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Product development
from scratch

Software development services from MLSDev can help support and enhance your business

Our team will evaluate your app idea, business, as well as industry in detail. This process is fine-tuned to provide software development services that are of the highest quality. Your idea will come to life with the help of MLSDev, in hand with the whole SDLC management, from planning and design to product development and support.


Development team

Upgrade your IT department with software development specialists from MLSDev

As part of our software development services, our team can give you access to the top specialists - front-end & back-end programmers, QA engineers, designers, and managers. They can integrate into your SDLC seamlessly to back up your IT operations. Their management, task execution, retention - MLSDev’s responsibility. If needed, these activities can be partly or completely transferred to the client.


Full range of software development services

Our team is an all-in-one software development service provider and can assist during every stage of your application development - from business analysis and UX/UI design, to web or mobile app programming with included QA service.

Primarily, our offshore software development services aim to launch your new product successfully and increase your market share.

Web application development

Mobile first Optimized Functional Secure

We have delivered software development services and created functional, stable apps with super user-friendly interfaces. Our specialists optimize each pixel within every application so that your users will love to interact with the end-product. We are experienced in working with startups as well as existing businesses, and have provided software development service to support a great user base and ensure high load properties.


Mobile app development

iOS Android Modern Stable

Our software application development services are created in line with the latest design trends and follow UI/UX standards. The end-users complete their actions in just a couple clicks, while enjoying navigating through the application. The native Android & iOS apps we’ve created are secure, reliable, stable, and designed in a way to advance their functionality and performance.


Dedicated development team

Developers Managers Designers QA

If you are searching for remote IT professionals to join your team based on an optimal budget, then a dedicated development team is the right choice. This is a software development service where we share the management responsibilities and minimize your involvement so you can focus on core business activities. Meanwhile, your dedicated team independently, or along with your IT department, takes care of the product’s technical implementation.


UI/UX design

Mobile Web Branding Consulting

Our software development services include the UI & UX design of a web or mobile app interface that is intended to provide a top-notch user experience. By utilizing our design approaches and agile principles, your application will stand out from competitive services in the Google Play and App Store. The app interface will motivate end-users to accomplish the necessary actions within the product in the simplest way.


Software testing & QA

Stability Performance Iterative Comprehensive

You can sleep well since our company guarantees the stability and high productivity of your product. Within the software development services provided, our team incorporates quality assurance and testing activities. We complete in-depth manual testing and, if necessary, add autotests to ensure high-end application performance and bug-free functioning.



CI/CD Administration Monitoring Support

We ensure the reliability, security, scalability, and high speed of your application to the end-user with the help of well-settled DevOps practices. Our software development services are provided in a way to reduce the downtime periods to zero, even during application updates. We can deliver a full range of DevOps services and utilize AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud for their basis.


Business analysis

Potential Strategy Market entry Budget optimization

Make the necessary adjustments to your project concept before you start developing your application. The Business Analysis activity makes these changes 2-3 times cheaper rather than having you fulfill these updates during the development phase. As one of our software development services, we can help to highlight the first product version, validate the product concept, and form the most successful go-to-market strategy.


Our customers

MLSDev is the kind of software development company that really understands the needs of each type of client - a small business owner or a startupper, a mid-sized company, or a large business. Any way about it, we provide software development services in a way that achieves specified business goals on time and cost-efficiently.

Large businesses
Medium businesses
Small businesses
Large businesses
With MLSDev, you can definitely cut costs on your IT department, speed up development, avoid hiring and retention processes, all while attaining astounding results. Our team delivers custom software development services in a way that supports your brand image, opens new directions just in time, and can expand successfully to new markets. Our software development solutions aim to increase your client base, user engagement, and customer satisfaction index which leads to the higher profitability of your company.
Medium businesses
If you want to use our experience, save money on development, avoid hiring and retention processes - then MLSDev is the wise choice. We deliver software development services that realize all your ambitious ideas and solve your business challenges. As well, cooperation with us minimizes potential risks when starting a new business direction and allows you to be more flexible (scale your team up and down quickly without any problems).
Small businesses
If you have no tech expertise and are looking for a partner who will solve your business challenges by developing a custom product - you’re in the right place. By partnering with us, you will minimize the potential risks and obtain our 11 years of experience in developing custom products for a variety of industries and client types. Our software development services will save you money, allow your development team to be more flexible, and you will avoid having to worry about hiring and retention.
Are you a startupper who needs someone to turn your idea into a working product and provide further growth? We will provide software development services and share our experience, conduct very detailed research into your idea, and in a few months you will receive a fully working MDP.

Our portfolio includes a startup that evolved into a large business with over 225+ facilities in 550+ U.S. cities and 5,000 workers. The company still remains our loyal client from the time when it was just a student’s idea. Do you want to become that kind of company? Don’t waste your time - instead, grow your idea with us.

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of software development & how do you choose a provider?
Software development is the process of transferring, specifying, documenting, designing, coding, testing, and conducting quality assurance within the creation and maintenance of web and/or mobile applications, their elements, frameworks, integrations, and related aspects via providing distinct software development services. In order to create great software, it is necessary to choose a capable IT vendor that provides top-notch software development services. The whole process starts with your homework, where you define your project goals, create a description of your IT tasks or project concept you want to implement. Then, you can search the Internet for companies that offer software development services. You should study the company's background like website, social networks, blog and content there, its ranking on platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms. Check how long the company has been operating in the IT industry and its expertise in software development service and IT outsourcing. As well, check out the portfolio, projects, resources available, and possibly contact the former client for a reference. In the next phase, you shortlist a few suitable IT teams and conduct more in-depth research. You start a personal conversation with each of them and ask a list of questions related to capabilities, company culture and talents, software development services provided, SDLC model and development approaches, risk management, internal processes and tools, quality standards, legal and security sides of the matter. Lastly, clarify the communication process with a team and understand the level of proactivity and ways to give regular feedback on the process before signing the agreement.
What are software development services?
The services involved in the software development process should correspond to the client’s request. In general, the flow starts with a software development service like business analysis to define functional and non-functional project constraints. BA is followed by UX/UI Design services to create a product prototype. Then, the actual coding services start and are guided by project management and including QA and testing software development services. In general, IT vendors divide the software development services and processes into two bigger phases - discovery and actual development. Approximately 70% of IT companies start with discovery, also called the research or pre-development stage. The discovery phase helps to evaluate all the details of the project concept from both technical and business sites. The benefits of this step is to save time and your cost for further steps, validate the requirements, document potential risks and how to resolve them, prioritize all project tasks, and so on. The software development services involved in discovery include business analysis, UX/UI design, architecture planning. Once the discovery phase is completed, the client receives deliverables like clearly defined project concept, product backlog with all features and their peculiarities, product prototype with UX and UI, architecture plan, optional market & competitor analysis, etc. These deliverables from the different software development services are taken to the next coding phase. The development phase usually starts with early planning, which is considered a zero development sprint lasting 1-3 weeks. Once completed, the whole development process is divided into sprints performed by the allocated developers. The project manager directs the development team and reports on the progress to the client. Also, based on the project, there could be different number and type programmers involved. For instance, you may need mobile app developers (iOS or Android), or web front-end and back-end developers.
What is the hourly rate for software development services?
Rates for software development services can vary from as low as $10 and increase up to $850/hour or even higher based on the required expertise, experience level of the specialist, and location. Note that the Eastern Europe (Ukraine) IT outsourcing region provides the greatest price-quality ratio of $30-$50/hour, level of tech skills and practices, and a large pool of experienced programmers. Generally, the software concept you need to develop with its business and technical requirements directly correlates with the number and the cost of the software development services. The key factors and elements that influence the final cost of the whole software development service include aspects such as type, location, and hourly rates of the selected IT vendor, a number and complexity of the functionality, design complexity with extra branded elements (graphics, imagery, animation), complexity of the project infrastructure (its integrations, APIS, elements), a number of the platforms you target (iOS, Android, Web), and so on. Besides, different types of software development services cost different amounts, and the combination of all these services makes up a total software cost. In general, the work of a UX/UI designer ($30) costs less than a senior iOS developer ($50-60). Besides, the rate for software development services depends on the seniority level of a programmer, level of expertise, and knowledge, and thus, has different prices. In some cases and in some IT companies, the price for software development service can be fixed. However, in most cases, IT vendors use Times & Material pricing model. This principle is based according to the hourly rates of the necessary resources and time to complete this work. This gives higher flexibility during the development process to create great final software.
What are the options for receiving software development services?
It is possible to hire a local/boutique software company, search for a freelancer, or contact an offshore software development service provider like MLSDev. Each option has its pros and cons; freelancers may cost the least, but it can be hard to find a reliable, skillful developer. When working with top-notch companies, you pay a high price for the well-known name, while outsourcing your project is a rational balance between the quality, guarantees, and costs. These days, more and more companies, even well-known companies like Opera, GitHub, WhatsApp, search for software development services offshore mostly due to the potential to save on costs and find top tech expertise. Generally, the key IT outsourcing regions are Eastern Europe (e.g., Ukraine), Asia (e.g., India), and Latin America (e.g., Brazil). EE is a global IT market that provides high-quality software development services with effective, round-the-clock cooperation. The best option here is to go for software development services from Ukraine, with a favorable price-quality ratio (average ~ $40/hour), reduced taxes, ranked in 11th place among top development destinations. Ukraine has great technical education with 150+ tech universities that has raised many tech talents and experts with 15+ years of experience. As of 2020, the country has around 250+ IT companies and ~150k specialists. Asia is the region with the lowest rates, at $18-$40/hour. Asia also has the greatest economic growth with a satisfactory level of provided software development services. The top country to search for such services is India. Latin America is within the same time zones as the USA, which makes it favorable for cooperation. The average cost for software development service is around $30-$50/hour. Still, compared with EE and Asia, Latin America is a rather new IT outsourcing destination, but has strong potential. If you need lower-cost expertise or are searching for middle or junior developers, you may try outsourcing to Latin America. The best country for you to check out is Brazil.

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