Established in 2009

A small company of three friends has evolved into a professional, custom web & mobile app software development agency. These days, MLSDev helps small (including start-ups), medium, and large businesses launch new products, increase their market share, and augment their development teams.


Our firm definitely speaks the same language - the language of solutions; and we can support our words with the following facts:


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Our golden circle

What differentiates MLSDev from other software development agencies?

Why do we do what we do?

We help our clients solve their business problems and create digital products that generate income.

How do we do it?

With the help of a simple, 3-step process

Step 1:

Understanding a problem

Step 2:

Finding a necessary solution

Step 3:

Implementing the solution while keeping exceptional product quality

What do we do?

We deliver high-quality products on time and within the client’s budget.


that make us the leading software development agency

Our software outsourcing company has determined, and continues to follow, a particular set of values. These values have formed our internal corporate culture, individual attitude toward every client, our business sustainability, as well as environmentally-friendly approaches. Our principles are as follows:

  • Always think about how to add value to your business
  • Communicate clearly and transparently
  • Treat our clients as a part of the team
  • Meet with clients as frequently as needed
  • Be proactive, empathetic, and authentic
  • Only hire team players and top specialists
  • Constantly learn and improve our operations
  • Use time-tested and proven technologies
  • Discover emerging technologies
  • Help orphanages
  • Produce less waste
  • Share our knowledge

Engagement models

Product development
from scratch

Support and boost your business with a custom application created by MLSDev
We study your project concept, business, and industry in greater detail to deliver custom software of the highest quality. We take your idea and make it a reality. MLSDev manages the entire SDLC - planning, design, development, and support of your product.
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Development team

Boost your software development team with MLSDev IT specialists
We provide you with front-end & back-end developers, QA specialists, designers, and managers who will integrate into your SDLC and support your internal software development process. You take full control of the execution of their tasks. We take care of their retention and growth.
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Advantages of custom products created by MLSDev

The majority of software development firms only offer their clients remote programmers, while the client does most of the work connected with project planning and management. Instead, the client who addresses an MLSDev team with a need or a problem receives a fully-fledged service.

Aside from this approach, our software development firm brings in our expertise within the industry vertical, elaborates on the project’s mechanics, and offers a detailed solution. Due to these benefits, as well as the lower rates on software development outsourcing in Ukraine, you can save up to 50% of your budget and decrease the time-to-the-market, all while maintaining the high-quality standards of the product.

85% of software development firms

  • Problem / Opportunity
  • Solution
  • Tasks
  • Priorities
Average dev company
  • Management
  • Implementation


  • Problem / Opportunity
  • Priorities
MLSDev team
  • Solution
  • Tasks
  • Management
  • Implementation
  • Constant improvement, support & consultations

The MLSDev team differs from other software agencies by using the holistic approach to web and mobile app development. Aside from the programming tasks performed at a high-quality level, we take it as a part of our universal service to create a digital product with a proper visual appearance, the right perception, as well as top-notch functioning.

How it looks

How it looks

Products that we create are much more than just their appearance. Our discovery process was created to give a sense to your app’s design.

Your digital solutions will not just look awesome, but will also help the user solve their needs faster and more easily.
How it feels

How it feels

Usability is not just a combination of a visually appealing design and functionality.

Your audience will be amazed by how we’ve added a touch of emotion to a digital product. Clients will definitely highlight your product among hundreds of similar apps on the market.
How it works

How it works

MLSDev programmers develop web and mobile apps with maximized performance and trouble-proof functionality.

Only the latest and most innovative technologies and coding practices are used to ensure the creation of stable, secure, and scalable products.

Continuous improvement of our processes & coding standards

results in our software development agency being within the top 7% of companies that have passed the Due Diligence testing of Digital Knights and have become their Certified Partner. As well, we have received lots of awards from authoritative platforms.

Awards and recognitions

“Modesty” is our middle name


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The team

Meet the team

Ivan Mak

Ivan Mak

Chief Commercial Officer

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