Business Analysis Service

Do you have an idea, or have you encountered some challenge? We can assist you in setting a vision, laying the road to success, and bringing you closer to your final goal. As a result of our business analysis services, our clients save anywhere from 10% to 30% on the software development process.


Business analysis services empower your business

Our business analysis services are directed to attain your business KPIs. As well, they act as a communication bridge between you and the development team that will digitize your idea or improve an existing product.

Within business analysis services, we provide the following set of activities:
Evaluate the potential of your idea
Increase the chances of successful market entry
Save your budget before and during the software development process
Speed up the time it takes to enter the market with your product
Support the project during the post-release stage
What do you get?
Business analysis services and expertise within your niche and industry
In-depth market, industry, and competitor analysis, if you lack this expertise or information
Conclusions regarding the market niches where there is no competition or where it is minimal
Comprehensive feedback on the right market entrance with proper positioning, unique value proposition, killer app features, and a portrait of the target audience
Detailed plan of action for a successful application launch and assurance of its profitability (filled out Product Backlog and Roadmap)
Budget savings on your web or mobile application development that range from 10% to 30%
Regular support from a business analyst during the software development process

MLSDev business analysis expertise

In a market with increased demand, we form a Killer Feature-Set, Unique Selling Proposition, and tailor the product to your Target Audience. Get our business analysis services for the following industries:
On-Demand Economy
Social Networking
Hospitality & Food
Entertainment & Media
Real Estate
Human Resources

We provide BAaaS (Business Analysis as a Service) for

Small, Medium, Large businesses

  • We can audit an existing application
  • We offer solutions to improve the efficiency of your business processes
  • We carry out the digital transformation of your organization
  • We integrate IT service painlessly into your company


  • We conduct a market analysis and evaluate your project concept
  • We provide technical and business analysis services
  • We highlight core features and develop valuable MVPs
  • We save your budget even before the app development stage

Clients say

What added-value did Business Analysis Service bring to our clients? We asked a few of our clients to honestly write what they liked about our business analysis consulting process.

Guys are thinking all the time about my comfort and my project. They even offered to skip sketches, but I said: "No, let's do this. I want your team of professionals to do this." I feel very comfortable with you guys. I don't feel like "oh pay for this and for this,'' I feel like they want to save my money and my time.
Claire Dishman

Claire Dishman Founder at Healixir

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If you want to increase the chances of a successful product launch on the market, save money on app development, or need help with any business-related matter, you are more than welcome to make use of business analysis services in an hourly consultation without any obligations from your side.

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Business analysis service process

Business analysis services provide solid value all the way through software implementation. The benefits of BA start with an extensive analysis to improve the project concept and minimize the potential risks. Aside from this, Business Analysis as a Service defines the core app functionality and its user-centric display to ensure the high satisfaction of target users, successful app launch, and ongoing profitability.


Hold an initial meeting

During the first meeting with a client receiving our business analysis services, we conduct a preliminary interview. The consultant collects all the necessary documents and requirements for a future project and proceeds with the data analysis. If you need help with business strategy development for your organization, you will receive a high-level Business Model Canvas useful for setting a strategic vision.


Design and approve the project concept

The key task in this stage is to create a project mind map that visualizes the app’s functionality. Our business analysis services help synchronize your vision of a product with a professional view of the concept. As a result, you get a prioritized list of features for the development phase, and cut off the unnecessary details so that it is easier to improve and make the product more lucrative.


Conduct a competitor analysis

If you plan to launch a new product or enter a new market, it makes sense to analyze your competitors in advance. This on-demand, business analysis service includes the following activities:

  • Analysis of competitor products’ market share, positioning, goals
  • Highlight of top regions, popular apps, product’s traffic and number of active users
  • Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of the product
  • Defining the chances of taking a leading position in the niche
  • Assurance of your app’s monetization, distinct killer-features, user-friendly design, and virality

Carry out a series of workshops

During the initial steps of the business analysis service, we conduct several intensive workshops for requirement elicitation in order to deliver a product that fully meets your end-objectives. Then, within the software development process, we continue to hold regular meetings to report on the progress and to stay on the same page.


Fill out the product backlog

Through settled business analysis services, we describe all the necessary features of your web or mobile application and decompose them into user stories. Then, user stories are organized into the logical product versions for the most optimal release. As well, the analyst describes the final product concept with clear acceptance criteria so that the final product is completely consistent with your initial requirements.


Draw sketches

OOne of the core tasks within business analysis services is sketch drawing. This phase minimizes the effort it takes to prepare the necessary screens for the future web or mobile app and synchronizes the vision among all the project’s team members. Our designers create sketches using the Figma tool, which simplifies the collection of feedback from colleagues, improves the collaboration process, and allows for fast changes.


Review project with the team

Once the sketches are approved, the project is presented to the development team. During the review, our BA collects feedback, recommendations, and requests from the development team. The team offers valuable solutions based on previous expertise and the discussion often results in the delivery of fresh, useful ideas, never thought of by the client before. After this brainstorming, all the details are evaluated and the project receives final approval.


Support the project during the implementation stage

Our business analysis service includes support for your project during all phases of software development. If you encounter any issues, have questions, or need clarification, you can turn to a business analyst that accompanies the team in the following situations:

  • Starts working during the UX/UI design stage
  • Visits regular demo meetings with the client
  • Participates in all daily meetings
  • Conducts regular reviews of the system for its compliance with business requirements
  • Controls the completion of work during the app development stage
  • Participates in the organization of the change management process

Participate in the app’s growth (on-demand)

A business analyst, along with you and the project manager, negotiates the further strategic steps of the project. The expansion of application functionality, analysis of user behavior, and recommendations for achieving established KPI - all of these aspects can be evaluated via business analysis services for continuous app improvement.


Our advantages

Our team provides top-notch business analysis services at reasonable costs. All your ideas and product concepts are safe with us since we sign an NDA. As well, we give you complete transparency and extensive communication through the process.

What distinguishes MLSDev from other teams that deliver business analysis services?
Provision of high-quality services and the creation of fully-fledged, custom software on time and according to the budget based on dozens of projects delivered since 2009
Regular meetings with our clients on-site to understand their business environment and delivery of software solutions based on their expectations
Local representatives in the EU and US for direct communication
Detailed app development planning by breaking the product down into logical release versions and their accurate estimations
Efficiency of your development budget to meet your expectations
All-around market research and identification of your target audience
Detailed interviews with users conducted to build a user-oriented interface and functionality
Choosing the right mature or emerging technologies based on the encountered business challenge
Provision of ongoing support from our business analysis expert and software architect
Continuous client challenging, as well as regular consultations for continuous product improvement

Frequently asked questions

Why do you need to use business analysis services?
Very often, business analysis services are underestimated, despite the fact that they correspond to strategic planning and project analysis. BA services can help you avoid costly mistakes and inefficient disposal of your budget for consequent phases during software development. The business requirements collected and finalized initially are transformed into technical aspects, listing the functionality that should be developed. Aside from a vivid benefit of cost reduction, you receive a clear solution to your business problem or request. Only through business analysis services can you and your IT vendor take the right actions regarding further product design and implementation in order to achieve the desired outcome and project success. Furthermore, these services allow software development teams to plan their work and keep up with project timelines and deadlines accordingly. As well, business analysis services increase the ROI of your business through the necessary digital transformation that correlates between matching business ideas, goals, capabilities with business process optimization. This part of business analysis services also relates to the correct reflection of the project into documentation and always keeps it up to date.
What business analysis services can you get for creating a competitive digital product?
The main activities of business analysis services include understanding the business environment and problem identification. As an extra service, market and competitor analysis can be performed. All these conducted analyses, polls, workshops with the client, etc., help produce the best possible solution according to market and business needs. Generally, the essentials of business analysis services relate to providing reliable information from a solid analysis of the market, business, and product environments for the right decisions for software implementation, design, and further scalability. Thus, it is important to analyze the current state of the business and form strategies that improve operations, increase ROI, form new directions, and so on. As well, as a part of business analysis services, potential risks are assessed, further controlled, and mitigated.
What does a business analyst do, and what deliverables does the client get?
Business analysts, professionals who perform business analysis services, are responsible for delivering a solution to the client’s problem related to their business. They provide detailed analysis, and once their business analysis services are complete, the client will receive a finalized project concept and product mind map, product backlog, and functional specifications listing all the features, user roles, acceptance criteria, priority, and similar aspects of the future digital product. Alternatively, if necessary, detailed market analysis and competitor analysis can also be delivered. In order to conduct business analysis services, specialists use software like Microsoft Products (Excel, PowerPoint, Docs), Google Analytics, Tableau, Trello for data gathering and sorting as well as preparing the necessary project documentation. Distinct tools like Coogle, Figma, Balsamiq can be used to create visualizations and project mind maps to explain things. As well, there are different techniques used for business analysis services such as PESTLE, SWOT, MoSCoW, Porter’s 5 Forces, MOST, etc. - all of which are used to define missions, set objectives, and form strategies.
How much do business analysis services cost?
Given the information about average hourly rates in Eastern Europe (e.g., Ukraine) - $30-$40 an hour - business analysis services may cost anywhere from $2,500 to $12,000+ depending on the business requirements,product scope, and complexity, as well as the number of platforms. According to IT research teams like Clutch and ITFirms, the cost of business analysis services varies from $60 to $120 per hour in the USA and Western Europe, which makes it a rather expensive service. On the other hand, you can outsource business analysis services to Eastern Europe and Ukraine specifically. Hourly rates for business analysis services in Ukraine are around $30 - $40 an hour.

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