Gopuff: Instant Needs Delivery Service

goPuff delivers everyday essentials like home cleaning products, personal care items, baby and pet products, OTC medications, food, drinks & more. Apart from the free Android and iOS apps, the service is also available as a website. Users just need to choose the platform they like (iOS or Android), order goods, and receive them in just minutes. Just a few clicks and customers can get what they want, be it in the early morning or late at night.


Users just need to choose the platform they like (iOS or Android), order goods and receive them in just minutes. There is no need to go to the store any more. Just a few clicks and customers get what they want be it in the early morning or late at night.

Initial Request

In 2013 the client contacted us with an idea to create an e-commerce store for immediate everyday needs delivering grocery, home, baby & pet essentials and OTC medications easy and affordable for everyone. The MLSDev team was chosen to design and develop the app from scratch.

Logo Design

We started by choosing possible logo concepts according to the initial app idea which was the delivery of hookahs and shisha. Based on the related images, our designer created several different versions of the potential logo. Each iteration was then carefully reviewed by our focus group and the client. Taking all recommendations and results into consideration, the customer chose the final logo version.

UX/UI Design

To provide a solid basis for development, our producer and designer created the wireframes for each platform and the website separately, each with more than 50 screens. Afterward, the team groomed and finalized the UI mockups.

MVP Development

Our main goal was to create a simple viable e-commerce product with a set of core features sufficient to release it quickly, and to keep it working. This goal was successfully achieved by the team. goPuff MVP went on to both gain popularity and be profitable.

The time spent on the development of each portion of the MVP project is represented below:


Ongoing Development

Since 2014 we have been engaged in the ongoing development of the product currently available in app stores. The dedicated team doing so consists of:

The dedicated team working on it consists of:
  • Back-end developers;
  • Front-end developer;
  • iOS developer;
  • Android developer;
  • QA engineer;
  • Project manager.
Ongoing development requires constant work including:
  • Adding features and functionality
  • Checking user behavior and feedback and using it to improve the app
  • Improving and optimizing the service and business processes
  • Updating design and technologies

We add features constantly and increase product categories as the audience grows and the business expands to new U.S. cities. User feedback plays a very important role as our client values it greatly.

Together with app improvement we also put efforts into developing the back office which includes administrators, managers, and drivers. The main task at hand is to optimize and automate internal processes. Thusly, we have already created an application to better handle logistics matters. There are also plans to make another app for driver needs.

The team keeps the product current by updating it regularly. We migrated the iOS application from Objective-C to Swift and upgraded the back end of the entire project to Rails 5.e. App design is also constantly improved.

As of today

goPuff is a very successful business that has raised funding and now operates in 500 U.S. cities. As it grows, so does the scope of our work. The company’s main focus now is on further improvement of user apps, optimizing processes in the back office, and improving cooperation with suppliers.

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