Are you looking to hire the right custom software development company in 2022? Your choice may be tricky, as there are dozens of IT vendors appearing on the market daily. You can easily get lost while evaluating these IT outsourcing companies.

We have reevaluated our former list and finalized the top 20 software development companies to help you make the best and fastest choice to develop your new digital project.

This updated review is based on a compound analysis of 3,000+ software providers in the global arena. With this report in hand, you can make the right choices in terms of IT outsourcing activities and can start contacting IT outsourcing companies right away.

The report lists only time-proven and experienced vendors that are worth your attention. The selected outsourcing software development companies can help you accomplish your goals and create digital products that will be beloved by end-users.

But why should you listen to our humble opinion?

We have been operating in the field of software development outsourcing for 10 years and have been recognized many times by such reputable resources as Clutch, Good Firms, IT Firms, and so on. We know from experience all of the ins and outs of the IT outsourcing market and how it works, as well as the software development process.

It is worth mentioning that this complex analysis was conducted by:

  • Software Architect - assessed the complexity and technical implementation of released projects
  • Head of Design - evaluated the UX//UI and design practices applied in the apps launched
  • Head of Marketing - analyzed the companies’ positioning, online presence, and unique aspects of their work and processes

So let’s dive right into this report with a list of the top software development companies worldwide to find the proper vendor specifically for you.

1. MLSDev

MLSDev Logo
MLSDev Logo

Services Custom Software Development; Web Application Development; Mobile App Development; MVP Development; Dedicated Development Teams; IT Staff Augmentation; Business Analysis; UI/UX Design; Software Testing & Quality Assurance; DevOps
Key clients McDonald's, ESPN, GoPuff, ArtStation
Offices US, Poland, Ukraine
Founded 2009
Size ~ 100 employees
Rate $25 - $50 / hr
Tech stack Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React JS, Golang, Java, HTML5, CSS3

MLSDev is among the best companies that provide custom software development services and employ the top 1% of IT specialists within the Ukrainian market. The firm has sales offices in the US and Europe. Their development practices allow for the development of top-notch solutions on time and cost-efficiently. This approach can save up to 50-70% of costs in comparison with local leading US agencies.

The software outsourcing company provides a wide range of services from developing custom web and mobile applications from scratch, to forming a DDT (dedicated development team). These teams can integrate with an existing IT department painlessly. Aside from these services, the software firm can select and organize the work of programmers for specific client needs.

Portfolio: 200+ completed projects for clients all over the world, both big brands and startups. The team created a loyalty app for McDonald’s Baltics. As well, the team developed the GoPuff project from scratch and it is now one of the largest on-demand delivery services with thousands of daily users in 20+ US states.

Industry expertise: Healthcare, eCommerce, On-demand Economy, Social Networks.

Awards: MLSDev has received 40+ awards, including nominations in categories for top software development companies, web development companies, and mobile development companies worldwide, in Europe, and Ukraine.

Key differentiator: Among the outsourcing software development companies in Eastern Europe, MLSDev can be contacted to solve a specific problem or request. The team is engaged with searching for the best solution possible, further project planning, discovery, development, and ongoing product support.

Contact MLSDev to Develop Cost-Efficient Custom Software

If you want to develop an application of high quality, save your budget, and not overpay for a brand name, MLSDev is a top choice among custom software development companies to get in touch with.

Contact MLSDev, software-solution company, now for a piece of advice, free consultation, and cost & timeline estimate for your digital project.

Get your free advice and project quote

2. Thoughtbot

Thoughtbot Logo
Thoughtbot Logo

Services UX, UI, & Product Design; Web Development; Mobile Development; Team Mentorship
Key clients Merck, MIT, Bark, Splitfit
Offices US, UK
Founded 2003
Size ~ 150 employees
Rate $150 - $200 / hr
Tech stack Ruby on Rails, React Native, Elixir, iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin)

Thoughtbot is positioned as a dedicated development team that consults you throughout the software implementation process. This programming company has offices across the US - in New York, California, San Francisco, Texas, and North Carolina. Aside from the States, the team recently opened an office in London.

Thoughtbot’s DDT model helps share their valuable knowledge and expertise with clients and their IT departments, organize their process of work, collaborate effectively and, as a result, develop industry-leading products.

Portfolio: During their 16 years of existence, the software agency has worked with many clients - both large enterprises and startups. In collaboration with a Bark & Co. engineering team, Thoughtbot successfully launched a new product on time and built a full-stack team.

Industry expertise: Health & Wellness, Education & Learning, Non-profit & Government.

Awards: In 2018 the IT provider was listed among top software development companies with the best corporate culture in Boston. That same year, Clutch mentioned the team among the top Ruby on Rails and AR/VR agencies in NYC.

Key differentiator: In contrast with other outsourcing software development companies, Thoughtbot can augment an existing team of engineers or gather a team that will seamlessly integrate with the IT department.

Contact Thoughtbot to Augment Your Team & Boost Performance
If you already have a working project and want to boost its performance or strengthen your engineering department, you can visit the Thoughtbot website and check out more details. You will receive quality service, but should also be ready to allocate a considerable budget for this cooperation.

3. DockYard

DockYard Logo
DockYard Logo

Services Product Strategy; Product Design; Software Engineering; Testing & QA; Training and Support; Staff Augmentation
Key clients Netflix, Apple, Nasdaq, Constant Contact, McGraw-Hill
Offices US, Canada
Founded 2010
Size ~ 100 employees
Rate $150 - $200 / hr
Tech stack Ember.js, React.js, Elixir, HTML/CSS, Phoenix, Progressive Web Apps

Dockyard is among the best custom software development companies and has great consultants across major cities in the USA. The company utilizes innovations to build top web and mobile applications natively and provides IT consulting outsourcing services.

This development firm can help you come up with a product strategy, validate the user experience and interface, and implement the project concept accordingly.

Portfolio: The company works mostly with enterprise-level clients like Netflix, Apple, and mid-sized entrepreneurs (80%). Though, the team has also worked with a few ambitious startups.

Industry expertise: No specific industry focus. DockYard is an all-in-one custom software development service provider with a great focus on product strategy. The team specializes in progressive web development and Elixir (Phoenix framework), which is great to apply when handing high-load systems.

Awards: DockYard was honored by Inc. Magazine and included in the list of 5,000 fastest-growing private companies due to innovations in digital product development, design, engineering, and technology.

Key differentiator: The Dockyard is designed to add extra value and translate investment into a meaningful product for your target audience. The team believes that it is necessary to invest not just money (this investment should be generous, based on the hourly rate), but also time and energy.

Contact DockYard to Prepare Your Digital Product Strategy
You are welcome to access the Dockyard website for specific details if you already have a working business and want to improve its operation. For greater results, while working with this top custom software development company, be prepared to allocate a significant amount of money.

4. Praxent

Praxent Logo
Praxent Logo

Services Mobile App Development; Web App Development; Portal Development; Custom Software Development; Legacy Modernization
Key clients Bungalo, NRG, Globeo, City of Houston, Keller Williams, Kinder Morgan Sysco Foods
Offices US
Founded 2000
Size ~ 60 employees
Rate $100 - $150 / hr
Tech stack React Native, iOS, Swift, Android, Xamarin, .Net, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java
CMS (Django, Drupal, WordPress, SiteCore)

Praxent is among the outsourcing software development companies that cover requests from businesses across the United States. The team specializes in continuous service improvement and therefore mostly works with mid-size and large organizations.

Portfolio: Over 20 years, the team has deployed more than 300 digital products and created top products like innovative websites, enablement platforms for internal company operations, and customer portals and applications. This top software agency increased the revenue of NRC by $80M, saved the City of Houston around $40M, and helped Brief Media acquire 19k monthly active users.

Industry expertise: Business sectors, Finance and Banking, Healthcare & Medicine, Real estate, Retail, and Education.

Awards: In 2019, Praxent was recognized by Clutch 1,000 top B2B service providers based on their service quality, client reviews, portfolio, brand reputation, etc.

Key differentiator: The distinct feature of this custom software development company is solid research and collection of market insights. This allows the company to tailor the necessary value and proper user experience, navigation, and functionality.

Contact Praxent to Get Top IT Expertise for Your Business
It is a good decision to consider the Praxent software engineering firm if you have a well-settled business or are 100% sure about the success of your app concept. The approach of validation, market research, and app concept finalization may require high initial investments and a long-term timeline before the project’s launch.

5. Fueled

Fueled Logo
Fueled Logo

Services Enterprise Application Development; Web & Mobile App Development; Digital Marketing
Key clients MGM, 9GAG, Verizon, Crunchbase, QuizUp
Offices US, New York/Los Angeles/Chicago
UK, London
Founded 2007
Size ~ 100 employees
Rate $150 - 200 / hr
Tech stack React Native, Flutter, iOS, Android, React, Vue.js, Node.js, AR & VR, Blockchain & dApps, IoT

Fueled is positioned as one of the top 10 software development companies in the USA. Moreover, the IT outsourcing firm is a tech consultant that helps businesses generate new ideas and create products with incremental growth.

Portfolio: This top software engineering company is known for developing award-winning apps, namely Warby Parker and the creation of the Crunchbase app. The team has good capabilities in developing ERP, POS, CRM, and CDP applications.

Industry expertise: Consumer products & services, Advertising & Marketing, Arts, Entertainment & Music industries.

Awards: Fueled is among the custom software development companies and award-winning teams and is ranked highly by platforms like Clutch, IT Firms, The Manifest, etc.

Key differentiator: The agency is a real brand and innovator in the IT field and applies VR & AR technologies. A distinct aspect of this company is that it can supplement the project with digital marketing services that cover SEO, ASO, and ROI monitoring too.

Contact Fueled to Create an Award-Winning App
The team is a real Ferrari among the best outsourcing software development companies that deliver what is demanded, in the most suitable way, with a strategic plan, appealing design, and top-performing solution. Logically, the procedure requires a considerable investment in the project, your direct participation, and a decent budget for IT services.

If you have great ambitions with your project and want to use next-generation technologies, then visit the Fueled company’s website.

6. DCSL Software

DCSL Software Logo
DCSL Software Logo

Services Bespoke Applications Development; Systems Integration; IT Consultancy
Key clients WaterAid, Maxis, Hospify, Mitsubishi
Offices UK, London/Farnborough
Founded 1994
Size ~ 100 employees
Rate $50 - $100 / hr
Tech stack .Net, C#, Java Script, TypeScript, VB.Net, React Native, Xamarin, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Vue, NodeJS

DCSL Software has the longest history among those on the list of software development companies in the UK. The IT development company was established in 1994 and has since been considered a trusted service provider across the UK. The company is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, and ISO 9001:27001 quality-accredited organization.

Portfolio: The firm mostly works with mid-size and enterprise-level customers. DCSL delivered a complex management system for WaterAid, an international charity organization. Another example is the creation of a customer portal for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning, Europe.

Industry expertise: Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Not-for-profit industry, other domains.

Awards: The company has obtained lots of prizes and even won the UK IT Industry Award. The team made it to the finals with their nomination for “Scale-up Business of the Year” by the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards, 2019. DCSL is among the Gold Verified teams on Clutch and a top software development company in the UK.

Key differentiator: Over the years this IT firm has set successful software development processes to deliver projects for enterprise-level clients. The team is mostly focused on custom software development services, followed by web and mobile app development.

Contact DCSL Software to Improve KPIs of your Local UK Firm
You can check out the DCSL Software website and receive a consultation from a team of technology experts to resolve a problem inside your organization. Alternatively, reach out if you want to conceptualize, design, code, or test new software.

7. Sparkbit

Sparkbit Logo
Sparkbit Logo

Services Web app development; Backend systems; Software development support; Blockchain development; Machine Learning; Solutions for Startups
Key clients Octo Telematics, HUMN, SparkIT, Dear Employee
Offices Poland, Warsaw
Founded 2014
Size ~ 30 employees
Rate $50 - $100 / hr
Tech stack Java, Spark, Kotlin, Spark, Cassandra, Python, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Node.js

Sparkbit is one of the youngest names on this software development companies list. The firm was created in 2014. Despite this fact, the core team has about 15 years of IT experience.

Awards: Clutch recognized the company among the top development firms in Poland in 2019. As well, the company is recognized as a top Android App Developer.

Portfolio: The company has completed projects on parking, traffic loads analysis, and other similar issues. For example, their engineers implemented a system called SparkT for analyzing users' driving behavior.

Industry expertise: Transportation - key specialization; eCommerce, Insurance, Finance.

Key differentiator: This software outsourcing company has good expertise and is worth your attention. They develop their products according to computer vision, real-time systems, telematics, and can employ Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies.

Contact Sparkbit to Develop Software for the Transportation Industry
If you want to develop a project related to transportation, especially on the Android OS, and are ready to outsource to Poland, consider Sparkbit. Despite slightly higher rates among Eastern European IT vendors, you can check out additional details on the Sparkbit website. This company is among the outsourcing software development companies that could be a good option.

8. Brights

Brights Logo

Services Dedicated Teams, Web Development, Mobile Development (cross-platform, native), Design (UX, UI, 3D modeling), QA (automation, manual), Machine Learning, Face-tracking, Augmented Reality, DevOps
Key clients Philip Morris, Intel, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's, Metro, Kinder, Lactalis Group, MasterCard, Samsung, AXE, Skoda, Suzuki, Renault, Kimberly-Clark, OLX
Offices Ukraine, Poland
Founded 2011
Size ~ 100 employees
Rate $25 - $49 /hr
Tech stack Web - ASP.NET, Vue.js, Java, ReactJS, node-js, PHP, Angular js
Mobile - iOS, Android, React Native, NativeScript, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin
Cloud - Heroku, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean

Brights is among the top software development companies in Warsaw, Poland. The IT firm specializes in Fintech projects and creating business apps. This team is among the custom software development companies that deliver the necessary framework to the client to meet their needs and requirements.

Portfolio: With the implementation of over 350 projects, this software service provider gained a 5/5 average from 16 reviews on Clutch. The team has implemented projects for leading organizations like Philip Morris, Intel, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Samsung, etc.

Industry expertise: Consumer Products & Services, Financial Services, Advertising & Marketing.

Awards: The software agency won the Silver Cannes Lion for the best use of technology (Alexa-powered app). Muballo has been recognized by Clutch as being among the top Top UK App Developers for 6 years in a row.

Key differentiator: The team has mostly worked with midmarket and small businesses valued up to $1B. Brights is among the custom software development companies that provide end-to-end service for R&D, MVP creation, scalability, improvement, and DevOps services.

Contact Bright to Create Solutions in Fintech, Consumer Products, and Advertising
If you are an existing business or a starting entrepreneur and need a good price-quality ratio for development services, then visit the Bright's website. The team is a good fit for startups, custom software, Fintech development, and corporate website creation with a minimum project size of $5,000+.

9. Door3

Door3 Logo
Door3 Logo

Services Digital Strategy; Consulting; Custom Software Development; Web App Development; Mobile App Development; CMS Development; Support & Maintenance; UI/UX Design
Key clients Morgan Stanley WWE, New Balance, Stillwell-Hansen, Elizabeth Arden AIG, HP
Offices US, New York
Founded 2002
Size ~ 80 employees
Rate $150 - $200 / hr
Tech stack Xamarin, Ionic, Objective-C, Java, Swift, React Native, Angular, AngularJS, NativeScript, ReactJS, BackboneJS, KnockoutJS

DOOR3 is among those few top software development companies with a headquarters in New York that operates with innovative technologies. The team works with IoT and robotics, Business Intelligence and Big Data, builds custom ERP, and integrates CRMs, Intranets Business Process Management (BPM) & Automation (BPA).

Portfolio: The software outsourcing company can be directed to develop projects with a long-lasting value and has already cooperated with hundreds of well-known organizations like HP, AIG, Morgan Stanley, etc.

Industry expertise: Enterprise software for Finance, Legal industries, Retail, Non-Profit, Education, etc.

Awards: In 2019, DOOR3 was recognized among the best outsourcing software development companies leading in AngularJS technology. This IT vendor also received many awards in categories for the top web design agencies in the US.

Key differentiator: DOOR3 designs and creates complex software capable of top-notch performance, which intends to benefit and optimize the work of an entire organization. As well, the team creates great transactional portals to unite suppliers, partners, affiliates, internal personnel, end-clients, and so on.

Contact DOOR3 to Create Software with a High-Load System
To sum things up, the team helps with very complex and high-load systems. This data-driven software is mainly used by large or mid-size organizations. Thus, visit the DOOR3 company's website for assistance with driving your organization's objectives and reaching KPIs.

10. Neoteric

Neoteric Logo
Neoteric Logo

Services AI Development; SaaS Development; Web App Development; Product Design; Robotic Process Automation
Key clients Redwolf, Apporchid, RapidSOS, Jamer
Offices Poland, Gdańsk/ Warszaw
UK, London
Founded 2005
Size ~ 80 employees
Rate $150 - $100 / hr
Tech stack Node.js, AngularJS, VueJS, ThreeJS, JavaScript, Spring, React Native, Java; ML, AI, Natural language processing

Neoteric is one of the top software development companies in Poland, headquartered in Gdańsk. The vendor utilizes next-generation technologies while keeping a focus on three key principles: quality, communication, and transparency.

Portfolio: The company has created many projects with predictive models, recommendation systems, analytics, and educative portals. For instance, the team designed and developed a platform to support and provide recommendations to employees in their career growth within an international financial institution.

Industry expertise: Business, Fintech, Telecommunications.

Awards: Neoteric was included in the top 50 fastest tech-growing outsourcing software development companies by Deloitte. The company is among the top vendors that specialize in AI development.

Key differentiator: The team builds software of high complexity that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This allows clients to gain a better understanding of customers, reduce and/or prevent churn, benefit from dynamic pricing, discover the best learning opportunities for employees, and much more.

Aside from the projects that need some application of AI, the team is among the top software development companies with key capabilities in custom solutions and web developments.

Contact Neoteric to Implement an Innovative Project with AI & ML
If you have ideas for innovating your software or if you require functionality in analytics, prediction, automation - visit the Neoteric website. The company can help you utilize the most recent tech breakthroughs in AI, which will add value to your solution.

11. Orases

Orases Logo
Orases Logo

Services Strategy Building; Branding; User Experience; Product Design
Key clients NFL, MLB, Bartley Corp., ASID
Offices US, Frederick
Founded 2000
Size ~ 30 employees
Rate $150 - $200 / hr
Tech stack Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Hybrid apps developments, ReactJS, PHP (CakePHP)

Orases is among the Maryland-based outsourcing software development companies with 20 years of experience. The vendor focuses on resolving real-problems, and builds custom mobile and web apps, and web-based solutions.

Portfolio: Over 20 years, Orases has cooperated with 750+ clients across 25 industry sectors. The team created a unified platform to apply for youth NFL programs (worth millions). Now, this Learning Management System helps coaches and clinicians with their applications while NFL staff manage the content, quizzes, and necessary passing scores.

Industry expertise: Business Services, Healthcare & Medicine, Non-profit.

Awards: This IT service provider has received many awards, like being listed among the top software development companies by Software World, Clutch, Good Firms. These days, the team is a Forbes technology council member and one of America’s fastest growing companies.

Key differentiator: The team is proud to announce their 96% customer retention rate, which was achieved via expertise, transparency, communication, and well-settled SDLC processes. The team is made up of real experts when there is any necessity to integrate with systems of a company's ERPs, CRMs, EMRs, 3rd party, or complex APIs, datasets, and so on.

As they mention: “We don't build Angry Birds. We focus on hard stuff.” The team mostly works with mid-size businesses (70%) to help them reach their KPIs or accomplish set objectives.

Contact Orases for Custom Software Development Services
If you need to resolve some issue or improve efficiency in your existing business, you should visit Orases website for more details. Projects and systems for record keeping, learning management, automation of business processes, grand application, and case management are some things that the team can help you with.

12. Miquido

Miquido Logo
Miquido Logo

Services Research & Development; Product Design & Strategy; Mobile & Web Development; Artificial Intelligence; Cloud Deployment
Key clients Herbalife, TUI, Skyscanner, Play, Empik
Offices Poland, Krakow
UK, London
Germany, Berlin

Founded 2011
Size ~ 170 employees
Rate $50 - $100 / hr
Tech stack Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Java, React Native, Angular, Golang, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytic

Miquido is one of a few Google-certified IT outsourcing companies based in Poland. The team has experience in AI-powered apps, mobile projects, and web services.

Portfolio: Throughout their years of existence, this software agency has delivered 110+ digital solutions. The team developed an app to control finance accounts on mobile, a car rental app for travelers (Skyscanner Cars), a communication system for a healthcare establishment, built a music app with Flutter for Abbey Road Studios, etc.

Industry expertise: Banking & Finance, Travel, Healthcare, eCommerce, Music, & Social.

Awards: Miquido has obtained many awards, including recognition by the New York Times and Forbes. This team is among the Top Mobile App Development Companies in the UK.

Key differentiator: The team is a Google and Android-Certified Agency that provides end-to-end service that can integrate AI, IoT, as well as audio and video streaming solutions. The software engineering firm works mostly with mid-market and enterprise-level clients and is honored to mention that the vast majority come from recommendations.

Contact Miquido and Work with a Google-Certified Software Firm
The Miquido team delivers quality service and is a good option for existing businesses to strengthen their position and integrate new technologies. Thus, you should come up with your project requirements, prepare your budget, and visit the Miquido website for the next steps.

13. Avco Systems

Avco Systems Logo
Avco Systems Logo

Services Analysis; App Development; Data Processing; Managed Hosting
Key clients Experian, Allpay, RAS, JCQ
Offices UK, London/ Slough
Founded 1986
Size ~ 40 employees
Rate $100 - $150 / hr
Tech stack C#, HTML5, .Net, Go, JavaScript, Node.js, Android, React, React Native, Selenium WebDriver

Avco Systems is among the most experienced custom software development companies on this list and has very tech-savvy specialists. The team has been operating for 34 years in the IT market and is based in Berkshire, UK. The company has a strong presence in the UK market and mostly provides their services locally.

Portfolio: Avco Systems has cooperated with many blue-chip companies like JCQ and Oxfordshire, completed 315 projects, and served 731 clients. The team created an all-inclusive pension protection fund for Experian. The solution includes a well-structured database, a sophisticated import application, and also a feature-rich website.

Industry expertise: Government & Non-Profit organizations.

Awards: Avco Systems has an ISO 9001 certification and won CICM British Credit Awards 2015’s “Risk Management Achievement of the Year.” This high recognition was based on the insolvency risk calculations and scoring they developed.

Key differentiator: This bespoke IT outsourcing firm is distinct due to its 30+ years of experience and is trusted by FTSE 100 companies & government agencies across the UK. These days, the team specializes in desktop, web, and mobile apps, and mostly handles comprehensive and custom software development. The firm mostly works with enterprises.

Contact Avco Systems to Digitize & Optimize a Governmental Sector

It is highly advisable that you contact this top software development company if you are searching for a local agency in the UK. This is an especially wise decision if you have a very specific and complex technical inquiry for a governmental establishment. Visit the Avco Systems website for details.

14. GoodCore

GoodCore Logo
GoodCore Logo

Services Bespoke Software Development; Web App Development; Mobile App Development; Team Augmentation
Key clients SWIFT, Malaysia Government
Offices UK, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sweden
Founded 2005
Size ~ 100 employees
Rate $25 - $50 / hr
Tech stack Node.js, ,NET, React.js, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.Net, C#, Swift

GoodCore is one of the best outsourcing software development companies with a headquarters in Pakistan. In total, the team also has four global offices including in Sweden, Malaysia, and the UK.

Portfolio: Since the company’s launch, GoodCore has delivered 110+ projects for both startups and established businesses. One of their leading projects was the development of the official app for the world’s main event in the finance sector - Sibos. The company mostly works with small and mid-size businesses and governmental institutions, followed by a few projects completed for large organizations.

Industry expertise: Finance, Education, Technology, Sports, Healthcare.

Awards: In 2019 the team was listed among the key outsourcing software development companies in Malaysia by Clutch.

Key differentiator: Aside from being the best IT provider from Asia, the team offers different variants of cooperation like fixed-price basis or time & material option. The software company can be engaged specifically for MVP development or to provide a dedicated team for a monthly fee.

Contact GoodCore to Create a Solution for Government & SMB at Lower Rates
If you are an SMB entrepreneur and are looking for lower rates, you can visit the GoodCore website for details. The team is the best custom software development company in the Asian region, which has lower rates for IT services.

15. Evozon

Evozon Logo
Evozon Logo

Services Custom Software Development; Web & Mobile App Development; eCommerce Systems; Enterprise Portals and CMS; Testing Service; Cybersecurity Service; Strategy and Innovations; Game Studio
Key clients SDL, NHS, Henkel, Adobe, T-Mobile
Offices Romania, Transylvania
UK, London
Austria, Rannersdorf
Japan, Nagoya

Founded 2005
Size ~ 500 employees
Rate $25 - $50 / hr
Tech stack Java, .Net, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Python, React Native, PHP (its major frameworks), Swift, Node.js, Perl, eCommerce systems (Magento, WooCommerce, SAP Ecommerce, etc.)

Evozon is one of the top software development companies based in Romania. The team has a few other offices across the USA, in London, Austria, and even Japan. This IT outsourcing company can cover technical requests of different complexities and tech stacks. The team builds cross-platform and custom software solutions, including innovations like Machine Learning.

Portfolio: Evozon provides IT services for custom web and mobile apps, eCommerce development, etc. The team creates software for the majority of industries for mid-size businesses and enterprise companies. For instance, is a high-security authentication platform. This service is a sophisticated cybersecurity solution that includes over 100 components and utilizes technologies like iOS and Android developments, biometric AI, Linux core services, etc.

Industry expertise: eCommerce, Enterprise Content Management apps, etc.

Awards: The development firm has certifications like IBM Business Partner, Magento Solution Silver Partner, and Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, and joined the ecosystem of SAP hybris partners.

Key differentiator: This Eastern Europe IT vendor is among the outsourcing software development companies with acceptable hourly rates while offering a wide range of tech stacks. This is because the team has over 500 skilled developers and lists the most used development technologies.

Contact Evozon to Get Wide Tech Stack Options
If you are located in Europe and looking for a team close to your border that has lower rates, consider Evozon. Specifically, it makes sense to get in contact them if you need a solution that is related to eCommerce, ERP, Enterprise portals, or improvement in software security.

16. MobiDev

MobiDev Logo
MobiDev Logo

Services Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, UI/UX Design
Key clients MetroTables, Photocentric, GrowthHackers, itnetX, ComCash, PepTalk
Offices Ukraine, United Kingdom
Founded 2009
Size 250 - 999 employees
Rate $50 - $99 / hr
Tech stack Mobile - iOS, Android, Cross-Platform (Flutter, React Native, Xamarin)
Web - JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, .NET, Java

MobiDev is among those top custom software development companies that work at the junction of traditional development and innovation. The company offers the integration of data science, machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, and similar technologies. The team is based in the UK, USA, and has offices in Ukraine.

Portfolio: This IT outsourcing agency works with mid-level and enterprise clients, which account for 70% of their portfolio. The minimum project budget is around $10,000+. The team has dozens of successful project cases in areas like fast launch, innovative solutions, and product growth. The team implemented a cross-platform application for iOS and Android that allows users to monitor, forecast, and then effectively manage energy consumption.

Industry expertise: Information Technology, Retail, Hospitality & Leisure, AI-based Solutions in Healthcare, Retail.

Awards: MobiDev is an award-winning custom software company with an AI/ML focus, 12 years in the business, and was declared the best software development company by Upwork.

Key differentiator: Aside from 10+ years of experience in traditional software development, MobiDev is among software engineering companies that provide AI-powered web and mobile-based apps from scratch. As well, the company can integrate the necessary AI components seamlessly into existing systems.

Contact MobiDev to Innovate with AI/ML/ Data Engineering
Once you have decided to innovate and have a considerable budget for the project, you can visit the MobiDev website for more details.

17. Cubix

Cubix Logo
Cubix Logo

Services Mobile Product Strategy, Native iOS & Android App Development, React Native Cross-Platform App Development, Mobile 2D and 3D Game Development, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Web and SAAS Platform Development, Blockchain Development, UI and Front-End Development, Testing and Quality Assurance
Key clients Walmart, Dreamworks, Canon, Suzuki, Sony, Paypal, Rayban, Suzuki, Sony, Paypal, Branded Online, Estee Lauder
Offices United States, United Arab Emirates, India
Founded 2008
Size 50 - 249 employees
Rate $25 - $49 / hr
Tech stack Mobile - Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C
Game - Unity, Unreal Engine, HTML5, Java/j2ee, Photon, WebRTC
Web - React, Angular, HTML/ JavaScript, Python, Node.js

Cubix, one of the top software development companies with offices in the UAE, is a leading developer in mobile apps, games, and enterprise software. The company is an expert in creating custom solutions with advanced analytics and technologies, including IoT, AR/VR, ML/AI, and Blockchain.

Portfolio: There are more than 600 completed projects and games in a range of domains on various platforms. The created solutions involve HR, marketplace, real-time messaging, chatbots, and blockchain solutions.

Industry expertise: Gaming, Hospitality & Leisure, Healthcare, eCommerce, Finance, On-demand Economy, Education.

Awards: Cubix has honorable mentions in Mashable, BuzzFeed, and Yahoo!. The team is rated 4.8/5.0 at Clutch based on 48 completed projects and client reviews. The company has been awarded by lots of IT vendor listing platforms like Clutch, AppFutura, GoodFirms, etc.

Key differentiator: This team is among the top custom software development companies specializing in innovations and has enough tech specialists to solve any complexity and technology need.

Contact Cubix if You Want to Innovate in Your Industry
If you are interested in the application of the latest tech trends, this is not your first project, or want to advance your business, then you should visit the Cubix website. The company has a qualified development team that continuously masters new technologies. Note that Cubix works with projects starting from $25,000+.

18. Net Solutions

Net Solutions Logo
Net Solutions Logo

Services UI/UX Design; Web & Mobile App Development; Data Analytics; Digital Commerce; Digital Experiences Platform; Digital Transformation
Key clients Euro Car Parts, Soaq, WooClub, EPL, Unilever, Harvard Business Review, IMG, Microsoft
Offices US, New York/ Los Angeles
UK, London
India, Chandigarh
Canada, Toronto

Founded 2000
Size ~ 700 employees
Rate $25 - $50 / hr
Tech stack Kotlin, Swift, Python, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, JavaScript, C++

Net Solutions is one of the great outsourcing software development companies from India. In contrast with the majority of teams from the region, this IT service provider has good-quality service and is recognized by Forrester and Gartner.

Portfolio: Net Solutions has cooperated with many organizations and startups in the global arena and in the majority of domains. The team built a unified eCommerce platform for Euro cars that handles backend operations, speeds up its supply chain, and assists their clients.

Industry expertise: Retail and eCommerce, Sports, Entertainment, Media, Educations, Finance, Healthcare.

Awards: The team is listed and recognized among the top software development companies in Asia by Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. Also, Net Solutions is an AWS and Microsoft Consulting Partner and has received multiple awards from Kentico and Adobe.

Key differentiator: This IT provider applies a Design Thinking approach and engineering practices across a range of technologies, platforms, CRM and ERP systems. The team has many qualified resources and programmers around the world. Aside from custom software development services, Net Solutions can help with advertising and branding services since it has a separate department focusing on data analytics and marketing.

Contact Net Solutions to Work with the Best Software Development Vendor from Asia
If you have not had a negative experience with software developers from Indian, consider Net Solutions. If your business requires digital innovation and transformation, this company is a good vendor to reach out to.

19. Trellis

Trellis Logo
Trellis Logo

Services Digital Strategy; Web Development; Web Design; Marketing; Integrations; Hosting
Key clients Foco, Bodega, Foster Grant, Motherdirt, Maxi Cosi, inMusic
Offices US, Boston/ Connecticut
Founded 2009
Size ~ 100 employees
Rate $150 - $200 / hr
Tech stack Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, AWS, WordPress, Shopify, Vue Storefront, Laravel, Hubspot

Trellis is one of the top software development companies for eCommerce solutions. The team is based in Boston and is well-known for their end-to-end service globally, specifically with the help of Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Hubspot, Shopify, and Bigcommerce.

Portfolio: The firm has completed works for manufacturing organizations and distinct brands of all sizes. For example, the team renewed an online store for Mother Dirt by utilizing Magento with scalable infrastructure and functionality like a blog, necessary integrations, complex shipping rules, and post-launch support.

Industry expertise: eCommerce, Healthcare & Medicine, Automotive, and others.

Awards: Trellis is a credited partner of Magento Solutions, Shopify, AWS Network, Elite BigCommerce Partner, and so on.

Key differentiator: The company is an expert in building platforms for eCommerce and CMS, specifically with scalability in mind and the inclusion of marketing strategies. The team creates a unified system consisting of ERPs (Oracle, Sage), CRM systems that may include shipping and logistics integrations (UPS, DHL, PayPal), and so on. It should be noted that cooperation with Trellis can be based on an hourly basis, retained basis, or project-based model.

Contact Trellis to Develop an eCommerce Project

If your company operates in manufacturing, distribution, or retail, and requires Magento or similar ready-made eCommerce solutions, feel free to visit the Trellis website.

20. Inovatica

Inovatica Logo
Inovatica Logo

Services Product Design; Web Development; Mobile Development
Key clients Allocrypt,,, Warsaw Tour, Google
Offices US, San Diego
Poland, Lodz
Founded 2008
Size ~ 30 employees
Rate $50 - $100 / hr
Tech stack Angular, React, PHP, Java & J2EE, Python, TYPO3, WordPress, Joomla, Swift, Kotlin, Xamarin, React Native

Inovatica is a Polish-based outsourcing software development company with offices in the USA. The company provides IT services that include design, development, maintenance for web, mobile, and IoT projects.

Portfolio: Although this development team is quite young, they have already completed projects for clients in different time zones successfully, and mostly for smaller businesses and startups. Innovica built Poland’s official travel website with a trip planning feature. The agency cooperated with Google and created daily schedules for public transportation in Warsaw inside Google Maps.

Industry expertise: Advertising & Marketing, Healthcare, Government, and especially Transportation.

Awards: Inovatica received awards like New Europe 100 Changemakers, Warsaw Enterprise Leader in 2015, Award by 9th International Fair of Public Transport - TRANSEXPO, etc.

Key differentiator: The team is one of the top custom software development companies for creating solutions for vehicles, and location-based services like interactive maps, public transportation routing. As well, the team works with cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT for beacons, wearables, and smartwatches.

Contact Inovatica to Implement a Top Solution for the Transportation Industry
If your project needs the incorporation of navigation, algorithms for route planning and control, path detection, interactive maps, or other transportation-related functionality and you are seeking a IT agency to outsource to, visit Inovatica’s website.

How to Choose the Best Custom Software Development Company

The following section consists of a step-by-step process that can help you choose the best software development company.

Step 1. Define and finalize your project-related objectives

As you may know, projects can be implemented differently and apply different methodologies and tech stacks.

Thus, the first step in IT outsourcing is to do your homework; namely:

  1. Note your business size and industry focus
  2. Create a general description of the project idea and its aim
  3. Define an acceptable project timeline
  4. Work out a list of project-related aspects (e.g. features, platforms, tech stack you want to apply, etc.)
  5. Develop a list of questions for the pre-screening process to evaluate IT outsourcing companies
  6. Understand the budget you are ready to allocate
  7. Figure out if further tech maintenance and support are needed

Step 2. Shortlist top software development companies

In the beginning, you may search on the net, use our software development companies list, or turn to platforms like, GoodFirms, or Manifest. These resources can help you shortlist 3-5 IT providers that suit you the best.

To complete this step, you should check out the following information:

  • Company's portfolio and experience
  • Industry focus and completed projects in the domain you need
  • Tech specialization and capabilities
  • Online reviews and client testimonials
  • Company’s accounts on platforms (e.g. GitHub, Behance/ Dribbble for design, etc.)

Step 3. Evaluate the shortlisted outsourcing software development companies

What do you need to evaluate before signing the contract?

Well, you need to consider lots of factors like the estimated project duration and required budget, documentation, software development tools, languages, frameworks employed, the number of developers assigned to the project, and so on.

Next is a list of key factors to identify the vendor you’ll most enjoy working with:

  • Factor 1 - Client references (e.g. local representatives, testimonials)
  • Factor 2 - Expertise (tech stack, programming skills, number of available resources, new technology adoption, expertise in specific skills or projects like secure Signal messenger, etc.)
  • Factor 3 - Communication processes (e.g level of English, formality, ways the information is presented)
  • Factor 4 - Culture and talents (e.g. corporate culture, working atmosphere, teamwork)
  • Factor 5 - SDLC (e.g. methodologies used, quality assurance and bug fixing processes, ongoing support process, scalability, etc.)
  • Factor 6 - Tools used (e.g JIRA for project task management, Harvest for time tracking and billing, GitHub and GitLab for source code management, Confluence, etc.)
  • Factor 7 - Legal side and security aspects (e.g. NDA, Contract terms & conditions, privacy policies, assurance of data security)
  • Factor 8 - Sample deliverables (e.g. code samples, design samples, programmers’ resumes, etc.)

Questions You Should Ask When Speaking With Software Development Companies Representatives

During the pre-screening stage with the selected software development companies list, you may benefit from using the following questions.

1. Company-related questions

  • Where is your company located? Do you have a local representative?
  • What is your tech stack and specialization?
  • For which operating systems are you able to build apps?
  • In what industries do you have the most experience?
  • Where can I check your completed app projects? Can you provide me with links to app stores?

2. Team-related questions

  • How many in-house employees do you have?
  • What is your company structure?
  • Do you have enough iOS/Android developers to complete my project?
  • Do your app developers have specific awards or accomplishments? What are they?
  • How do you allocate suitable app developers for projects?
  • Are a designer, project manager, and business analyst part of the team?
  • What are your design and user experience capabilities?

3. Client-related questions

  • Who are your key clients?
  • Can you give a list of current and past clients?
  • How did you add value to their project concepts?
  • Can you relate to clients from a similar business sphere?
  • What level of involvement do you require from your clients?

4. Communication-related questions

  • What level of English do you and your team have? Can app developers speak fluently?
  • Is (particular time) suitable for our communication?
  • How will you communicate during the development process?
  • How will you keep me updated about progress and issues?
  • What communication tools do you use?

5. Software development-related questions

  • What app development methodologies and frameworks are applied by the company?
  • Which programming standards and guidelines do you follow?
  • What are your design principles; how do you create an app design?
  • How do you see the monetization of my app concept?
  • What core functionality would you extract from my project?
  • What additional features do you recommend that I include?
  • What complex app functionality have you implemented already?
  • How do you conduct software testing services?
  • How do you react to, and fix, issues on the project?
  • How will you manage the project’s security?
  • Do you help with app submission to the app store?
  • How do you provide post-launch support?

6. Agreement-related questions

  • Who owns the project materials (code, design, etc.)?
  • Can we sign an NDA before we proceed with the project details?
  • What are your payment terms and processes? Can we check a draft of the agreement beforehand?

Interested to receive information about software outsourcing from top experts?

Contact our team for a free consultation and a detailed explanation of the software development process in the outsourcing model. We would be happy to discuss your ideas and provide an app development quotation along with an expert consultation by our business analyst and software architect.

Get a free project consultation & estimate

What Benefits do You Get from Outsourcing Software Development to a Company?

If you choose to outsource software development and go about it in the right way, the process can reward you with dozens of advantages, namely:

Benefit 1 - Cost reduction, great quality-to-cost ratio
Benefit 2 - Save time
Benefit 3 - Access to top talent and tech experts
Benefit 4 - Flexibility and the possibility to concentrate on key strategic business activities
Benefit 5 - Risk management and mitigation
Benefit 6 - Business support and consulting
Benefit 7 - Project management coverage with timely feedback on progress
Benefit 8 - Elimination of the hiring process; taxes are covered by the IT provider
Benefit 9 - Post-launch project support and maintenance (in most cases)
Benefit 10 - Project scalability and security
Benefit 11 - Technical support and consultation
Benefit 12 - Quicker process organization

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I rely on your list of software development vendors?
We have been operating in the field of software development outsourcing for 10 years and have been recognized many times by such reputable resources as Clutch, Good Firms, IT Firms, and so on. We know from experience all of the ins and outs of the IT outsourcing market and how it works, as well as the software development process.
Who conducted this analysis and created the list of top IT companies?
This review has been prepared by Software Architect, who assessed the complexity and technical implementation of released projects of the presented companies. Head of Design evaluated the UX//UI and design practices applied in the apps launched. Head of Marketing analyzed the companies’ positioning, online presence, and unique aspects of their work and processes.
How to choose the best custom software development company for my project?
As the first step, it is necessary to define and finalize your project-related objectives and shortlist top software development companies. Further, evaluate the shortlisted teams based on factors like references from clients, expertise (tech stack, programming skills, number of available resources, new technology adoption), communication processes, culture and talents, SDLC, tools, the legal side and security aspects, as well as sample deliverables (e.g. code, design samples, programmers’ resumes, etc.).
What questions should I ask while evaluating each company?
When evaluating IT firms you can ask the prepared list of questions about the company, teams, clients, communication, SDLC processes, questions about agreements, etc. You may find a complete and ready-to-use list of questions at the bottom of this report.