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Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or multi-million dollar organization, our mobile app development services are designed to cover your exact requirements on time and сost-efficiently. Our team is more than tech-savvy enough to build mobile software to boost your existing business KPIs and/or establish a new custom app successfully.

Large businesses
Medium businesses
Small businesses
Large businesses
  • — Creation of custom iOS and/or Android apps to support brand image
  • — Possibility to launch new business directions on time
  • — Opportunity to increase market share or expand to new locations
  • — Increase in customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction index, and consequently profit
  • — Costs reduction in mobile application development and IT infrastructure
  • — Optimization of internal corporate processes via custom apps to cut expenses
  • — Assembly of a committed and scalable team to match the project’s capacity

Latest projects

Make use of our mobile app development services to create a memorable application that will stand out among competitive products easily. We create native apps of any complexity and certainly enjoy focusing on businesses that bring real value and useful solutions to the end-user.


Our mobile app development expertise

We have vast experience of working with B2B and B2C clients from various industries. By evaluating your business specifics, industry benchmarks, and market trends, our mobile app development company is able to implement just the right app solution.


Our app development company has created 10+ projects within the healthcare domain to streamline operations, as well as assist with personal healthcare management. The digitalization and automation of healthcare processes allow for enhanced customer services, better efficiency for workloads, and less paperwork inside medical centers. EHR & EMR software, custom telehealth solutions, IoT-enabled services, apps for vital tracking, appointment booking, e-prescription, and so on - are all mobile app development services that we cover.


    We can also help you in the following domains...


    We provide custom mobile app development services for the finance industry. The delivered apps for personal finance management, trading, e-wallets, as well as complex mobile software for banking establishments, were developed to comply with industry standards, ensure high-end security, and offer a unique experience. These projects have allowed the finance sector to digitize, automate, and cut off operational expenses.

    Hospitality & Food
    Entertainment & Media
    Real Estate
    Human Resources

    We create mobile apps for these platforms



    Our offshore agency provides top-notch iOS mobile software development services for 3 major Apple devices - iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Your native application will completely utilize the built-in potential of the device, which improves the experience of end-user interaction with your business.



    Custom mobile app development for devices operating on Android OS is a great option for business. Being a dominant operating system worldwide, a native Android app can definitely reach most of your target audience. Our mobile app development agency successfully copes with the challenges derived from a variety of hardware, OS version, and UI specifics of the Android platform.



    Custom app development for wearable devices supplements the functionality of your service available on smartphones perfectly. For the majority of industries, especially fitness and healthcare, a mobile application for wearables could become a significant business driver.

    Have a great app idea in mind?

    Our technical experts and business analysts will tell you how to transform your idea into a fully-fledged digital product

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    Our mobile app development services

    Whether you require a new solid app, want to convert your app to another platform, or need to improve your existing application, our main task is to deliver a goal-reaching digital solution. We are an app development company that builds custom software of high-quality by applying the top technical standards, following market tendencies, and orienting on solving end-user problems.

    Custom application development

    If your firm needs an innovative application to engage with clients, our engineers can create one from scratch. Custom app development allows you to solve a specific problem and meet user’s needs 100%.

    We provide mobile software development services alongside you, starting from idea validation both from the business and tech perspectives, and the creation of a detailed project delivery plan for product release and ongoing support.

    App conversion to another platform

    If you already have a working native iOS app and would like to convert it to the Android platform or vice versa, our mobile development company is ready to help you.

    With experienced developers in both domains, we can make sure that your new application resembles the functionality of the existing app, works in accordance with the standards, and follows the UI design guidelines of the platform.

    App enhancement & support

    If your app requires some updates, hire our agency to find out potential system bottlenecks and create a solid redevelopment plan - functionality extension, new directions with high-profit potential, ongoing project scalability, etc.

    We can breathe new life into your existing digital product by using custom app development services.


    Your mobile app’s development process


    • Analyze the market and competitors (if necessary)
    • Develop a product backlog
    • Check the functionality to ensure it matches tech standards and guidelines
    • Produce project mind map
    • Create an interactive product prototype
    Our custom app development service starts with a detailed evaluation of your idea - all the pros and cons in terms of market and business prosperity. All of our activities during the discovery stage allow us to foresee potential project challenges. As a result, we come up with a cost-efficient technical solution and make a detailed app estimation in regards to the timeline and budget.

    Once the discovery stage has been completed, you will receive an interactive prototype of your future mobile application, which you can actually use and touch. As well, as a part of this phase, we draw and approve the final UX/UI design with you.
    “Everything has been going really well. The team has come up with a few solutions that we hadn’t thought about. They think with us about how to improve the system. That’s what we like.”
    Ahmad Naji
    Ahmad Naji
    Marketing Director at ETC Group
    “The designs were great. I was really happy with the designs. Product specifications were very detailed, clear, well-thought-out, and well designed.”
    Mike Renoe
    Mike Renoe
    VP of Engineering at Takeout Central

    UX and UI design

    • Draw mobile app wireframes
    • Evaluate and approve user experience (UX)
    • Design a clear and attractive user interface (UI)
    • Transfer the final design to the programmers for its application during the development phase
    Once all of your business requirements and goals have been clearly understood as a result of the discovery stage, we can then move toward goal-based app design creation. Our UX/UI designers take into close consideration further product development, as well as scalability for future versions.

    All mobile applications designed by our app development company are primarily intuitive and follow Apple & Google design guidelines. This process allows us to create design-driven solutions that have a high conversion rate. Your clients will enjoy using and navigating the created mobile app.
    “What I really liked is that the team took what we had and put that into something that was fit our brands. For us, it was just small details where we had to give feedback. We were really happy with that.”
    Julien de Waal
    Julien de Waal
    Co-Founder at Enamorados
    “Designs are wonderful, precisely what I wanted! I greatly appreciate your approach and what you did to match my expectations. When I show it to someone, everyone just says wow! People are just blown away! We have done something really fresh, fantastic job!

    The app and product are near launch, but I'm very confident about what we have created in terms of design and technical excellence.”
    Claire Dishman
    Claire Dishman
    Founder at Healexir

    Application development

    • Set up project architecture with further mobile app growth
    • Provide data security at an enterprise-grade level
    • Transform app designs into smooth and lightweight interfaces
    • Develop features according to prepared user stories
    • Integrate with third party services to support the app’s functionality
    Our iOS and Android programmers are real experts with an average of 5+ years of experience in software engineering. We develop native mobile apps exclusively; we use Swift and Kotlin programming languages for iOS and Android apps respectively.

    You can remain calm, since our app development company knows how to create flawless mobile applications blazing-fast and with lightweight front-ends, as well as stable and functional back-ends.
    “MLSDev gives us unparalleled speed and agility in Web, iOS, and Android app development. The company is responsive to our changing needs and a joy to collaborate with.”
    Kevin J. Scott
    Kevin J. Scott
    Sr. Director of Mobile Products at ESPN
    “We’ve been working together for several years. The partnership is going well. We are happy with the team. I think it’s a nice collaboration.”
    Simonluca Landi
    Simonluca Landi
    COO & Co-Founder at Cryptorefills
    “Andrey is not a typical developer, he solves non-trivial tasks by asking about everything that is unclear to him, thinking them through up to the point of their purpose, and then he implements the tasks very quickly and efficiently.

    His code is clean and easy to read for other developers. We cannot tell what could be improved and are very satisfied to have him work on the project.”
    Jerome Meinke
    Jerome Meinke
    CTO & Product Owner at Idana

    Software testing & QA

    • Prevent crashes and failures in your mobile app
    • Fix bugs before product release
    • Improve the quality of a product once necessary
    • Increase application security and the level of user satisfaction
    • Reduce customer churn rate
    From the initial days of mobile app development, we include quality assurance in the application development lifecycle (2-week sprints). This means that every new feature developed during this period is audited in detail by hundreds of autotests and manual methods.

    Aside from regular functional, performance, regression, usability, and unit tests, we fulfill regression testing to ensure that features that were developed previously are not affected by any new app functionality.
    “Well, the guys were actually good. Never delayed, did their best always. The quality is excellent and the guys try to find solutions all the time. They've always been very helpful.”
    Rakan Reshwan
    Rakan Reshwan
    Business Owner at Doctore

    Have a great app idea in mind?

    Our technical experts and business analysts will tell you how to transform your idea into a fully-fledged digital product

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    Advantages of mobile app development
    services by MLSDev

    We certainly provide reasonable pricing for our services that are of great quality, your ideas are safe with us due to a signed NDA, and we provide full transparency and comprehensive communication during all of the stages involved in mobile app development.

    But what actually differs about MLSDev compared to other mobile app development companies?

    Proven app delivery processes due to dozens of complex projects implemented over the years
    Regular on-site meetings with our clients to understand the business environment and provide app development services according to the entrusted expectations
    Local representatives in the US and EU for easier communication
    Scrupulous development process, broken down into logical app versions, and an accurate estimation of each product version
    Careful development cost optimization in order to meet your budget expectations
    Comprehensive market research and target audience identification
    Detailed user interview process to create user-oriented interfaces and app features
    Continuous support from our business analyst and software architect
    Ongoing product improvement due to continuous client challenging and consultation
    Better product development through the application of mature or emerging technologies
    and more...

    Mobile app development solutions

    Our mobile development company treats each project uniquely and loves to accept new challenges. By solving many requests on dozens of projects, we have gained tech skills and created practices to provide you with the necessary expertise right away with minimized time & money losses.

    Real-time communication

    Audio Video Text Images
    Almost every project like social network, healthcare, or delivery service requires a particular type of communication technology and functionality. From simple P2P messengers to audio and video live chat apps, we can implement the custom software matching your project’s objective. Our team has worked with ActionCable, Twilio for video calls, RecyclerView, WebRTC, and other real-time communication technologies and ensured high-end communication security with the help of specific protocols across networks.

    Geolocation and tracking

    Taxi Delivery Navigation Tourism Booking
    Geolocation functionality makes up the very essence of taxi apps, on-demand delivery services, and navigation software. Having delivered projects in these categories, namely goPuff, Lanespotter, and Geotourist, our app development company is an expert in delivering location-based projects. As well, mobile apps from other domains can increase user engagement, service personalization, and provide better notifications and ad targeting by integrating GPS technologies.

    Payment integration

    Monetization Simplicity Security Flexibility
    Payment gateway integration is a critical functionality to be implemented in your mobile application. Our app development services comply with industry requirements and country policies for handling this data securely. Our team has worked with the most widely used third party payment systems like Braintree and PayPal.

    Data collection and interpretation

    Automatic Secure Apple HealtKit Google Fit
    Automatic data collection from wearables and devices, which includes integration with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit is one of the possibilities of working with information within our custom app development services. Our team has conducted in-depth research in this field and has vast experience in interpreting and presenting user data in the form of charts, maps, and diagrams.

    Media processing

    Images Video Editing Improvement
    Our app development agency has utilized this functionality in lots of projects intended to deliver great image content and address visualization with precise attention. We are capable of working with different image and video formats (.gif, .webp, mp4) and sizes, applying third party services and libraries for cropping, adding effects, and more.

    Push notifications

    Engagement LTV Profitability
    Creating a well-thought-out push notification system is a critical aspect of any mobile app’s development. Push notifications not only give users necessary updates, reminders, and warnings, but also create a complete service provision outlook. We can integrate push notifications so that users will not abandon an app, but rather increase user engagement rates by 9%, lifetime value by 31%, and, consequently, your profitability by 24%.

    In-app purchases

    Monetization Subscriptions Items Content
    In-app purchase capability is one of the most common monetization models that is vital to set up in your application. It is possible to sell virtual or physical items, offer premium functionality or bonuses, block ads, or open new app content. Together we can come up with appropriate app revenue streams or implement up-selling and cross-selling strategies that suit your business needs and, at the same time, do not annoy the end-users.

    iMessage apps

    Extensions Content Media Payment
    Our mobile app development agency has just the right capabilities and tech expertise to develop extensions for iMessage. We can broaden its basic functionality, like creation and sharing of content, conducting payment operations, interacting with your mobile applications, and many other distinct features.

    Custom keyboards

    Functionality Media Integration
    Within our custom mobile app development services, we can advance the standard device’s keyboard with additional functionality. For instance, if your mobile app needs a specific data entry method, additional multimedia like GIFs and emojis, or integration with your application, our team is able to cover this requirement.

    Extended SMS management

    Security Authentication Verification
    In order to increase your application’s security, especially for projects within healthcare and finance sectors, our team applies a multi-method user authorization process, one of which is SMS verification. Our team uses proven and specific APIs and libraries to ensure high-end system entrance security.

    Localization for RTL

    Arabic Localization Adaptation
    It is pretty common for our app development agency to work with right-to-left languages (mostly Arabic). Thus, we provide expertise for product localization and adaptation during the app conversion process. Our professional Android and iOS developers take into close consideration the display of app content and design, as well as OS specifics within this custom mobile app development process.

    Animations using Lottie

    Cost-saving Time-saving
    For native mobile apps, our engineers make use of the Lottie library, which saves costs on animated illustrations during their technical implementation. This tool helps to use animations in a similar way to using static images during the development stage.

    Grow your business while we develop an app for it

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