UI and UX design sub-services

Our UI/UX designers are committed to providing goal-based design solutions that achieve the final objective to its maximum. Within the process, we highlight the following UI/UX design services:

Web application design

Thoughtful Modern Appealing
We utilize the newest and most practical approaches to prepare web designs quickly and cost-efficiently. Based on the collected tech and business needs, our UI/UX design company prepares web app interfaces for single-page projects as well as complex, multi-user navigation systems on the web.

Mobile app design

Trendy Emotional Engaging
The UX/UI design services provided follow the OS design standards and keep up with the latest trends on all mobile platforms. Your application will definitely get fast approval within app stores and receive high user traction.

UI & UX consulting

Analysis Recommendations Improvement
Unsure about your design interface and/or user experience? Our user interface consultants will review your app design and provide in-depth feedback for its potential improvement. From UI/UX consulting, you can receive recommendations in terms of navigation, layout, and elements to create superior products that suit your business necessities.


Research Emotion Loyalty Revenue
Our UX/UI design company provides solutions to form and boost your product’s brand. The firm’s branding consists of in-depth analysis and further formation of the message that shapes feelings and emotions in order to best connect with clients and increase their loyalty. Branding is an instrument that raises the company’s image significantly and can be very valuable for fundraising and promotional campaigns too.

Featured UI/UX design projects

Check out a few of the recent UX/UI design services provided to our clients from the USA, Europe, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Travel assistant app
Car rental app
Admin dashboard
Doctor booking app
Minimalistic e-Commerce app
Electronic wallet app

Our UX & UI design services for apps aim to

Increase app’s conversion rate

Engagement Buyer’s journey Action
Our UX/ UI design services incorporate comprehensive research of the industry, market, and target audience to create a top product with user-centric navigation and engaging interfaces. With this approach, your application will look stunning and motivate users to perform a required action faster.

Improve application usability

Analysis Brainstorming Improvement
Simplicity is the key to success! Our UX/UI design company precisely analyzes the customer journey to limit the number of required actions to achieve the desired outcome and make every detail within your app’s design perfect.

Lead you to the result

Advantage Loyalty Revenue
With our approaches, practices, and experience in UI & UX design services, you will receive a competitive advantage over similar products within your niche. The created user experience and interface will result in a product that your clients will enjoy using regularly and that will generate more income for the business.

Clients say

Daniel LaBare

Daniel LaBare

CTO at FinditParts

“MLSDev was instrumental in the development that took our conversion rate from 0.9% to 1.15%. While we used them, our revenue went up, and we did better as an e-commerce company overall.”
Claire Dishman

Claire Dishman

Founder at Healexir

“Designs are wonderful, precisely what I wanted! I greatly appreciate your approach and what you did to match my expectations. When I show it to someone, everyone just says wow! People are just blown away! We have done something really fresh, fantastic job!

The app and product are near launch, but I'm very confident about what we have created in terms of design and technical excellence.”

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Our result-oriented UI/UX design process

Our agency provides UI/UX design services to match your budget constraints and align with your business needs. The aspects of design evaluation and adaptation take place during the discovery stage and involve the work of a business analyst, software architect, and project manager.


Target audience identification

Our specialists define your customer profile precisely, since this serves as the foundation for the next steps of UX/UI design, as well as further product implementation. By evaluating the target audience, the app design can then be created with the applicable stylistics, navigation flow, size and display of elements, etc.


Competitor analysis

Based on the rivalry services overview, our UI/UX design company defines their weak and strong points for strategic product positioning. This leads to the creation of a UX/UI design that will definitely stand out due to visually pleasing interfaces, higher usability, and distinct functionality.


Review of existing design materials

If you already have some design materials (e.g. sketches, wireframes, mockups), our UX/UI design company can review them and provide detailed feedback. If these components match the necessary criteria, the process of UX/UI design creation narrows and is optimized in terms of the budget. This reduces the steps involved in UX/UI design services and, consequently, project timeline and cost.


Filling out UI/UX & brand questionnaires

Your feedback, as the business owner, provides incredible input in terms of what design elements (e.g colors, layouts, fonts, etc.) should be applied in the product. By filling out the specially-designed questionnaire, our team gets the outlook on the required UI/UX design services for your firm.


Focus on the main product and business objectives

Another important notion involved in UX/UI design services is defining the core product components to suit the needs and wants of end clients. Our team prioritizes the functionality and focuses on the main design elements to meet the key company goals. We will also continue to augment the product in the subsequent versions.


User interviews and user flow description

Our team very seriously approaches the product within the design phase to understand what users will perform with its help. Among our mobile UI design services are the project mind map and clickable interactive prototype. These materials allow us to see what the app will look like and how it will function before the development phase in order to eliminate any potential discrepancies.


Timeline & cost estimation for UX/UI designs services

During the first steps of cooperation with our UX/UI design company, we estimate the amount of work to complete the user experience and user interface for your project. Preliminarily, we evaluate all possible details and project materials to give the most accurate timeline and cost estimation for the UX/UI design services.


Drawing sketches

If the product has a complex functionality or includes many user roles, our user experience consultants may recommend drawing sketches to highlight the potential challenges and remove the system’s pitfalls. During the initial stages, this process not only ensures high product usability, but also substantially minimizes the cost of mistakes.


Building wireframes & get the final feedback

Among the vital UX/UI design services is the creation of UX wireframes that can be compared to the skeleton of the entire project layout. Our team develops wireframes that have efficient system flow, precise user navigation, the correct element locations, and conformity with the platform’s standards to guarantee the best user experience inside your product.


Creating a user interface

Another critical UX/UI design service is constructing the user interface. The UI design mockups reflect the design choices for color schemes, layouts, typography, iconography, and the overall atmosphere of the product. Our team creates 2-3 different style options for you to choose from and ensures the suitability of all these aspects based on the previously collected requirements, user interviews, design polls, etc.


Advantages of UI/UX design services by MLSDev

We certainly provide reasonable pricing for our UX/UI design services that are of great quality, your ideas are safe with us due to a signed NDA, and we provide full transparency and comprehensive communication during our cooperation.

But what actually makes MLSDev different from other UI/UX design companies?
Goal-oriented design within the completed web & mobile products
UX/UI designer inevitably participates in workshops with a client
Foundation for product scaling is set up during the initial discovery stage
Synchronization with programmers for successful and efficient design integration
Budget optimization to implement designs cost-efficiently and with high ROI
Supply of a couple of UI/UX design options
Design implementation with detailed pro & con analysis of each option
Extension of a design team to speed up the process while maintaining quality
Assistance with pitch decks for start-ups to increase chances for fundraising
... and other benefits for your business

Design challenges we solve

The selected UI/UX design services serve as a solid foundation for all the subsequent work to be done on the project. Our team loves solving difficult tasks and enjoys working with new challenging assignments during the design stage, namely:

Right-to-left designs

Arabic Localization Adaptation
Our UI/UX development services include work with right-to-left languages (e.g Arabic). We have created user interfaces that are localized to different markets and adapted to the target audience in terms of content display, button placement, and so on.

Healthcare specific

Dyslexia Low vision Color blindness
Our team is experienced in creating UX/UI product design to match medical software requirements, as well as comply with high security and privacy standards. Aside from this, we design user-centric products for a particular pool of users with distinct health aspects and disabilities (e.g. low vision, dyslexia, attention deficit, color disabilities, etc.).

3D graphics, advanced interfaces, and deep flat

Stand out Highlight Contrast
In our products, we reduce the visual noise and clutter in the design. We put an emphasis on minimalism with decent typography and flat colors for an improved user experience, wider usability, and faster page load times. At the same time, our highly-qualified designers create advanced elements (3-dimensional images) to highlight your product and catch user attention all at once.

Buttonless interactions

Gestures Navigation Experience
Some UI design elements and screen flows require advanced creativity and experience. Our team can create appealing and innovative navigation over screens and interaction with buttons. A unique and well-thought-out set of gestures can provide brand-new user experiences and take your product to the next level.

User-friendly screen readers

Exploring Peculiarities Adaptation
Your product may need some unique aspects to its design like specific content labeling or using a text screen reader for braille display. Our UX/UI design company implements logical screen exploration by touch, gestures, or linear app navigation for moving forward and backward. The created products are adapted to meet user needs precisely.

Accessible color scheme

Auditory Perception Peculiarities
Color accessibility plays a vital role in user perception of digital products, especially for those who have disabilities with visual, speech, auditory, cognitive perceptions, etc. Our UX/UI design company uses visual practices so that the product is easily used by a wider pool of users.

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