Our custom software development portfolio

Every project that we start is unique. Unlike 90% of companies, we love challenges. Want to see how we face challenges and resolve them? Take a look at a few portfolio items where we describe solutions and custom software development for our clients in detail.

Takeout Central


McDonald's app screen "category Burgers"
McDonald's app welcome screen

Increased customer loyalty in the Baltic region. The product was rated #1 on local app stores and did not receive any negative comments.

Design iOS Android QA
Total downloads
Rated in App Stores
Laura Jasenaite
Laura Jasenaite
Ex-Marketing and Digital Director at McDonald's Baltics

"I can say that MLSDev was very professional and always accessible. They were always ready to discuss different questions. I'm very happy with the work. I think that was a very good experience."

Laura Jasenaite
McDonald's app screen "category Burgers"
McDonald's app welcome screen


Gopuff website and app

Along with MLSDev, Gopuff has grown from the initial idea in 2013 to over 225+ facilities in 550+ U.S. cities and 5,000 workers. Our close cooperation still continues.

Business analysis Software architecture Web iOS Android QA Dedicated development team
Large business
$8.9 B
Business valuation
> 2.3 M
Total downloads
Rafael Ilishayev
Rafael Ilishayev
Co-Founder at Gopuff

"We love working with the MLSDev team - they are like family! We consider them valued business partners and appreciate their commitment to delivering an unmatched customer experience."

Rafael Ilishayev
Gopuff website and app


Idana questionnaire screens

Service helps to collect patient anamnesis before they visit a doctor. The web progressive app developed is compliant with the IEC 62304 standard used in software for medical devices.

Design Web Android QA
End-users’ age
Client’s feedback
Jerome Meinke
Jerome Meinke
Co-Founder & CTO at Tomes GmbH

"They’re professional, reliable, and creative. We made the right choice by working with them."

Jerome Meinke
Idana questionnaire screens


ArtStation navigation screen
ArtStation "my profile" screen

In close cooperation with Ballistiq, the number of active users increased by 4x after developing mobile apps with a unified design.

Design iOS Android QA
Medium business
Users growth
Monthly users
Leonard Teo
Leonard Teo
CEO at ArtStation

"We have about three million users on our web platform, and we’ve managed to successfully engage about 120,000 monthly active users on the app. We consider that a successful collaboration."

Leonard Teo
ArtStation navigation screen
ArtStation "my profile" screen

Takeout Central

TakeoutCentral pages

TC is a food delivery service that needed to update their restaurant tablets with an Android app of their own during the acquisition of a local competitor.

Business analysis Design Android QA
Medium business
1 month
MVP development time
Mike Renoe
Mike Renoe
VP of Engineering at Takeout Central

"They uncovered product holes that our own team hadn’t thought of when making the original specifications. They are a wonderful product company and I'd recommend them for anyone in the market for that."

Mike Renoe
TakeoutCentral pages

Your custom software development process

Our custom software developers provide solutions that are tuned to meet a project’s timeline and budget by 95% of the initial estimate. Custom software development helps create great and super-stable products by encompassing different services, namely:

Testing & QA


Team involved:
Project manager Business analyst Software architect

  • We dive into your business environment completely
  • We analyze the market and competitors (if necessary)
  • We determine an accurate delivery date
  • We calculate the precise custom software development cost
  • We optimize your budget
  • We recommend the optimal technologies for custom software development
  • We showcase what your software will look like
  • We lay the foundation for future product growth

During the discovery stage of custom software development, the core task is to evaluate the project and understand your business goals. Based on this requirement elicitation, we come up with the most cost-efficient technical solution and custom software development process to accomplish the set objectives together.

Then, we organize the сustom software development in logical sprints, set up a clear architecture plan, and determine an accurate timeline and budget estimate. Aside from these steps, we take into close account the prioritization of functionality so that the product is broken down into coherent release versions.

According to the specifics and needs of your project, our team forms an individual discovery scheme with corresponding deliveries for custom software development. Once the discovery stage has been completed, you will receive an interactive product prototype showcasing your future digital product and we approve the final UX/UI design together.

Discovery is solid, I’m very pleased so far. We are still in the early stages, but I am pleased with the process and hope we can continue to distill a great product. In summary, transparency, communication, and expertise were the deciding factors in choosing MLSDev.
Noah Wickliffe

Noah Wickliffe CEO at MyoStats

UI/UX Design

Team involved:
Project manager Business analyst UI/UX designer

  • We draw wireframes for the custom software development process
  • We evaluate and approve the user experience (UX)
  • We design a clear and attractive user interface (UI)
  • We create branding for your product (if necessary)
  • We transfer the final design to the programmers for its employment during the development phase

All of our projects are design-driven, and UI/UX design is an integral part of the discovery stage. As one of our custom software services, we create a design based on your project concept and business requirements, all while keeping everything in line with the project budget and timeline.

The end goal of the custom software development process is to create a user-oriented product with an appealing style. Only this sort of approach to elaborating on the usability and attractiveness ensures that the end-user will fall in love with your product.

Designs are wonderful, precisely what I wanted! I greatly appreciate your approach and what you did to match my expectations. When I show it to someone, everyone just says wow! People are just blown away! We have done something really fresh, fantastic job!
Claire Dishman

Claire Dishman Founder at Healexir

Custom Software Development

Team involved:
Project manager Front / Back-end developers iOS/Android programmers DevOps engineer

  • We perform regular synchronization with the client
  • We maintain high coding standards
  • We arrange regular demos and releases
  • We conduct frequent code reviews
  • We perform code refactoring
  • We set up and maintain CI/CD pipelines
  • and much more

During this stage of custom software development, the magic happens - we pay special attention to ensure the stability and high performance of the product based on our high software development standards ( iOS,Android, Web Front-end, Web Back-end). Then, our custom software development team continues working on the project by releasing new features to match your business needs.

We follow agile methodologies in custom software development that allow us to track our progress daily in order to match the project's budget and timeline. To maintain this transparency, we use tools like JIRA, Harvest, GitHub, GitLab, etc. Our clients can receive a detailed report about progress at any stage of the custom software development lifecycle.

MLSDev gives us unparalleled speed and agility in Web, iOS, and Android app development. The company is responsive to our changing needs and a joy to collaborate with.
Kevin J. Scott

Kevin J. Scott Head of Department at ESPN

Software testing

Team involved:
Project manager Software testing engineers Quality assurance specialists DevOps engineer

  • We prevent crashes in your future product
  • We find bugs and fix them in advance
  • We improve the product quickly once necessary
  • We increase software reliability and user satisfaction
  • We reduce customer churn rate
  • We write the technical documentation

From the initial days of custom software development, we have included quality assurance in the development lifecycle (2-week sprints). This means that every new feature developed during this period is audited in detail by hundreds of autotests and manual methods.

Aside from regular functional, performance, regression, usability, and unit tests, we fulfill regression testing to ensure that features that were developed previously have not been impacted by any new software functionality.

The MLSDev team has amazing skills. Everything went smoothly; even when we had a hiccup, they fixed it in a good timeframe. They were always on top of things.
Shaikha Al-Sabah

Shaikha Al-Sabah Chief Development Officer at National Creative Industries Group

Why is custom software development important?

Custom software development allows specific business needs to be met at a competitive price compared with commercial software, and its modification and maintenance.


Custom software is a purpose-based product that ensures smooth operation. This approach saves time and costs on software set up, support, and further scalability.


Custom software development services provide freedom from commercial vendors and their unexpected increases in prices on software licenses and support.


With software tailored to your business needs, you do not have to worry about scalability - software complexity grows in line with your business changes.

Easy & low cost integration

Custom software development allows for smooth and correct integration with existing digital services and infrastructure in order to match business operations precisely.


Custom software development holds your ownership. This way, you can earn a profit by licensing or reselling it to other organizations based on the project’s conditions.

Custom design

A custom design helps keep the consistency of corporate style, patterns, etc. In its turn, this approach increases brand recognition and client loyalty.

Off-the-shelf software can’t resolve your business needs?

Custom software development service provided by MLSDev can help you with this mission. Get an accurate time and cost estimation for your project.

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What do our clients get?

We have cooperated with industry leaders from the US, Europe, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Aside from large, medium, and small businesses, we are eager to work with entrepreneurs that are just getting started.

Large businesses
Medium businesses
Small businesses
Large businesses
  • Creation of new digital custom business software to support brand image
  • Possibility to launch new business directions on time
  • Opportunity to increase market share or expand to new locations
  • Increase in customer engagement, happiness indices, and, consequently, profit
  • Cost reduction in software development and IT infrastructure
  • Optimization of internal corporate processes to cut expenses
  • Assembly of committed custom software developers into a team to match project’s capacity
Medium businesses
  • Increase business KPIs by applying innovative tools and approaches
  • Successful and well-planned business expansion to new markets
  • Digitalization and speeding up of the service delivery processes for a business
  • Growth of the customer base with the help of advanced software solutions
  • Increase in revenue with the help of new digital products
  • Development of custom software solutions to enter new niches
Small businesses
  • Suitable price-quality ratio for custom software development
  • Increase in market share with custom product on another OS (iOS, Android, Web, etc.)
  • Possibility to enhance user experience, user retention, and customer base
  • Creation of a profound software redevelopment plan with robust technical implementation for greater product competitiveness
  • Delivery of custom software development to scale your existing business up
  • Reliable partner covering the technical side of your digital product
  • Ultimate and high-quality MDP (Minimum Desirable Product) within 3+ months
  • Cost-efficient approach in MDP development to match budget constraints
  • Business analysis to maximize product success and competitiveness
  • Increase in chances to receive initial funding and users
  • Detailed project concept analysis to minimize risks of failure
  • Well-thought-out project architecture for further business growth

Custom software development for most platforms

Existing SaaS products can’t solve your business needs? Or, you want to develop some internal software for your business from scratch?

In this case, choosing custom software development services is a smart option for you. We are ready to help you with the automation of business processes and activities, as well as custom software development that doesn’t have an analog on the market.


By using Scrum, Kanban, and Lean development methodologies and frameworks, we act as a reliable provider of functional and stable web products on time, even in a constantly-changing business environment. Our custom software covers a particular demand, is user-friendly, and everything looks stunning.


Unlike many other software companies, we focus on native iOS and Android programming. In the long run, the total cost of ownership of high-quality native software is far cheaper than supporting hybrid ones. We keep track of the latest custom software development and design recommendations provided by Apple and Google, which allows us to deliver effective and high-quality custom software development service for your business.


We follow the growing demand in custom software development for wearables that has been adopted in healthcare, insurance, finance, and other industries. This strategy will definitely raise user engagement with your company. If you are interested in building software for smartwatches, fitness trackers, bands, and so on, we are ready to help you.


Our team has the necessary skill-set to build native products for multiple platforms, even for smart TVs. This allows us to create a complete digital ecosystem for your end-users. Delight your clients with smart TV systems in the peace of their home via custom software development.

Advantages of custom software development services by MLSDev

Certainly, we provide reasonable pricing for our engineering services for great quality, your ideas are safe with us due to a signed NDA, and we give full transparency and comprehensive communication during all stages of custom software development.

But what actually makes MLSDev different from other offshore software development companies?
The level of service delivered incorporates fully-fledged custom software development on time and within budget, based on dozens of completed and cost-efficient projects since 2009
Regular on-site meetings with our clients to understand the business environment and provide software programming services according to entrusted expectations
Local representatives in the US and EU for easier communication
Detailed custom software development planning with product broken down into logical release versions and their accurate estimations
Optimization of development costs to match your budget expectations
Comprehensive market research and target audience identification
In-depth user interviews to create user-oriented interfaces and features
Selection of mature or emerging technologies according to the given business challenge
Ongoing support from our business analyst and software architect
We always challenge our clients and provide consultations for continuous product improvement throughout custom software development

Off-the-shelf software can’t resolve your business needs?

Custom software development service provided by MLSDev can help you with this mission. Get an accurate time and cost estimation for your project.

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Our custom software development expertise

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or multi-million-dollar enterprise, custom software development services are designed to cover your specific business needs. Our team is more than technologically savvy enough to build a digital solution to boost your existing business KPIs or establish a new product successfully.

We can provide top-notch custom software development for most industries while addressing the end-user problems at its core.


We develop healthcare solutions that are compliant with all government regulations like GDPR, IEC 62304, and others.

  • Optimization of hospital activity
  • Assistance in diagnosis
  • Healthy living
  • mHealth
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Healthcare provider management
  • Information portals
  • Data analytics
  • Supply chain management

Social Networking

We build social media products of all kinds for different user needs, keeping in mind current trends and best practices.

  • Networks for consumer reviews
  • Community platforms and discussion forums
  • Bookmarking networks and content curation tools
  • Blogging and publishing platforms
  • Interest-based networks
  • Anonymous social networks
  • File sharing applications
  • Highly loaded live-streaming platforms
  • Social networks for a particular target audience

On-Demand Economy

We create software that takes your services online, helps users receive them quickly, and makes users’ lives more convenient.

  • On-demand food delivery solutions
  • Transportation and logistics software
  • Taxi services
  • Home cleaning and handyman digital products
  • Car rental services
  • Flower and gift delivery software


We create web and mobile software for banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investment funds, and other financial institutions.

  • Banking solutions
  • Financial analytics
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Fraud protection
  • Custom self-service portals
  • Personal wallets
  • Currency exchanges
  • Trading platforms
  • Wealth management software


We create custom web, iOS, and Android e-commerce solutions from scratch for small, midmarket, and big businesses.

  • Dropshipping e-commerce platforms
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Service-based e-tailer platforms
  • Online storefronts
  • Online marketplaces
  • M-commerce
  • Wholesale and warehouse online catalogs
  • Private label manufacturing software
  • White label software
  • Subscription services

Hospitality & Food

We build solutions for hotels and restaurants to help them gain more customers, increase reservations, and enhance management.

  • Hotel (accommodation) search engines and booking platforms
  • Hospitality operations platforms for hotel management
  • Guest experience management platforms
  • Reservation software
  • Online booking for tours and activities
  • Restaurant and recipe management platforms
  • Discount and loyalty solutions
  • Self-service platforms for hotel guests
  • Food ordering and delivery software

Entertainment and Media

We build solutions for the entertainment industry and media to help you provide your audience with constant access to your content and updates anytime and anywhere.

  • Entertainment websites
  • Music and video streaming services
  • Media synchronization software
  • News content creation and publishing platforms
  • Book and document sharing platforms
  • News and media monitoring solutions

Real Estate

We create solutions for the real estate industry that comply with its standards and ensure full transparency of the processes and data security.

  • Online real estate auctions
  • Online home value estimation platforms
  • Search systems for upcoming open houses
  • Real estate investment platforms
  • House hunting software
  • Apartment-finder solutions
  • Software for centralizing communication between buyers and sellers
  • Solutions for planning floor layouts and room design
  • Online signature software


We create solutions for travelers to enhance their experiences and help them find their way around new places.

  • Online ticket booking platforms
  • Taxi booking and ride-sharing solutions
  • Vehicle rental booking and virtual tour software
  • Auto check-in and seat booking products
  • Services for finding and booking flights
  • Services for finding and booking accommodations
  • Platforms for city tours and navigation
  • Translation services
  • Public transportation software
  • Currency converter services
  • Hotel booking platforms
  • Travel search engines
  • Hotel and restaurant review services

Human Resources

We build efficient solutions for HR and recruiting teams to automate and streamline the processes at all stages of human resources management.

  • Individual training services
  • Activity report platforms
  • Time and attendance tracking for teams
  • Software for job posting and applicant tracking
  • Human resource information systems
  • Experience management platforms
  • Applicant tracking, recruitment, and onboarding software
  • Training and documentation tools for employee onboarding
  • Pre-employment testing software
  • Staff holiday and leave planners
  • Professional networks


We develop custom solutions for transportation and logistics companies to improve their business operations and management activities.

  • Vehicle tracking and invoicing systems
  • Transportation workflow management solutions
  • Software for fixed and fluid transit planning
  • Route planning and optimization software
  • Public transportation mapping interfaces
  • Mailroom management & package tracking software
  • Software for shipping refunds
  • Software for logistics, transport, and delivery management

Project kick-off options

We can act as a provider of full-cycle custom software development from just the initial concept to the final product launch, improve your existing web or mobile software by adding necessary functionality, enhance the value of your company’s product, and modernize your internal business system.

Custom software development from scratch

Plan Design Development Support Growth

We provide turnkey custom software development starting from the collection of business and technical requirements, as well as setting the project implementation plan, followed by custom design, development, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Custom software development based on detailed requirements

Design Development Support Growth

If you already have well-written documentation listing all project requirements, we can start directly from the UX/UI design stage, followed by custom software development. Nevertheless, initially, our business analysis service provider will review the documentation for its logic and completeness in order to cover any potential discrepancies with your project’s needs.

Existing software enhancement, growth, and support

Improvement Redevelopment Support

If you already have a working digital product that needs some improvement or redevelopment, we will help you with this mission. We can take your product to the next level by utilizing advanced and unique features, innovative technical solutions, as well as appealing software design

Frequently asked questions

What is custom software development?
Custom software development - the process of creating mobile or web-based solutions from scratch to fully match with business requirements, future needs, procedures and stay in tune with the existing environment to solve specific problems and/or boost the company's operations. Custom software development can also be named a tailor-made or bespoke system that entails creating software from scratch. In contrast, the ready-made systems for development - WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc. are commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) programs. In some cases, it can be offered for free or have some trials, free versions, or be open-source, but mostly these solutions are produced for commercial purposes. Thus, custom software development targets narrow, unique, and user-tailored constraints, while COTS is meant to solve some generic or wide user problem. The custom software development approach can be more expensive initially but maintains lots of advantages in the long run like flexibility, scalability, independence, customization, complete ownership, and much more.
When should you choose custom software development over commercial?
When you need to tailor the software to a specific business process or requirement; when you don't want to overpay for the features of a ready-made solution that is redundant in your case; if you want independence from commercial software or need to scale quickly - custom software development is your best choice. Software creation with commercial builders is more appropriate for small businesses that do not have goals for further expansion and growth, employment of innovative technologies or approaches. For example, services like Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce can help you to develop software for eCommerce. In contrast, select a custom software development approach if you need to utilize the latest tech stack, handle high traffic loads, use custom design and unlimited functionality for a unique and user-friendly interface. Besides, if you need to digitize or expand your business, custom software development provides quick and easy integration with existing infrastructure.
What are the main custom software development benefits over off-the-shelf software?
Custom-created software provides high-end customization in development and design, flexibility, and easy scalability that boosts business efficiency. In fact, you own the software and all of its elements and can earn money from software licensing and sales. The number one benefit of custom software development is to cover specific business and user needs. This software is easy in scaling and customization once business or user requirements change. With custom software development, you can quickly apply the latest technologies, trends and stay ahead of the industry competitors. Custom software development is far easier to support and maintain as well as bug fixing and quality assurance. In the longer run, personalized development has a lower cost than commercial software. Besides, such software is created with no load issue and top-notch performance. In line with custom software development goes custom design, created from scratch with branded illustration and animation elements. Custom software development precisely matches the showcase of the solution on different devices and their sizes. Last but not least, all code lines, design elements, infrastructure, etc. involved in custom software development holds your ownership. This means you can monetize the software, resell it, and in the end, get your profit.
How much does it cost to develop custom software?
The cost of custom software development falls between $60,000 for a simple version for one platform (iOS, Android, or Web) to $250,000 or higher for a fully-featured product with a complex design per platform. The cost for a basic software with the minimum needed functionality ranges from $60,000 to $120,000 per platform. Note these ranges are based on the average custom software development rates - $40 in Ukraine. The price of custom software development depends on many factors, including number and complexity of features, target platforms, design, the chosen tech stack, complexity of connected APIs and 3-rd party services, created backend and infrastructure, the location, specifics, and rates of the selected IT vendor and many hidden cost drivers. Thus, it is hard to calculate the cost for custom software development upfront. This makes the Discovery phase a valuable step in this process. This saves cost, and with only 10%-15% of the total budget for custom software development, you receive a concrete product backlog listing functionality, design, and architecture plan as well, an accurate development budget. Note that custom software development does not stop with the release of the solution. This is a long process with consequent software versions, its support and maintenance. The cost to maintain software usually makes around 35% of the total original budget within two next years.

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  • Well-defined vision for your future custom software
  • Details about our company’s custom software development process, conducted on-time and according to the budget, guaranteed
  • Quick access to top specialists with the best recommendations for choosing the optimal tech stack
  • Professional advice about ongoing software growth
  • Business-side recommendations in line with your strategy
  • Approximate estimation for custom software development
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