applications can adjust to the project demands and handle high-load traffic, once necessary, due to a well-established project architecture.


    We provide web development services to protect your business from cyber attacks, information leaks, and misuse, as well as to ensure user data safety. The utilization of the best coding practices, standards, protocols across networks, and so on, guarantees high-level web app security.

    Custom web development solutions

    Are you an existing entrepreneur or a visionary with a burning heart and world-changing business idea? Or, do you need a custom web application that will optimize your processes and cut down on operational costs? You came to the right place. We speak your language - the language of solutions.


    Automation Optimization Productivity Innovation
    We bring your business online by providing turnkey custom web application development services. Our team can help automate your business processes and increase the speed of information processing and decision-making processes inside your company. As well, we make use of the full potential of modern technologies to add value to your firm, scale your company up, get more users, enlarge revenue streams, and increase income.

    Conversion of a
    mobile app to web

    Extra functionality No limits More users
    If you have entered the market with only a mobile application, you could lose a huge pool of web users. Aside from this, it is possible to implement almost all possible functionality in a web application, while with mobile software, you are limited by the screen diagonal and core set of features.

    Custom back-office

    Manage Analyze Optimize Improve
    Our web development company creates custom admin panels for your software to receive up-to-date information about user interaction with your firm. CRUD (create-read-update-delete) functions of working with a database, watching reports and statistics, integration with third-party services - is all functionality that we can provide for your app management. Reach your KPIs faster and adapt to constantly changing business needs more quickly with admin panels implemented by our web application developers.

    Focus on business. We’ll handle the web app development

    Let’s create a beautiful digital product tailored to your business needs.

    Book a free call with our Client Relationship Manager and find out how our 10 years of experience in custom web application development is applicable and valuable to your unique business request.

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