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Our software development firm primarily focuses on adding extra value to your business, which results in higher profitability and company evaluation.

Web Application

By using Scrum, Kanban, or Lean methodology, our software development outsourcing company delivers functional and stable applications on time, even in a constantly changing business environment. Our web apps solve a problem, are easy to use, and look stunning.

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Mobile App

We are a software development company that has immense experience in creating feature-rich and high-performing native, custom applications for iOS and Android platforms. We certainly keep track of the latest technical standards and design recommendations from Apple and Google.

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Dedicated Development

We can allocate an independent software development team for your internal projects. The communication processes are so well-established that you would assume that your IT department is located just next door. As well, our software engineering company can assist you in integrating your IT department with dedicated remote developers.

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Our web and mobile app development company also provides UX & UI design service as part of the custom application development process. Key criteria of our successful designs are: ease of use, conversion rate improvement, and willingness to use your application over those of competitors.

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Software Testing
& QA

Sleep well, because MLSDev guarantees the stability and high performance of your product. Every application released has been thoroughly tested. During each development sprint, we perform a set of quality assurance activities to maintain the exceptional quality of your software.

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Latest projects

Our custom software development company is really proud of the great clients that we’ve had a chance to cooperate with. We enjoy long-term partnerships and each step during the creation of the best custom products within different niches, which are as follows:



Along with MLSDev, from the initial idea in 2013, to over 200 facilities in 500 U.S. cities and 4,000 workers. Our close cooperation still continues.

Business analysisSoftware architectureWebiOSAndroidQADedicated development team
Large business
Total downloads
goPuff workers
Rafael Ilishayev
Rafael Ilishayev
Co-Founder at goPuff

"We love working with the MLSDev team - they are like family! We consider them valued business partners and appreciate their commitment to delivering an unmatched customer experience."

Rafael Ilishayev


Increased customer loyalty in the Baltic region. The app was rated #1 on local app stores and did not receive any negative comments.

Total downloads
Rated in App Stores
Laura Jasenaite
Laura Jasenaite
Ex-Marketing and Digital Director at McDonald's Baltics

"I can say that MLSDev was very professional and always accessible. They were always ready to discuss different questions. I'm very happy with the work. I think that was a very good experience."

Laura Jasenaite


Service helps to collect patient anamnesis before they visit a doctor. The web progressive app developed is compliant with the IEC 62304 standard used in software for medical devices.

End-users’ age
Client’s feedback
Jerome Meinke
Jerome Meinke
Co-Founder & CTO at Tomes GmbH

"They’re professional, reliable, and creative. We made the right choice by working with them."

Jerome Meinke


In close cooperation with Ballistiq, the number of active users increased by 4x after developing mobile apps with a unified design.

Medium business
Users growth
Monthly users
Leonard Teo
Leonard Teo
CEO at ArtStation

"We have about three million users on our web platform, and we’ve managed to successfully engage about 120,000 monthly active users on the app. We consider that a successful collaboration."

Leonard Teo

Digital product development manifesto

Our software development company highly appreciates working with innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs. This is how we create game-changing custom products:

On-time delivery

Be sure that your application will be launched on time. All deadlines will be met.

Budget planning

Your well-planned product will be developed within set budget constraints.

App versioning

Your app’s subsequent versions will be released smoothly, so time won’t be wasted.

Exceptional quality

From the solid Discovery phase, to post-release support. Quality is the #1 priority.

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Engagement models

Product development
from scratch

Support and boost your business with a custom application created by MLSDev
We study your project concept, business, and industry in greater detail to deliver custom software that is of the highest quality. We take your idea and make it a reality. MLSDev manages the entire SDLC - planning, design, development, and support of your product.
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Development team

Boost your software development team with MLSDev IT specialists
We can provide you with front-end & back-end developers, QA specialists, designers, and managers who will integrate into your SDLC and support your internal software development process. You take full control of the execution of their tasks. We take care of their retention and growth.
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We love working with entrepreneurs who intend to create an epic product with great potential

Why do clients choose MLSDev?

Our software development company is 100% committed to every project we take on. We are an engineering company that understands the needs of each type of client - a small business owner or a start-up, mid-sized company, or a large business. Any way about it, we provide outsourcing software development services in a way that will achieve business goals and reach the necessary KPIs on time and cost-efficiently.

Large Businesses
Medium Businesses
Small Businesses
Large Businesses
  • - Polished software development processes to deliver projects on time and within budget
  • - Dedicated and scalable software development team for each project
  • - Clear and transparent communication during entire software development lifecycle
  • - Solid technical expertise and a strong sense of business operations
  • - We align the capacity of the software development team with project needs
  • - Hiring, retention, firing processes, and related compensations are on our side
  • - Large enterprise clients in our portfolio since 2009
Medium Businesses
  • - We don’t just code, but help improve the business concept
  • - The client remains focused on business, while we create the software from scratch
  • - Polished software development processes to deliver projects on time and within budget
  • - Dedicated and scalable software development team for each project
  • - Transparent communication during entire software development lifecycle
  • - Medium business clients in our portfolio since 2009
Small Businesses
  • - Get a detailed app development or redevelopment plan
  • - Obtain technical and business support for a small project, all the way up to consistent business growth
  • - Potential risk minimization and ability to overcome a lack of resources
  • - We provide high-quality standards and best approaches included in software development to remove any potential project discrepancies and predict challenges
  • - Transparent communication during entire software development lifecycle
  • - Small business clients in our portfolio since 2009
  • - Client obtains a team that transforms the idea into a product, and helps to grow the start-up into a large business
  • - A start-up in our portfolio that evolved into a large business with 4,000+ workers alongside the MLSDev support
  • - Time-tested processes that allow us to create a Minimum Desirable Product in 3 months
  • - We provide the full coverage and control of the project processes while you keep working full-time on your main job

Awards and recognition

“Modesty” is our middle name


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The Manifest

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Our expertise

We analyze your product concept and business specifics, and bind these conclusions with industry standards, market trends, and appropriate tech stacks. Our software development firm builds top products for a particular industry, namely:


On-Demand Economy

Social Networking



Hospitality & Food

Entertainment & Media

Real Estate


Human Resources



EHR, IoT-enabled, custom telehealth, vital tracking, appointment booking, e-prescriptions, etc. - apps that we build with HIPAA standards.

  • Optimization of hospital activity
  • Assistance in diagnosis
  • Healthy living
  • mHealth
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Healthcare provider management
  • Information portals
  • Data analytics
  • Supply chain management

On-Demand Economy

With expertise in creating systems with and operations in 500+ US cities, we can build complex and custom on-demand delivery software.

  • On-demand food delivery applications
  • Transportation and logistics apps
  • Taxi services
  • House cleaning and handyman apps
  • Car rental services
  • Flower and gift delivery apps

Social Networking

We develop apps for communication and interaction, content sharing, and interest-based networking, all while complying with data security standards.

  • Networks for consumer reviews
  • Community platforms and discussion forums
  • Bookmarking networks and content curation tools
  • Blogging and publishing platforms
  • Interest-based networks
  • Anonymous social networks
  • File sharing applications
  • Highly loaded live-streaming platforms
  • Social networks for a particular target audience


    Personal finance management, trading, e-wallets, complex banking mobile software, etc. - solutions we have built to automate and digitize the finance sector.

    • Banking apps
    • Financial analytics
    • Integration with third-party services
    • Fraud protection
    • Custom self-service portals
    • Personal wallets
    • Currency exchanges
    • Trading platforms
    • Wealth management apps


    Complex marketplaces, online shopping apps, and sites that utilize modern payment methods - area of expertise of our software engineering team.

    • Dropshipping e-commerce apps
    • Crowdfunding platforms
    • Service-based e-tailer platforms
    • Online storefronts
    • Online marketplaces
    • M-commerce
    • Wholesale and warehouse online catalogs
    • Private label manufacturing software
    • White label software
    • Subscription services

    Hospitality & Food

    Digitalization of the HoReCa industry, namely hotels, restaurants, and cafes - solutions we have built that include the latest functionality.

    • Hotel (accommodation) search engines and booking apps
    • Hospitality operations platforms for hotel management
    • Guest experience management platforms
    • Reservation software
    • Online booking for tours and activities
    • Restaurant and recipe management platforms
    • Discount and loyalty apps
    • Self-service applications for hotel guests
    • Food ordering and delivery apps

    Entertainment & Media

    Products rich with media, real-time streaming services, video and audio apps - unique solutions delivered by our software development firm.

    • Entertainment websites
    • Music and video streaming services
    • Media synchronization apps
    • News content creation and publishing platforms
    • Book and document sharing platforms
    • News and media monitoring apps

    Real Estate

    Apartment-listing aggregators, property value and investment estimators, and similar apps - apps we create with a smooth flow and high security.

    • Online real estate auctions
    • Online home value estimation platforms
    • Search apps for upcoming open houses
    • Real estate investment platforms
    • House hunting apps
    • Apartment-finder apps
    • Apps for centralizing communication between buyers and sellers
    • Apps for planning floor layouts and room design
    • Online signature apps


    Location navigation and mapping, place recommendation, trip-planning, and complex tools for travel agents - custom projects we can create from scratch.

    • Online ticket booking apps
    • Taxi booking and ride-sharing apps
    • Vehicle rental booking and virtual tour apps
    • Auto check-in and seat booking apps
    • Services for finding and booking flights
    • Apps for finding and booking accommodations
    • Apps for city tours and navigation
    • Translation applications
    • Public transportation apps
    • Currency converter apps
    • Hotel booking apps
    • Travel search engines
    • Hotel and restaurant review services

    Human Resources

    Complex onboarding solutions, interview platforms, evaluation and online training, etc. - software we can develop to automate operation, reach KPIs in the HR area.

    • Individual training apps
    • Activity report apps
    • Time and attendance tracking for teams
    • Software for job posting and applicant tracking
    • Human resource information systems
    • Experience management platforms
    • Applicant tracking, recruitment, and onboarding software
    • Training and documentation tools for employee onboarding
    • Pre-employment testing software
    • Staff holiday and leave planners
    • Professional networks


    Our software engineering company provides services to remove costs and enhance service velocity in transportation and logistics-related domains.

    • Vehicle tracking and invoicing apps
    • Transportation workflow management apps
    • Apps for fixed and fluid transit planning
    • Route planning and optimization software
    • Public transportation mapping interfaces
    • Mailroom management & package tracking software
    • Software for shipping refunds
    • Software for logistics, transport, and delivery management

    Frequently asked questions

    When do you need services from an offshore software development company?
    If you want to access skilled programmers and get the same level of expertise while significantly reducing costs, you should opt for app development services offshore. This approach covers all sides of the development process and allows you to concentrate on core business activities.
    How to choose a software development firm?
    The first step is to create a detailed task description, followed by a search for a firm that has a proven track record, related portfolio, client references, tech specialization, capabilities, etc. Furthermore, you can get in touch and ask about workflow, development, and QA standards.
    Why is outsourcing software development to Ukraine a good idea?
    Eastern Europe, and Ukraine in particular, is widely known as the primary destination for outsourcing software development. Ukraine attracts clients and businesses with favorable rates for development services, taxation benefits, experienced teams, talent pool, etc.
    Why is MLSDev the best software development company?
    Our clients are offered a Discovery stage to elaborate on the project specifics, resulting in a cost and timeline estimate with 96% accuracy. Clients receive top-quality software in various industries worldwide with time-proven tech stacks (RoR, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, etc.) and the latest standards (HIPAA, CCPA, Data encryption protocols, etc.). This has resulted in customer experience metrics of an average of NPS +57 and 97% client satisfaction rate. MLSDev is an award-winning team with 40+ reviews on Clutch, GoodFirms, ITFirms, and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

    Let’s talk

    Consultation with the Client Relationship Manager, who represents our software development company, without any commitment from your side, will give you:

    • - Structured and clear vision of your future application
    • - Information about how our software development company guarantees 100% on-time and on-budget delivery
    • - Recommendations for choosing the tech stack
    • - Advice on further steps
    • - Business-side recommendations
    • - Rough project estimation on software development
    Get a free consultation