Engagement models

Product development
from scratch

Support and boost your business with a custom application created by MLSDev

We study your project concept, business, and industry in greater detail in order to deliver custom software of the best quality. We take your idea and make it a reality. MLSDev manages the entire SDLC - planning, design, development, and support of your product.
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Development team

Boost your software development team with MLSDev IT specialists

We provide you with front-end & back-end developers, QA specialists, designers, and managers who will integrate into your SDLC and support your internal software development process. You take full control of the execution of their tasks, while we take care of their retention and growth.
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Full range of software development services

Our team is an all-in-one custom software development service provider and can assist during every stage of your application development - from business analysis and UX/UI design, to web or mobile app programming with included QA service.

Primarily, our offshore software development services aim to launch your new product successfully and increase your market share.

Web application development

Mobile first Optimized Functional Secure
We have delivered software development services and created functional, stable apps with super user-friendly interfaces. Our specialists optimize each pixel within every application so that your users will love to interact with the end-product. We are experienced in working with startups as well as existing businesses, and have provided software development service to support a great user base and ensure high load properties.
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Mobile app development

iOS Android Modern Stable
Our native application development services are created in line with the latest design trends and follow UI/UX standards. The end-users complete their actions in just a couple clicks, while enjoying navigating through the application. The Android & iOS apps we’ve created are secure, reliable, stable, and designed in a way to advance their functionality and performance.
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Dedicated development team

Developers Managers Designers QA
If you are searching for remote IT professionals to join your team based on an optimal budget, then a dedicated development team is the right choice. We can share the management responsibilities and minimize your involvement so you can focus on core business activities. Meanwhile, your dedicated team independently, or along with your IT department, takes care of the product’s technical implementation.
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UI/UX design

Mobile Web Branding Consulting
Our software development services include UI & UX design of a web or mobile app interface that is intended to provide a top-notch user experience. By utilizing our design approaches and agile principles, your application will stand out from competitive services in the Google Play and App Store. The app interface will motivate end-users to accomplish the necessary actions within the product in the simplest way.
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Software testing & QA

Stability Performance Iterative Comprehensive
You can sleep well since our company guarantees the stability and high productivity of your product. Within the provided software development services, our team incorporates quality assurance and testing activities. We complete in-depth manual testing and, if necessary, add autotests to ensure high-end application performance and bug-free functioning.
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CI/CD Administration Monitoring Support
We ensure the reliability, security, scalability, and high speed of your application to the end-user with the help of well-settled DevOps practices. Our software development services are provided in a way to reduce the downtime periods to zero, even during application updates. We can deliver a full range of DevOps services and utilize AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud for their basis.
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Business analysis

Potential Strategy Market entry Budget optimization
Make the necessary adjustments to your project concept before you start developing your application. The Business Analysis activity makes these changes 2-3 times cheaper rather than having you fulfill these updates during the development phase. As part of the software development service, we can help to highlight the first product version, validate the product concept, and form the most successful go-to-market strategy.
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Our customers

MLSDev is the kind of software development company that really understands the needs of each type of client - a small business owner or a startupper, a mid-sized company, or a large business. Any way about it, we provide software development service in a way that achieves specified business goals on time and cost-efficiently.

Large businesses
Medium businesses
Small businesses
Large businesses
Large businesses
With MLSDev, you can definitely cut costs on your IT department, speed up development, avoid hiring and retention processes, all while attaining astounding results.

Our team delivers custom software development services in a way that supports your brand image, opens new directions just in time, and can expand successfully to new markets.

Our products aim to increase your client base, user engagement, and customer satisfaction index which leads to the higher profitability of your company.